antivan leather boots

I think my actual favorite thing is that the Warden’s presents are always perfect- antivan leather boots that smell like home, your mothers amulet, the sword that represents your soul

whereas Hawke just fucks it up so badly- a book when you can’t read, and amulet that would totally get you killed if you wore it in public, a fertility amulet, and a gaudy shield named after a shamed knight

Mordred: Hey Zev.

Mordred: *gives him Dalish gloves*

Mordred: *gives him Antivan leather boots*

Mordred: *gives him a BAR OF SOLID GOLD*

Zevran: What’s this? Do you like me after all?

Mordred: Well can’t send you ass naked ‘n penniless back t'yer own country after this is done, right?

Zevran: You…think I will return to Antiva?

Mordred: Why not? The Crows don’t own Antiva, right?

Zevran: No, they do not. But it would be comparable to suicide after my very florid failure of this final mission.

Mordred: Quit word-dodging. You’re here with us trying to kill a giant Archdemon and its army of darkspawns. You clearly don’t mind risking your life.

Zevran: …Oh. Well. You got me there. (chuckles) I suppose it is true, good-hearted people do not get very far in life.

Mordred: Maybe not, but it would’ve been a life worth living, every time.

The Warden, browsing the Amaranthine market, finds a pair of Antivan leather boots for sale and their heart aches. They inhale the familiar scent, recalling Zevran’s smile, his warm voice, and his touch expressing what he never could in words.

“Commander?” Sigrun asks, hiding her slight concern behind a grin. “You’re staring at those boots like you’re gonna steal them. Is everything okay?”

“I…I’m fine,” the Warden says. “I was just reminded of someone. We’ve never been apart this long before.”

“Oh.” The dwarf pauses, choosing her next words. “You must love this person a lot, huh?”

It’s not really a question, and their answer is abundantly clear when the Warden purchases the leather boots.

so because i’ve been even more invested in zevran than usual lately (i know, how is that even possible, but whatever) i just realized:

when he’s telling the warden about how he wanted to buy a pair of antivan leather boots before he came to ferelden, how he told himself “ah zevran, you can buy them when you return as a reward for a job well done”

he never planned on coming back

he was planning on dying

he didn’t buy the shoes because a dead man has no need for them