If you consider yourself a member of a group or organization, including a church, that is actively homophobic, you are still complicit in their homophobia. The fact that you personally don’t do homophobic stuff is irrelevant. By attending mass and identifying yourself as a member of that group, you are saying that you agree with homophobia, or that you just don’t care about gay people enough that homophobia is a deal breaker for you. When you give them money in the collection basket every week, you are actively choosing to support homophobia financially. That isn’t okay.

Feminist Suggestion Of The Day:

Prioritize women over patriarchal religions.

Don’t accuse woc of islamophobia or antisemitism or internalized racism for calling out the misogynistic and homophobic aspects of their own culture.
(especially if you’re not of those cultures yourself and you just think siding with misogynists and demonizing woc is hip & cool)

Don’t E V E R compare nonreligious woc to alt-right neonazis.

When non-kin look at otherkinity from a biological or socio-political stand point instead of taking it on at an anthropological, psychological, or theological angle.

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it’s funny when muslims say ex muslims are irrelevant in discussions of islam or their povs and arguments are irrelevant when talking about islam because ‘they’re not real muslims and they don’t know what they’re talking about’. ex muslims are people raised with islam, born into it and know the religion well and thus have reasons to disagree with it. nobody woke up one morning and decided ‘oh, islam is bullshit’. if ex muslims think islam is bullshit then obviously that entails they know what they’re talking about and what they disagree with. muslims should stop using the fact that ex muslims are no longer muslim to discredit their argument. literally anyone can learn about islam if they put an effort into, let alone those raised in it. but, oh i forgot. why would muslims lend us any respect when their holy book commands our murder? 

Christians who are also transphobes bother the heck out of me ‘cause it’s like aight so you believe in a giant man who looks like you (but you’ve never seen), and he controls everything with his magical powers but the mere thought of a scientifically backed transgender person, that’s what you’re skeptical about? leave my house

Imagine being so numb to Christian culture and Christianity-normative rhetoric that, as an atheist, you actually start acting like an evangelical and start shitting all over Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and everyone else with extremely racist comments about how said religious and ethnoreligious groups are “savage” or “backwards” and treating them all as if they behaved like your Methodist church pastor uncle.