I was told today that my pacifism was disgusting.

Pacifism literally means “the belief that any violence, including war, is unjustifiable under any circumstances, and that all disputes should be settled by peaceful means

Because of course peace is disgusting, and every dispute should be solved with war and violence.

This is whats wrong with us.

Women of color who experience male violence are more likely to be criminalized for the survival strategies they develop than to be protected by the criminal justice system. Advocating for a strengthening of state agencies- such as the police and judiciary- without transforming the racial/class ideologies underpinning incarceration inevitably leads to increased surveillance and policing of poor communities and people of color. This, in turn, fuels prison expansion … In growing numbers, the bodies of women of color, punished for poverty and drug-related crimes, form the raw material for the prison-industrial complex. If we redefine violence to include the brutality of isolation; deprivation of family ties; psychological, verbal, and physical harassment; and racial abuse associated with imprisonment, then the women of color anti-violence movement must rethink its belief in incarceration as a solution to the multiple forms of violence facing women.
—  Julia Sudbury from “Rethinking Antiviolence Strategies: Lessons from the Black Women’s Movement in Britain”

my friend told me this anecdote about someone’s knuckles bleeding from punching the soft, inside part of his hand too many times, and my response was “that’s because people weren’t designed to hit each other, but hold each other” and if that’s not the simplest explanation for striving for a peaceful lifestyle and world idk what is

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I've seen people call hypocrisy because they bring up Tim Tebow, who kneeled to take a prayer and he got a lot of flack for that. Is it supposed to be a fair comparison there?

When white guys stand up for their beliefs, it’s considered revolutionary and brave and inspiring. When black people do it to protest racism and antiviolence, it’s considered anti-American, unpatriotic, and disgraceful. The hypocrisy is disgusting


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Aang is a bit of an enigma for me. He does not eat meat and he barely tries to get his friends to stop too. He goes on about forgiveness but he destroyed the sandbenders gliders and never asks for Toph's forgiveness. He is antiviolence but kills the vulture wasp. He lies to the Zhang and Gan Jin tribe so the peace HE wants occurs. I love this boy but he is severely morally screwed and it's not addressed. He doesn't have strong enough values to change the world, he just wants to be left out of it

Ok, so remember my last post? This time I’m going in the other direction.

Aang isn’t an enigma; Aang is human. As a vegetarian, he isn’t under an obligation to try and get his friends from other cultures to adopt his own; it’s not as if vegetarianism is a religion where you have a mandate to go out and convert the masses. His actions in “The Desert” were harmful, and were shown to be so, because he had just lost one of his only remaining connections to his people. However, they went against the grain of his normal character. When you are consistently against violence in your daily life, the occasional mistake doesn’t mean you are suddenly a violent person. And if he lies to preserve the peace between two warring tribes, well, there are many worse reasons to lie than that.

Aang is no more morally screwed up than your average person—in fact, he’s considerably less so. Now, I personally think that A:TLA could have taken a closer look at Aang’s reluctance to see other points of view on moral issues, and that he could have developed more in that direction, but that doesn’t invalidate the number of times he risked his life to stand up for his beliefs, his nation, and his friends.

And one more thing: his values inarguably did change the world. Even if you think the Lion Turtle was a deus ex machina and that the story excused him from having to kill Ozai, his kindness toward Zuko kept the door open for Zuko to join him and reform the Fire Nation. I’ve said before that I don’t hate Aang, and that’s still true; I just wanted more from his character, especially as the protagonist of the show.

Abuse is the product of a mentality that excuses and condones bullying and exploitation, that promotes superiority and disrespect, and that casts responsibility on to the oppressed. All efforts to end the abuse of women ultimately have to return to this question: How do we change societal values so that women’s right to live free of insults, invasion, disempowerment, and intimidation is respected?

One way is simply to declare out loud to people in your life that women have these rights unconditionally. Much of modern society remains regrettably unclear on this point. I still hear: “Well, he shouldn’t have called her a ‘slut,’ but she did dance all night with another man.” I hear: “He did keep hassling her at her job even when she told him to stay away, but he was heartbroken over their breakup.” I hear: “He did use some force in having sex with her, but she had really led him on to believe that they were going all the way
that night.” You can influence your friends, your religious group, your bowling club, your relatives by having the courage to stand up and say: “Abuse of a woman is wrong—period.” Next, put on pressure against songs, videos, “humor,” and other media that aid and abet abusers. The flood of complaints regarding Eminem’s Grammy award succeeded in pressuring CBS to run a public-service
announcement about domestic abuse during the broadcast and led the Grammy’s president to read an antiviolence statement from the podium. A stream of complaints flowed into Simon & Schuster for distributing a video game in which the object was for the male character to successfully rape a female, who was a tied-up Native American woman. When the public decries the cultural agents that teach or excuse abuse, the culture receives another strong push in the right direction.

Refuse to go along with jokes that insult or degrade women. If you are a man, your refusal to fall in step with destructive jokes and comments can be especially powerful. When someone tells you, “It’s just a joke,” answer by asking, “How do you think an abuser reacts when he hears this joke? Do you think it helps him realize the harm he is doing? Or do you think that his sense of justification gets even more solid than it was?” Encourage the women in your life—your friends, sisters, mothers, daughters—to insist on dignity and respect, to have faith in themselves, to be proud. Expect boys and men to be respectful, kind, and responsible, and don’t settle for less. Again, men have a particularly important role to play in cultural change. When a father tells his son, “I don’t want to hear you saying bad things about girls,” or “No, I’m not going to let you have a ‘boys only’ birthday party, that’s prejudiced,” the boy sits up and takes notice…. Vocal leadership by men makes it much more difficult for abusers to claim that the battle over abuse is one between men and women rather than between abusers and everyone else.

Finally, promote alternatives to abuse and oppression by recognizing how intertwined different forms of abuse and mistreatment are. The opposite of arrogantly defining reality is listening respectfully to each person’s perspective. The opposite of placing yourself above other people is seeing them as equals. The opposite of establishing a hierarchy in which the top few people lounge comfortably while everyone else gets squashed is sharing resources. The opposite of madly scrambling to the top, whether it’s the top of the corporate ladder, the top of the softball league, or the top of the household pecking order, is building communities devoted to cooperation and support, where everyone wins. To consider a world without relationship abuse is to open up to even more profound possibilities, to the potential for human beings to live in harmony with each other and with their natural environment.

—  I’m happy any time I see Why Does He Do That quoted but I think it’s really important to also consider the parts of the book that are explicitly about challenging a culture of abuse, which includes a culture of oppression, a culture where resources are hoarded rather than shared, etc. 
Introducing the Trans Women's Healing Justice Project

The Trans Women’s Anti-Violence Project is now the Trans Women’s Healing Justice Project. This name change marks a renewed focus on creating positive change for trans women. This project was created to address the disproportionately high rates of violence and oppression experienced by trans women in order to bring about healing and justice for those living at the intersections of anti-trans and anti-women violence. So, rather than focusing on what the project opposes, the new name emphasizes the desired goals of the project: healing and justice.

Violence, whether institutional or interpersonal, results in both trauma and injustice. Without individual and collective healing, there can’t be true justice. And without justice, there can’t be true healing of individuals and communities. It’s the position of the Healing Justice Project that any intervention opposing the intersections of anti-women and anti-trans violence will be best when it seeks to provide both healing and justice.

Chill Can Be A Philosophy.

And for me it is. Like it’s not just a temperature or a verb. It’s just like…. If you’re chill then you don’t want confrontation because it’s just so silly as a thing in general. Violence is for people who cannot use there words to overcome problems and differences. Prejudice is for people who cannot understand that life is a journey that has so many paths and destinations that you cannot fathom them all and think it’s alright for them to insult and deliberately destroy and/or insult ones view on such a desired path. Anarchy is for the weak minded. Complete power or supremacy to one man is no better. Persons who constantly complain on the internet or insult other people via internet are ignorant and silly people who need to learn that sitting here and whining changes nothing.

“Tryhards” are people who put too much effort into something they’re not meant to do. Earlier mentioned paths of life? Each path is made for all different types of people. But each path is a beautiful and natural thing. Am I saying that you should throw no effort into life at all? Absolutely not. But don’t try to squeeze water from a rock.

Being a chill person is what I do everyday. Just do you better than anyone else and go with the flow. 

Stay Chill, Keep Loving.