Attack on Titan is and always has been imperialist propaganda written by a Nazi supporter. The idea of the walls and their fragility is meant to criticize Japan’s antiwar policy, and the Titans coming back after 100 years is meant to imply that if Japan doesn’t start having wars and breaking down their “walls” and conquering the East again, other countries will come to terrorize the region. What bothers me most having watched the first season of it is the line about “Living like livestock”. It asserts the notion that to live without imperialism is a form of complacency, like somehow the country isn’t living life to its fullest if it isn’t out pillaging and raping the peoples of Korea, Manchuria, Indonesia, the Pacific Islands, etc. I will say that it’s actually really poorly written, so the ideas the writer has don’t come across super strongly, but it’s still seriously dangerous stuff.

Add to that the fact that so many characters have German names and that the setting seems to have a lot of european and specifically German vegetation and architecture becomes obvious that the writer wants viewers to feel nostalgic for the Axis Powers. It’s really infuriating to me as a Jewish person because it’s supporting a political climate under which the genocide of my people could resume even when we just now have the same Jewish population worldwide as we did pre-Holocaust. It’s fucked up and now that people are talking about it coming back for a second season after so long I want to urge you all to please boycott it.



#DumpTrump: Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the country is only the latest outrageous example of his racism. A coalition of student, Muslim, antiwar, immigrant and anti-racist groups are gathered outside of Trump Tower in New York to oppose the racism being promoted 24/7 by his campaign and the media.

WoPo runs a “fake news” article today citing anonymous “experts” with a “new organization” called “Prop or Not” which identifies “Russian outlets” spreading “fake news” so the public can turn to this newly anointed authority in these uncertain times.

The list is hilarious. It basically includes everyone but corporate news and partisan prog outlets. Ron Paul made it, Lew Rockwell’s blog made the cut. Consolidators like Drudge are on the list, which savaged the Bush regime is also present. Of course other former darlings of the left like Wikileaks are included.

Check out the insane doublespeak Greenwald calls out in the tweet from the Prop or Not FAQ.

If you’re not towing the corporatist line, you’re a Russian propagandist!
Doctors Without Borders Staffers Were Shot While Fleeing Hospital Bombed By U.S.
That revelation and more were in the Doctors Without Borders internal report on the Kunduz Attack, released Thursday. More than 30 staff and patients were killed during the U.S. airstrikes.
By Jessica Simeone

Doctors Without Borders staff made several distress calls to both U.S. and Afghan officials while the facility was being bombed. The initial call was placed at 2:19 a.m. By 2:52 a.m. a reply from Resolute Support was received, saying, “I’m sorry to hear that, I still do not know what happened.” The hospital staff sent another message, insisting the strikes stop and were told “I’ll do my best, praying for you all.”

Badly injured staff members fled the building including one nurse who was “covered head to toe in debris and blood with his left arm hanging from a small piece of tissue…” and another who was bleeding out of his left eye. That’s when staff say that gunfire hit them, most likely coming from a plane.

I was anonymously submitted this photo of an elite paramilitary russian hacker squad preparing for deployment along with a cache of information that will shock the world.  @washingtonpost, who should I contact to deliver this for immediate publication?  

I’m risking it all by saying this much.  However, I have a responsibility to give my followers a taste of what’s in store for WaPo’s next Pulitzer winning expose; the girl wearing the raccoon skirt is heavily invested in several business deals with Donald Trump.  She also moonlights as a regular contributor at the fake news site

We bout to blow the lid off.  Stay woke y’all.