Dear Anti-Samcedes....are you trying to get your tumblr killed? Like if this was real life i'm pretty sure someone would've have tackled you by now...just stop embarrassing your fandom...even Fabrevans have backed away from this are by yourself in a tiny tugboat facing a gigantic ass ship of Samcedians who are ready at any moment to attack your tumblr with our feels lol so...with that said, do yourself a favor and calm your tits before backing the fuck off of our tags...good?

someone seriously made an Anti-Sam Evans/Mercedes Jones blog on tumblr? It's legit name is

i usually don’t start shit, but this is to funny not to comment…who does that? like seriously? this is just downright hilarious…like as much as i can’t stand some of these glee pairings i wouldn’t waste my time creating a bashing blog…like seriously? i have nothing against the Hard-Core Fabrevans Shippers, but come on? this is ridiculous lol