anders/f!hawke, "warmth"

it is very, very cold tonight, and once they finish up on the docks, hawke tugs anders past darktown with a soft smile, waiting for the confusion to brighten into understanding on his face.

he pulls her into a kiss just outside her door, lips cold but mouths warm, and she melts against him for just a moment, her fingers brushing the back of his neck. when she breaks away she bites his lower lip gently and smiles at him, only fumbling with the door a little bit.

they tumble inside and hawke beelines to the fireplace in the study, overstuffed chairs warm and welcoming. she kisses him again and pushes him down into one of the chairs, half-falling on top of him. his arms come up around her and she snuggles into him, hips rocking slow and lazy against his, not expecting anything, just wanting to draw simple pleasure from each other’s bodies. simple warmth.

she pulls his hair loose, and tangles her hands in it, fingers still icy against his scalp, and he shivers, laughing into her mouth. his hands rest on her hips as her kisses trail lower, breath hot on his neck, and she presses her lips to his jawline, nuzzling against his shoulder.

the warmth from the fire makes them both realize they are suddenly sleepy.

hawke yawns and curls tighter into anders’s lap. he holds her, kisses her temple, smooths hair out of her face, and listens as her breathing evens out.

he stays awake, but only just.


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Saints Row Card Deck

King of Hearts- Johnny Gat

Queen of Hearts- Shaundi

Jack of Hearts- Matt Miller

Ace of Hearts- Carlos Mendoza

King of Diamonds- Boss(Male? Female?(both?))

Queen of Diamonds- Pierce

Jack of Diamonds- Julius

Ace of Diamonds- Aisha

King of Spades- Other Boss

Queen of Spades- Angel de la Muerte

Jack of Spades- Troy

Ace of Spades- Lin

King of Clubs- Ben King

Queen of Clubs- Kinzie

Jack of Clubs- Asha

Ace of Clubs- Oleg

Fool/Joker- Josh Birk

Number Cards??

2- Sloppy Seconds

3- Image as Designed

4- Planet Saints

5- Impressions

6- Leather and Lace

7- Rusty’s Needle

8- Let’s Pretend

9- Nobody Loves Me

10- Freckle Bitch’s

Subject to change as I see fit.

Thanksgiving in Bossville

Featuring: Jae, Basil, Yuri, Eris, Dee, Naeva, Meredith, Lux, Reina, Shackles, Genesis, Alvaro, Kuro, and V!
(The best of my ability anyway ^_^ )

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Matt & Femboss # 9 The Incredibly Long College AU
AKA: Talking headcanons w/ Antivanbrandy

T: Good thing Matt wasn’t around when she was in college.

B: Oh man, I wonder what she used to get up to. You know also, as dumb as the Boss plays it’s still a bit impressive that she managed to get into college at all, even if she did balls it up/drop out. But oh man, if Matt were around and the same age or close…

T: Boss would be the worst lab partner ever. Matt lost his temper, his GPA and his virginity in one week. Young Boss thinks it’s hilarious of course and Matt tries hard to stay away from her after that, for the sake of his scholarship if nothing else.

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