Attack on Titan is and always has been imperialist propaganda written by a Nazi supporter. The idea of the walls and their fragility is meant to criticize Japan’s antiwar policy, and the Titans coming back after 100 years is meant to imply that if Japan doesn’t start having wars and breaking down their “walls” and conquering the East again, other countries will come to terrorize the region. What bothers me most having watched the first season of it is the line about “Living like livestock”. It asserts the notion that to live without imperialism is a form of complacency, like somehow the country isn’t living life to its fullest if it isn’t out pillaging and raping the peoples of Korea, Manchuria, Indonesia, the Pacific Islands, etc. I will say that it’s actually really poorly written, so the ideas the writer has don’t come across super strongly, but it’s still seriously dangerous stuff.

Add to that the fact that so many characters have German names and that the setting seems to have a lot of european and specifically German vegetation and architecture becomes obvious that the writer wants viewers to feel nostalgic for the Axis Powers. It’s really infuriating to me as a Jewish person because it’s supporting a political climate under which the genocide of my people could resume even when we just now have the same Jewish population worldwide as we did pre-Holocaust. It’s fucked up and now that people are talking about it coming back for a second season after so long I want to urge you all to please boycott it.



Philadelphia: U.S. out of Syria! Rally and march, April 7, 2017.

About a hundred demonstrators, mostly young, rallied and marched through Center City streets chanting against the bombing of Syria, Iraq, Libya and other targets of US imperialism. Handing out 1,100 fliers to bystanders and occasionally stopping for a street rally, speakers and marchers tried to undo weeks of intense lies and propaganda on mainstream news media. Response on the streets were friendly and receptive.

Photos and report by Joe Piette

My heart is so heavy.

Pray, yes. But also, speak up. Act. Show your resistance. Show your compassion. Love without prejudice. Open your hearts and homes. Cultivate goodness. Be the light, the change, the resistance you’ve been looking for.

You are a vessel. Put yourself to good use.
Trump's dangerous expansion of executive war powers
And Congress is nowhere to be found.

New from me at Politico. An excerpt:

This expanded bombing campaign, though, could be just the tip of the iceberg. In early March, The Guardian reported that the White House is considering a secret Pentagon proposal to designate temporary areas of active hostility in which the military could launch what amounts to six-month wars without congressional approval. Under the proposal, once the president signs off on a temporary battlefield, commanders would be given “the same latitude to launch strikes, raids and campaigns” as they now have in active U.S. warzones like Iraq. Protections for civilians would also be scaled back.

These temporary battlefields, as The Guardian dubbed them, are not exactly new; the Obama administration already applied the label to conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. But the proposal Trump is considering would expand and formalize that decision, stretching the temporary battlefield designation to cover entire countries in which the United States is technically not at war. Despite the bureaucratic language, Trump’s plan, if implemented, is a flagrant perversion of the Constitution, redoubling the worst excesses of the Obama administration and further undercutting the rule of law.

It's like you were lied to or something
  • Trump voters: Trump won't get us dragged into a bullshit war in Syria -- he's gonna focus on making America great again!
  • Trump: Lol. I tried to fuck up your healthcare but it didn't work out so imma bomb Syria this week!
  • Trump voters: But--
  • Clinton voters: See, if you had been "with her" this would never have happened!
  • Hillary Clinton: If I was president, I'd be bombing the shit out of those airstrips too! Woooohooo!
  • Clinton voters: Ummmm, but Democrats would have gotten congressional approval!
  • Obama: Kid, I tried to get approval from Congress to bomb the fuck out of Syria but they wouldn't give it. I just stopped asking and started blowing civilians in Syria up back in September. I had an old hall pass from high school lying around so I used that to justify it.
  • Clinton voters: Well, that was probably Republican obstructionism -- our Democratic leadership will put a stop to this...
  • Schumer and Pelosi: Nice one, D-Man! Bomb that Middle Eastern ass!
  • Clinton voters: R-R-Russia? Maybe Putin? This is the Russians' fault...somehow.
  • Putin: Wtf? I am outraged! Why are you bombing my man Assad? Donald, the bromance is over!
  • Clinton and Trump voters: This is fake news!
  • The US media: God, those cruise missiles sure are beautiful. I'd fuck one.