Symphony of Titans (closed RP)


“After ten months of fighting, the rebels have stopped attacking….but now we have to deal with a new threat in the form of kaiju. Luckily, Azen officials gained a new mech from a EX-rebel which joined our forces after that guy decided to destroy every rebel mech in a battle…I still remember that day.”

The ex rebel came into Zac’s area to check up on him and saw him writing in a journal

Hayden: “so…I guess we have less to worry about, besides Kaiju of course. But we both have mechs, we’re the Draco mech duo-”

Zac: “Hayden, I have no time to talk about this, I’m still waiting for the new cyber card to be processed”

Hayden: “you mean from that monster we toasted yesterday?”

A flashback occurs and it shown Zac and Hayden fighting the Magnetic Monster, Antlar. It ended with both of them using a combined attack to destroy it. It goes back to the two

Hayden: “also…I have someone here that wants to see you again. Let’s just say…you know her”

Zac’s eyes widen and looks at Hayden, he knew exactly who he was talking about

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1. I think my hands are kinda cool

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4. Uh my feet are cute

5. My lips are neat apparently and I like that