antler helmet

So the wood elf Druid in my group

He has really high wisdom but low charisma so his social skills are lacking.
After taking a peryton head to the hunters guild to sell it and being rejected, he decided to commission the blacksmith to create a helmet out of it.

Skip forward a day and he gets this ornate antlered/feathered helmet and wants to show it off. The only people around at this time were some orphans in the street so he ran up to them and asked their opinions.

The children mocked him so he polymorphed into a giant spider and chased them until he ultimately gets stopped by the hunters guild that leapt in to protect the children…

He plays a gnome monk now

“There’s no reason you should be good at this.”

If I knew how to gif I would gif that moment from Martin Freeman’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show*, at the beginning of the antler ring-toss game, where Jimmy tells Martin not to worry because, and he chuckles, “There’s no reason you should be good at this.” 

Yes it was all meant to be funny and stupid, and it was, but also. That is such a comforting thing to say to someone when they’re trying something new. 

It’s something I’d like to remember when I want to do something new but I’m scared I’ll fail (because I’m one of those perfectionists whose sense of self-worth is too bound up in their performance). It’s okay if I’m not good at it right away, because I’ve never done it before. And just like you wouldn’t necessarily expect somebody to randomly be excellent at tossing rings over someone else’s antler helmet - because who even does that? :P - why should I expect myself to be immediately excellent at this thing in question that I’ve never done before in my life?

In conclusion, thank you Jimmy Fallon (and Martin Freeman) for that probably entirely inadvertently inspirational moment. <3<3<3

*whatever the show’s called…you can tell how much TV I watch lol


Fallow deer ♂ (Dama dama) by Henk van den Brink
Via Flickr:
Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen In the area where this photo was taken life 3000 fallow deer. There is now too little food in the area and many plant species are threatened with extinction. The maximum number for this area is 800 deer. For this area are that 2200 deer too much. In the coming years they have to reduce the existing population with 2200 + the annual growth of new breed to keep the pupulation at 800 deer. That it has come so far is another example of failed government policy and wrong “love for animals”. For photographers, it is a land of Cockaigne. The deer don’t walk away and you can photograph them very close. They pose itself for you. 6S9A4559