Why I hate Sterek

I’m just so fucking tired of Sterek stans calling people anti-queer or gay bashing for hating Sterek.

Let me give you a hint, most people who despise Sterek don’t do so because it’s a pairing between two guys. (I despise Sterek with female Stiles just as much as I do the other kind)

I despise Sterek because it’s a disgusting ship with no basis in canon.

I despise Sterek because Stiles is an annoying piece of shit.

I despise Sterek because it’s a cliché and even the people writing it don’t seem to actually like the characters as they are on the show, if they did, they would be writing Stiles and Derek in character, instead of changing them to suit the tropes they force them into.

I despise Sterek because it’s basically no different from 50 shades of grey, because I already didn’t like it when they called it spander, and I actually liked Spike and Xander.

I despise Sterek because it’s made it impossible to find Teen Wolf fic and especially Teen Wolf crossovers that are actually about the show Teen Wolf,

And most of all, I despise Sterek, because Sterek fans have made me hate it with their refusal to accept that other people may not like their pairing.


when Malia was first introduced, everyone was like “Daaammmmnnnnnnn she’s gorgeous look at her eyebrows” and tagging her with ***Flawless lyrics and then she kissed Stiles in Echo House and suddenly everyone hates her and there’s 345734895 posts explaining how she’s obviously evil even though she’s really not, you’re all just biased idiots.

how everyone was sooooo in love with Braeden in Tattoo, because she saved Isaac’s life and literally almost died for Scott and his pack just to warn them, but then in literally one second all that she has done for Scott and the characters has been erased because she checked Derek out (HE TOTALLY CHECKED HER OUT TOO, BTW) and now everyone hates her and is talking about her like she’s some damn sexual predator when in reality we were all admiring the view also, so

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wow, the amount of abuse and harassment the sterek fandom is forced to deal with on a daily basis just because they happen to love their otp and prefer other fictional characters/actors over scott mccall/tyler posey is truly astonishing... and disheartening. there should be more anti-antisterek events to fight hate with love

Oh, I think the reason the trolls hate Sterek so much is because Sterek is already winning. It’s bigger than any other TW-related ship. In fact, it has almost no current connection with the show that spawned it, and it’s still going strong. 

Derek Hale leaves Beacon Hills? Nope, say the fans, not on my watch. 

Sterek isn’t canon? Canon? say the fans. We don’t need your stinking canon. 

Sterek has outgrown its origins. I can name people who love Sterek, but have never seen the show. I read my first Sterek fanfics without ever having watched an episode. I’ve spoken to people who had to google Stiles and Derek after reading a fic to find out what they look like. I think I wrote my first Sterek fic before I saw an episode of the show. 

The hatred directed at the Sterek fandom is jealousy, pure and simple. 

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if you’re boycotting the next episode of teen wolf because of a lack of ‘sex-sex romance’ despite the fact two canonically gay men are taking further steps in their relationship that’s been building since the first episode 

just because you don’t like the 'derek/jennifer’ romance

then i’ll be honest no one really wants you to watch the episode anyways

The Good Thing About This Sterek Boycott Nonsense

You know, I was actually pissed that (supposedly) some Sterek shippers are gonna boycott Monday’s episode and then I realized the only Sterek shippers boycotting would be the ones I don’t want to hear from anyway. So basically we get a week without their commentary in the Teen Wolf tag.  

Silver lining.

I hate when people say that Derek should stop dating women because he has bad taste. It like they try to say that are WOMEN is crazy and bad or evil. A MEN can do same damage as WOMEN.  he should start dating stiles or guys.  Then  try pull a rape card by saying Derek was rape by Jennifer, clearly you can see he on top of her, he kiss her back so it not rape ( Rape is when someone took it by FORCE).  And why everything has to be about Sterek when it not.

I dont see sterek as romance type they dont even have bond, only time they be together when they are helping scott or something happen. 

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and well… I’d like to suggest a new tag. Not just because of the Sterek people being a pain about our tags, but for ourselves as well.

This new tag, whatever we’d end up calling it, would serve not just as a place to talk about the problematic issues in fandom, or as a safe haven to get away from Sterek. But to talk about positive issues in fandom as well. To discuss story ideas, potential crossovers, characters and so on. To post links to fics and art, basically to have fun.

And do all that without being run over by Sterek.

Basically it’d be a general tag where any pairing, except for Sterek can be talked about, written about and so on.

Yeah, I know, it’s exclusion, or whatever the proper English term is, but you know what…

The other larger pairings in fandom don’t make it impossible to find rare pairings fic. There might be a lot of Scott/Allison fics at Ao3, but if you remove the Sterek fics from that list, the number drops dramatically. And I can tell you, most of those fics are not about Scallison, they’re just
Sterek fics that use Scallison as a way to get Scott out of the way. (a lot of Scisaac fics seem to be heading the same way unfortunately)

Other pairings basically become little more than a cameo in fics and metas focusing on Sterek. Shouldn’t we have a place where we can have fun with Teen Wolf without getting crowded out by Sterek, without Sterek shouting so loud that the rest can’t be heard anymore?

Sterek Haters: Come on guys, stop tagging your hate as sterek!

I pretty much stay off the radar when it comes to text posts but SERIOUSLY!

People, just because we ship sterek doesn’t mean we are (all) crazy fan girls who are absolutely positive that Stiles and Derek are intended to be romantically involved in canon because obviously (heavy sarcasm) every little interaction between Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin is supposed to be filled with “sexual tension” or homoeroticism since they are clearly (again, heavy sarcasm) acting the scene exactly the way Jeff Davis wants and therefore sterek is totally 100% there. No!

Some people may feel that way, but most of us just think these two would “make a good pair” as Matt says and, frankly, they would be great together in any way: friends, bro’s, boyfriends, whatever!

So back the f*** off sterek haters! If you want to hate on sterek how about you label it: anti-sterek or not-sterek or even I-hate-sterek but STOP LABELING IT AS STEREK! But get it through your heads: we are not shoving sterek down your throats! At least not as a fandom. Individuals are prone to do so but it is not accurate nor fair to judge an entire fandom based of these few individuals who go extreme-fan-girl-mode.

So please, just stop. People who want to read your sterek hate can go to a special tag for it just like we sterek fans do for sterek. 

Thank you.

I'm so tired of people just not trying to see everyone's point of view.

1) I’m a Sterek shipper and this is the first time I’m “invading” the anti-sterek tag. I hope it’s the last. Also, I’m here in peace. I want to discuss this with you peacefully without harsh or angry words. or insults. none of that from ANYONE, sterek or anti-sterek shippers. I just want to talk about the fact that there are so many people that just can’t seem to accept other’s opinions without expressing their opposition in a bad way.

2) I’m just so sad to see a big part of you guys being so harsh. I mean, yeah, you don’t like sterek? ok. Ship your ship. I don’t like a lot of things thus I don’t go creating something just to show everyone how much I hate it. It’s a negative behaviour and I think it shouldn’t exist for ANY fandom and ANY ship.

3) Why such a negative opinion in regards to sterek or the sterek fandm? Stiles and Derek don’t fit together for you? Ok. I think they very much could but everyone has their opinion. For example, I wouldn’t like Stiles and Lydia together romantically, I have my reasons, but I don’t go hating around about the ship. Who likes them like that, good for them! And I’m not being condescending here, I actually think that.

Is it because of the haters from the sterek fandom? I can guarantee you that we are hundreds and hundreds so you shouldn’t judge all of us because of them. I’m very open minded and so are many other sterek shippers. If you dislike someone, dislike those that actually are haters. Or, better yet, just ignore them if they send you hate.

Because we harass the cast? How? Apart from the few people that actually do that by sending inapropriate tweets and such, we’ve never actually done that. Cookies? how’s that harassing? It’s actually cute and it was exciting to organize because it involved so many people united by the same passion. Howls? Saving wolves…making art? They are positive things and it saddens me to see them treated as harassing.

Because we took over the TW fandom? Ok, this one I don’t understand. I mean, what most of us do, is positive. We work on fics, on fanarts, on vids and we participate to the Sterek Campain. There are lots of us and we’re talking about tastes here. We like sterek, we support it, we show our love. There are non-sterek fans that do that as well so… The only difference is that we are a big number, but that doesn’t mean anything. If, for example, there is a poll and there is Teen Wolf in it, at the end of the day all of us will vote for our fandom which is Teen Wolf. At the end of the day we are all (at least I hope) waiting for season three and we’re all going crazy because of all this waiting.

We (most of us) don’t do what we do to piss you off, but because that makes us happy. See? it’s a passage from a negative point of view to a positive one. If you love any other ship, you actually can show your support like we do, or in other maybe more innovative ways, without actually seeing what you do as opposed to the sterek fandom. Or, for exaple, there are lots of you that love Scott? I can assure you that not all the sterek fans dislike him. The sentiment is very subjective. Anyway, you love him? Ok, make an event or something dedicated to him without putting things like “because I’m not delusional like the sterek shippers and I understood he’s the main charcter”. Most of us are not stupid, we understood that. Some people don’t connect with him but that’s only natural. I personally adore him and OH! I’m a sterek shipper. What would be surprising is to see that if you do such event, there may be sterek shippers or jydia shippers or anyothership!shippers showing their support to the charcter. Or anyone, really.

I’m not good at explaining, English is not my language, but what I’m basically trying to say is that not everything is black and white and that I hope to see finally some peace between the fans of Teen Wolf.

Please, sterek and anti-sterek fans. Please try and open your minds and  understand that there are different opinions and that’s perfectly okay as long as these opinions are expressed with respect in regards to everyone.

you know, one thing I find scary about Sterek shippers who claim they don’t see Destiel… That they think that indifference, hate and violence, are a bigger sign of UST, than devotion, concern and actually caring about one another…

Is Destiel unproblematic, no, there are some major issues there as well. Primarily the way they both use one another at times. But at least they genuinely care about the other as well.

Sterek on the other hand has nothing positive going for it. It’s a crack ship with no canon basis. And it genuinely worries me that people seem to think that something like that is a sign of great love.

Of course, I didn’t start genuinely shipping Spuffy until Intervention. When Spike allowed himself to be tortured rather than betray Dawn. All because he loved Buffy. So it’s not really the violence, Buffy was just as abusive, if not more than Derek can be. And Spike lacked morals, just as much as Stiles does. But at least one of the two genuinely loved the other and they grew into understanding and love.

And if more Sterek shippers made the effort of writing a believable route from two characters not giving a fuck about the other, into falling in love, I might grant them some credit.

But the problem is that a lot if not most Sterek shippers genuinely seem to take the moments of violence between stiles and Derek as a sign of affection.

I have to admit that this worries me just as much as those kids who take the Edward/Bella ship as an example of a healthy relationship.