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Haru by Elena Zubkova
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Haru is an art ball jointed doll made of porcelain. Her height is 23 cm (about 9.5 inches), and she is an OOAK doll. Haru is a little keeper of the spring forest, and the creation of her look was inspired by Japanese loli aesthetics . Haru wears batiste panties and cotton dress, decorated with silk ribbons and lace and supplemented with natural chiffon. Haru has a removable magnetic wig. Her shoes and bag are made of natural suede. I carved her antlers of wood and decorated with flowers made of polymer clay. 2016 Хару - авторская шарнирная кукла из фарфора. Ее рост - 23 см (примерно 9,5 дюймов) и она создана в единственном экземпляре. Хару - маленькая хранительница весеннего леса, а на создание ее образа меня вдохновила японская лоли эстетика. Кукла носит батистовые панталончики и хлопковое платьице, декорированное шелковыми лентами и кружевом, а также дополненное натуральным шифоном. Съемный паричок сделан из мохера и крепится на магните. Ее туфельки и сумочка изготовлены из натуральной замши. Рожки я вырезала из дерева и украсила цветами из полимерной глины. 2016


‘’No creature is more revered by the Dalish than the halla. No other animal has a god of its own. These white stags are much larger than ordinary deer, and the Dalish halla keepers carve their antlers as they grow, making them curve into intricate designs. In ancient times, these stags bore elven knights into combat, but since the fall of the Dales, they are used less as mounts and more to pull the aravels.’’

A pleased bark from behind him told him that someone was waiting on him. Sirikr looked up from the length of antler he was carefully carving at, and nodded at the dog. “Is she yours?” he asked with a friendly smile, hands still working the file on the bone as he spoke. “She’s been a very attentive lookout for customers.” He sat back in his chair and kicked his boots up onto a tree stump that served as a convenient foot rest, and grinned widely. “So, what can I help you with, then?”


Antlers by the Frozen Lake Pendant by Moon and Serpent
Hand carved silver antlers are framing a snowy landscape dendritic agate gemstone.
Magnificent natural scenic dendrite cabochon depicts trees in winter 🌲❄🌲

IG: moonandserpent

Harpies kill dragons for materials for their masks. Dragon skulls are perfect bone for their masks, as is the ivory of an imperial’s antlers, some will carve masks from the pearls of Pearlcatchers or use it in the inlays for an extra fancy touch (both Pearlcatcher and Imperial whiskers make for good string once cured). To have a dragon-parts mask is considered a status symbol to them and they love to tell tales of the hunt that brought the dragon down.

Ok but seriously my favorite thing ever in a museum was this carved deer antler at the national museum in Dublin, and the label basically said that everyone flipped out when it was discovered like “Oooh there’s runes on it”

But when they translated it all it said was “this is my antler”

Like way to go Halfdan was that really worth the carving


Mammen Dragon Seax

The seax is finished! Well, mostly. I am considering making a sheath for this one instead of selling it in my usual cigar box. The copper pieces give it a nice little bit of pop that helps set off the design. It has a nice feel to the handle weight, not too heavy but it still maintains a certain power heft. I tried something new with the blade finish as well. After sanding it I etched it in vinegar and heated it up a little to retain a little bit of stain. I tried to give it a slightly weathered/used look. I will have to keep experimenting with that.

The Rings of Runescape

In clockwise order, starting in the lower left: the Berserker Ring, Archer’s Ring, Warrior’s Ring, and Seer’s Ring.

The ring were made from hog bone, the adornments made from hand -carved antler. Held in place with good ol’ super glue and painted with Folkart acrylic paints, and rattle-can gold and chrome (for the rings). Finished with two coats of Rustoleum high gloss rattle-can lacquer.

The Warrior’s Ring was fashioned after the ‘07 ‘Scape Rune scimitar, which is divergent from the RS3 Warrior Ring model. I felt the ‘07 ‘Scape scimmy was more iconic to Runescape.

*Note: Some natural blemishes are present in these pieces owing to the organic nature of bone and antler.