Dear Stereks,

Dude= friendly expression, equalizer. E.g “Dude, that is so cool.” Could be interchanged with the way people use man.

Honey= degrading remark. Used to belittle, discredit or humiliate others. Mostly women. E.g, “Oh honey, don’t be silly. Let the boys have this one.”

“Is she having a mental break down?” (Usually a man referring to a woman’s anger and discrediting it because of hormones).

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wow, the amount of abuse and harassment the sterek fandom is forced to deal with on a daily basis just because they happen to love their otp and prefer other fictional characters/actors over scott mccall/tyler posey is truly astonishing... and disheartening. there should be more anti-antisterek events to fight hate with love

Oh, I think the reason the trolls hate Sterek so much is because Sterek is already winning. It’s bigger than any other TW-related ship. In fact, it has almost no current connection with the show that spawned it, and it’s still going strong. 

Derek Hale leaves Beacon Hills? Nope, say the fans, not on my watch. 

Sterek isn’t canon? Canon? say the fans. We don’t need your stinking canon. 

Sterek has outgrown its origins. I can name people who love Sterek, but have never seen the show. I read my first Sterek fanfics without ever having watched an episode. I’ve spoken to people who had to google Stiles and Derek after reading a fic to find out what they look like. I think I wrote my first Sterek fic before I saw an episode of the show. 

The hatred directed at the Sterek fandom is jealousy, pure and simple. 

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I’m dreading next weeks episode because the Sterek shippers are going to flip the fuck out. “Stiles is only kicking Derek’s ass because he loves him” or “Stop hurting each other you’re supposed to be making out and having gay sex so I can fulfill my fantasy even though you’re both portrayed on screen as straight” someone just fucking stab me in the eyes right now.

Don’t fight the Sterek hate.

Really, bros and lady bros. If we know that Sterek is pretty much the best fucking ship TO OUR PART OF THE FANDOM, then there are no worries. Seriously, I don’t think a few harsh words are going to extinguish the Sterek flame, but we don’t have to be obnoxious about that flame, because WE know that it’s there. Who fucking cares if the rest don’t, that’s why they’re so called, “haters." 

No, our ship is not sinking. Derek is kissing Jennifer, so what? Derek is straight…. according to the show, so fucking what? I fucking know this fandom will find some way to use it as brilliant Sterek fanfic plot. once a ship sails it never really sinks. Sterek will live on in fanfiction and on Tumblr. We’re not over, we’re not dead, it’s no big deal. We’ve made our mark, whether it be as the "annoyingly delusional sterek shippers” or as the “alphas of the fandom”. I’m reading all these back and forth arguments  but no matter what is said, IT’S NOT LIKE THE STEREK FANDOM IS GOING TO LIKE… STOP SHIPPING STEREK. 

so can we all just chill?

Quit it. Quit it now.

Okay boys and girls.
It is ok to not ship sterek. It is okay to ship sterek.
It is not okay to send blatant hate.
It is not okay to pester writers.
It is not okay to assume that all of the fandom is like that one person in the fandom.

Hate free blogger here. Getting kinda tired of this shit.
It can be a show you don’t have to ship