antler tip necklace

Been enjoying the mini vacation <3 
Worked on about 40 items in the last few days… most will be posted between both summoningmuses and the wolftea shop….
also bryan has a batch of antler tip necklaces and woodburnt pendants for the wolftea shop as well : ) 
Got some new photos to be printed and posted, Just have to wait for the shipment to come in. 

pretty much just been watching northern exposure with the hubby while crafting,cleaning, organizing shipping supplies,drinking lots of coffee and relaxing as much as possible. 

About to make some yummy plant water for our little foliage love children and go on a walk to collect some cedar and pine to ground for incense.  

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend XOXOXOX

Think the shop should be open by monday or tuesday this week…
Been feeling sappy about all the awesome customers and support<3
Love to you all 

Hands are stained, beaten up, calloused and cut from all the hammering,metal cutting and sanding <3 
love it : ) 

December contest <3

Decided to do something a little different for the giveaway this month.
Going to try and get the creative gears turning<3

The winner will receive all photographed below along with a surprise item that will not be shown.

In order to enter the contest you can submit a customer photo to the blog ( )
Context of the photo is all up to your creativity… You can show where you house collections and curiosities you’ve purchased from the wolftea shop,creative ways of photographing jewelry, you modeling jewelry… so on and so forth
I will be publicly posting them, so please put links to your blog or even your shops if you like <3

Hoping the contest photos will not only show how awesome and beautiful all our customers are but give a shout out to fellow artists and jewelers.

My husband and i will be choosing a winner at the end of the month!!!

You will receive:
- Various little bones
- deer vertebra
- hand woven cedar wreath
- Single leather and feather earring
- single deer skin earring
- antler tip necklace
- little handmade leather pouch with raccoon bone ( filled with a small bit of horse hair)
- Old brooch adorned with salvaged beads and bone
- few little shells
- small bit of rabbit fur
- guinea feather
- and a secret surprise <3


Dead Nature 100 follower giveaway!

This is a pretty small giveaway, but I just want to do something to thank and celebrate the first followers of my blog!


  • chunk of beaver fur from a salvaged face
  • small vial of the best mouse bits from an owl pellet
  • five spinal disks (vertebral body epiphysis) from various species
  • a badger vertebra
  • small chunk of amethyst from Thunder Bay, Canada
  • an elk antler slice
  • antique spice jar filled with teeth - buffalo, coyote, 4 beaver, and others
  • an antler tip necklace or keychain (your choice, see others for sale here)
  • a 15% off coupon code for DeadNature on Etsy


  • Must be following DeadNature.
  • Must be in the U.S. (can’t ship this stuff internationally, you know how it is)
  • Must be okay with giving me your shipping address. (obviously)
  • Must have your ask box open the day of the drawing (or I can’t contact you and will have to pick someone else!)
  • No giveaway blogs please.

Entries and Drawing:

One like and one reblog per person, each is one entry.  I will make a list of each separate entry and plug it into a random line picker to get the name of the winner! I’ll choose the winner on April 1st. I will contact the winner and if they do not respond within 48 hours I’ll pick someone else.

Good luck!

If you buy anything from my shop that contains animal parts, you will get a unique hand drawn/painted original art box with your order! (: I love making special things even more special! (;

-OHHH and I have made a new antler tip necklace to replace this one in the shop, I can’t wait to show you guys! It is probably my favorite necklace I’ve made so far!-

Frolic in the Forest on Etsy!