Promo Winners

cons0ul ~ I just fell in love with your blog oh my god

cantdrownmydemons ~ I love your blog so much and you’re so sweet aw c-:

antiv1stt ~ Your posts and theme are both perfect omf. ps you have really cool hair c:

4nal-ashby ~ I reblog you like 500000 times a day I swear! hahah I love your blog c:

gri3ving ~ Your blog is so nice aw c: and you’re gorgeous omf

bohnfire ~ I’ve been following you for sooo long and I will probably never unfollow you because you’re perf

brandnewyears ~ Everything about your blog is perfect omf

tripped-and-fell-in-fascination ~ I love your URL and your blog and just everything ok

foreverc0ld ~ Your music taste makes me really happy omg

being-as-a-turtle ~ Your blog overall is just really nice ok