• Untouched Road
  • Sarah Seo
  • Songwriting

Wrote this song for my Puerto Rican sistah Ashley Mariah Colon…because she left my ass back in New York and moved to Cali for college. And because she is a big crybaby who makes me cry for no reason when she cries over nothing. Bitch. I love you.

Untouched Road

by Sarah Seo

Seconds turn to minutes

Then to hours months and years

That are passing far too quickly

And I find myself right here

I sit wondering when this happened

Wasn’t it just yesterday?

When I walked into the 6th grade

Praying for a good first day?

Now I’m waiting for the time that

I’ll be living on my own

In a new place with new people

And I have to say I’m grown

It’s a scary thing

To venture out down a path we’ve never been

But I promise you that you’re not alone

Just take that step

Down the untouched road