Here’s a first look at my fresh forward helix, daith, and anti-tragus piercings. They are all very swollen and you can still see a little iodine in my pores and a little of the indigo around them. All were anodized in-shop for me and we’re going to do some adjusting and taking real pictures when the pain and swelling subsides. I was just really excited to share. The opal end and CZ curve are both by NeoMetal, heart by LeRoi. I just love them. :)


   Yesterday I finally got my bitchin’ little All Time Low tattoo. This was the first thing I knew I wanted on my body forever. For about five years I was adamant it would be my first tattoo, but second isn’t so bad.

   All Time Low were the first band I ever felt really passionate about, and I swear myself to Hustlership, but as much as I love those four dudes, that’s not entirely what this tattoo was about.
   When I was younger - although I was never bullied or lacking in friends - I always felt out of the loop. All my friends did things and liked things that I didn’t have a clue about. I guess I was a bit of a late bloomer (laughs). I found All Time Low by accident. I was thirteen and I was listening to my friend’s iPod; Dear Maria came on and I remember thinking, “I’m gonna look this band up”. 
   You could say it was love at first listen. Being thirteen I didn’t connect with a lot of the lyrics, but I adored the music. Then when I started watching interviews, I was a little obsessed (laughs). 

   I saw them live for the first time when I was fourteen, and this was the point when things started to feel different. Standing in a crowded room in a shitty band shirt, meters away from a band I adored, letting myself go to the music, feeling unashamed, surrounded by people who were exactly the same, and not giving a shit what anyone else in the world thought, for the first time in my life I felt like a teenager. 

   I realize that music taste is fickle, and it’s pretty likely when I’m forty I won’t be listening to them anymore, or if they’ll even still be together. But I’ll have this tattoo as a reminder of how it feels like to be young, stupid and fearless.

   I can’t say that All Time Low saved my life, they didn’t. But my God, they make me feel alive. And I’ll never be able to show what that means to me.