“I’m accepting the headcanon that Paige is up in heaven somewhere and she is bringing Derek and Stiles together”

“But can we talk about the slow build Sterek is getting, its just so beautiful that I want to cry”

“Can you just imagine for a second how pissed Derek is gonna be when he realizes that Peter offered stiles the bite… Mmkay. Crying myself to sleep now.”


Stiles' Age

Everyone is aware that Stiles is at least 17 at the beginning of Season 3 right?

1. Because - he was driving and had his own car at beginning of Season 1, making him at least 16 at the start of Season 1 (since I highly doubt the son of the Sheriff is illegally driving a vehicle)

2. He was driving alone, meaning he had his own license prior to the start of Season 1, further proving he is 17.

3. The age of consent law has no “close of age” limit in California, meaning the only people on the show who should legally be having sex are (Papa Stilinski, Mama McCall, Derek, etc. any character above 18.) This means Allison, Scott, Danny, Jackson, Lydia,, etc. should not be having sex, which they all have.

So if you say Sterek can’t happen because of age…

Riiiight, because it’s not like Stiles could turn 18 this season or that we won’t get through another year of high school this season (considering we got through an entire year through two seasons, and this season is just as long as both of those combined.) Or that television shows set in California have NEVER shown high school kids having sex, despite it being illegal for even minors to consent TO EACH OTHER.


when Malia was first introduced, everyone was like “Daaammmmnnnnnnn she’s gorgeous look at her eyebrows” and tagging her with ***Flawless lyrics and then she kissed Stiles in Echo House and suddenly everyone hates her and there’s 345734895 posts explaining how she’s obviously evil even though she’s really not, you’re all just biased idiots.

how everyone was sooooo in love with Braeden in Tattoo, because she saved Isaac’s life and literally almost died for Scott and his pack just to warn them, but then in literally one second all that she has done for Scott and the characters has been erased because she checked Derek out (HE TOTALLY CHECKED HER OUT TOO, BTW) and now everyone hates her and is talking about her like she’s some damn sexual predator when in reality we were all admiring the view also, so

I wish anti’s would stop watching the show and stop talking about it, but we all know even if they stop watching the show, they’ll continue to complain about Stydia being “fan service” or that it “ruins their character development” or they’ll still say “Lydia doesn’t like Stiles that way” etc… 

The fact that Stydia will finally be canon in s6 means that the writers are finally allowing them to develop, not the other way around. Because if you haven’t noticed, Stiles and Lydia were/are incredibly close and have been since the beginning of s3, but their development as friends stopped in s4, it even backtracked a bit so that other “ships” could get their screen time. Them going from, and I quote Jeff Davis “from a simple crush, to friends, to something deeper” allows them to finally reach the character development the show has been working towards for many seasons. 

“Can’t a guy and a girl just stay friends?” Of course they can. But why can’t a guy and a girl who are friends move towards having a healthy romantic relationship? I personally feel that relationships that are solely based on lust can become tedious, and that a relationship should partially be based on friendship and unconditional love, because that just makes them stronger as a whole. 

And if you honestly believe Lydia doesn’t have any feelings for Stiles than you must not know Lydia’s characterization that well. The signs are there, you just have to be willing to see them. Which most anti’s aren’t. 

Jeff Davis does what he wants with the characters. It’s not like we Stydia shippers put a gun to his head and demanded that we get Stydia. Yes, he’s aware of how big the Stydia fandom is, but that does not mean he’s trying to cater to us and to please us. For all we know, Stydia has been something he personally has been wanting to end on, which is kind of what we can gather from all the interviews he’s given throughout the years. This is what he and the writers want. We were just lucking that we fell in love with Stydia, and that we were also extremely analytical and smart about how Stydia was being presented to us on screen and that is why we were so positive about Stydia being endgame. 

And yes the “something deeper” means romantic Stydia. I’ve seen a few anti’s say that it’s because they’re connected in a supernatural way. Which I agree because of the emotional tether thing. But Jeff was also implying it in a romantic way and it’s fine if anti’s choose to ignore it. They have to deal with the reality of it eventually and I can just sit back and enjoy my otp finally rising. And yes we are aware that Stiles will be gone for most of 6a and that means Stydia won’t be together, at least not physically for a while, thanks. That doesn’t mean their relationship won’t be emphasized in other ways.

Jeff and the writers also never said that Stydia would be the central plot of the season. They said Stydia will be the “central relationship” and a “focal point.” That’s one focal point out of many. Understand now?

Okay I need to stop rambling. 

Stydia is endgame. Bye.

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I’m dreading next weeks episode because the Sterek shippers are going to flip the fuck out. “Stiles is only kicking Derek’s ass because he loves him” or “Stop hurting each other you’re supposed to be making out and having gay sex so I can fulfill my fantasy even though you’re both portrayed on screen as straight” someone just fucking stab me in the eyes right now.

Don’t fight the Sterek hate.

Really, bros and lady bros. If we know that Sterek is pretty much the best fucking ship TO OUR PART OF THE FANDOM, then there are no worries. Seriously, I don’t think a few harsh words are going to extinguish the Sterek flame, but we don’t have to be obnoxious about that flame, because WE know that it’s there. Who fucking cares if the rest don’t, that’s why they’re so called, “haters." 

No, our ship is not sinking. Derek is kissing Jennifer, so what? Derek is straight…. according to the show, so fucking what? I fucking know this fandom will find some way to use it as brilliant Sterek fanfic plot. once a ship sails it never really sinks. Sterek will live on in fanfiction and on Tumblr. We’re not over, we’re not dead, it’s no big deal. We’ve made our mark, whether it be as the "annoyingly delusional sterek shippers” or as the “alphas of the fandom”. I’m reading all these back and forth arguments  but no matter what is said, IT’S NOT LIKE THE STEREK FANDOM IS GOING TO LIKE… STOP SHIPPING STEREK. 

so can we all just chill?

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What shows are the sterek fandom creeping into? (I've been avoiding all TW tags for a while since it brings nothing but grief)

Well, from what I’ve seen they’ve insulted Shameless, Marvel verse comics, young justice, and Hannibal. Mostly, it seems like they’re going through the OP’s fandom lists and trying to get a rise out of them by insulting things that don’t even have to do with Teen Wolf.