antler char

The merry jingle of bells tinkles in the air and…

We brush past a nefarious looking Hannibal with…what is that, a pause just to look…a bottle of Mane ‘N Tail in his hands (He’s crossed out and written “and” in perfect script), a coil of rubber around his shoulder, and a cackle on his lips. 

Wewould ask, but we’re in too much a rush to run outside where the snow is falling. It would appear the seasons are changing here at the MP2k15.

Don’t forget to have a look at our jolly new theme! And watch out for more festive things coming your way very soon. As an early Christmas gift of sorts, we’re going to post all of these shenanigans on AO3 (link in sidebar) so all of you can experience them neatly and chronologically to your heart’s content…And somewhere, we’ve tied a bow around Char. ;D  

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