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Tarot Deck Storage

So, like many tarot readers, you’ve fallen prey to the decklust bug.
The decks, they are many.
Your shelf space is lacking.
What to do?

Did you know that those old card catalogue drawers are a perfect fit for most standard sized decks? 

Larger decks can fit too….


Available for a steal at an antiques market or yard sale (if you’re lucky).
You too can embrace your inner librarian, and save your decks from a dusty shelf, or hazardous heap of deck bags.

They come in all sorts of sizes:

and different materials, too:

… even better, they make an excellent surface for a tiny altar…. not shown ; )

Be warned, the empty space encourages new decks to arrive and fill the gaps!!

Upcycling FTW

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This is an abbreviated version of my first post about upcycling.

concept playlists

ur stuck inside a 2006 highschool movie and suddenly a food fight breaks out in the lunch room and u have to defend urself. good luck.

its 2 am and ur thinking about the girl u have a crush on but shes taken so u spend ur night writing about her instead while wondering how it feels 2 make out with her.

u sneak out of ur house at 3 in the morning only to find a dimly lit street with a flickering light. the flicker flows in such a way that ur body can’t help but dance to its beat.

the sun starts to set while ur laying on ur trampoline and u become so entranced by the slowly appearing stars that you begin to think about the extraterrestrials and how they live up there. u get up and start jumping as high as u can while u wish u could be up there with them.

ur an experienced hacker and also trying to overthrow the government all at the same time. the CIA are trying to catch u but ur always one step ahead.

ur at an antique garage sale and u stumble upon an old lava lamp that u quickly buy. once u plug it in, u stare at the lava moving slowly when suddenly u feel urself being pulled into a trance, ur moves replicating that of the lamp.

ur sitting in the car, the wind from ur open window blowing ur hair, when u realize this is it. this is life. ur not scared, u feel okay. life is okay. life is good.

u accidentally got into an argument w dracula after u escaped him and now hes after u but u guys also secretly like eachother. a love hate relationship between the both of u is in the works.


If you do a Google search for “card catalog” it will likely return Pinterest-worthy images of antique furniture for sale — boxy, wooden cabinets with tiny drawers, great for storing knick-knacks, jewelry or art supplies.

But before these cabinets held household objects, they held countless index cards — which, at the time, were the pathways to knowledge and information. A new book from the Library of Congress celebrates these catalogs as the analog ancestor of the search engine.

File This Under Nostalgia: New Book Pays Tribute To The Library Card Catalog

Long post with lots of pics advertising stuff I’m selling!

As I’m getting ready to move, I’ve picked out some jewelry and accessories I’m interested in selling so I don’t have to pack them up :P

They’re all handmade by me!

Forgive the terrible wig/makeshift necklace display. Pictures never seem to come out well when I model the pieces (especially the hair ones) as I take them myself.

No Rest For The Weary

SPN FanFic

~Y/N and the Winchesters just can’t catch a break.~

Dean x Reader, Sam

6,960 Words

Warnings: It’s a roller coaster. Fluff, bit o’Smut, Angst. Flusmangst. 

A/N: Thank you to @taste-of-dean for the readover (sorry about the prank) and to @idreamofhazel for her amazing beta skills. Couldn’t do it without you. Hope you enjoy. and remember:

Feedback lets me know you want me to keep writing.

The sun was shining brightly despite the heavy blanket of clouds that drifted across the Kansas sky. Breaks between the heather offered visions of perfect blue, and the air was filled with the promise of summer.

The Impala was speeding down the highway, its freshly washed black exterior gleaming in the sunlight. Tires spun in metallic blurs as Dean pushed her through the sparse mid-morning traffic, leaving Montana in the dust and heading home. The windows were down and wind whipped around the three hunters, lifting their hair and spirits. The rush of air forced them to breathe deeply, filling their lungs with the crisp spring atmosphere, relaxing their bodies and calming their minds.

The case hadn’t been any harder than any case before it, and certainly wouldn’t pale any that came after. But they were tired, muscles sore from lack of sleep and constant movement; their souls in need of restoration. Time off was desperately needed, and as long as Heaven and Hell kept to themselves, maybe they would get some.

As the miles wore on their shoulders settled, their minds calmed, and their smiles returned. Two hours in, laughter returned to the Impala as Sam and Dean argued lightheartedly about the cassette tape Dean had pushed into the stereo.

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kryspytacos  asked:

I need more Host headcannons please! He is my new favorite ego <3

sure! i should start keeping a proper list of all the ones i have lmao. but here are a few for you! ❤️

  • he absolutely loves listening to classical music. it’s one of the only times where he doesn’t narrate and just sits and enjoys the music. he may utter a few phrases such as “the piano then starts”, but that’s about it.
  • he loves when his s/o tells jokes. although he already knows the punchline, he’ll still smile and chuckle at them.
  • after he became the host, he immediately removed all the mirrors out of his house. although he can’t see his reflection, it makes him feel better to not have them around.
  • i feel like he’s secretly sassy. like when he senses kids starting at him, he’ll just lean in like ‘this is what happens when you smoke.’
  • actually adores animals and seems to get along with every animal he meets. the egos had an owl problem at one point and host just walked right over and narrated the bird before stroking its feathers and taking it home. he named it athena.
  • has such a soft spoken voice. never once has his risen his voice or gotten angry, no matter how hard the other egos try to piss him off.
  • next to his wide collection of books he’s written, host also takes pride in his collection of just little knick knacks he finds at antique stores or garage sales. he says they’re symbolic.
  • there are times when he lays in bed and holds his hands over his eye wounds and cries, part of him wishing that things could go back to the way they were.
  • if his desperation gets worse, he ends up tearing up some of his books that he’s created, only to collapse to his knees on the floor with his face in his hands. 

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peetaspikelets  asked:

Hey Jessa! I hope things are going well. Have you ever considered writing any fan fic for the hating game? I've just finished re-reading it and I need more but there's nothing out there 😭😩 I'm not brave enough to attempt it myself lol

I thought about it so many times but I was always too afraid to mess with the perfection of that book. But here’s a little drabble because I was feeling inspired! I hope you like it. 

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Ford Model T Spark Plug & Cylinder Head Bolt Wrench T-5893, Ford Combination Wrench

Collectible Ford Model T Spark Plug & Cylinder Head Bolt Combination Wrench.
This vintage tool is in good condition with a bit of oxidation / corrosion and edge wear.
It has a curved handle which makes it easily to flip over during use.
The open end measures 15/16 inch and the closed end is 5/8 inch.
One side is stamped “Ford” the other is stamped “T 5893 (B)”.
Measures 10 inches in overall length, the handle is 5/8 inch wide in the center.


My mentor for my new apprenticeship bought us a van today & the first project started with bed lining the whole inside – next step, doors & velvet on the roof in the front; painting the outside / painting something rad on the exterior as well & getting a move on with our antique sales / trade shows!

Last step : camper for tattoos on wheels to haul on the back

2017 here we are!!!

okay I love creepy things but honestly fuck “homicidal doll” movies

they contribute significantly to the decline of an already dying branch of antique sales/collecting

doll museums and stores have been closing by the dozens for the past 20 or so years

the most common reaction I get to saying I work with antique dolls is “oh my god that’s so creepy,” even though these dolls are incredible works of art

people who have the skills and knowledge to preserve these dolls (which are literal pieces of history) are aging and dying with very few young people coming in to take up the torch, in no small part because of movies like Chucky and Annabelle

and when people do buy broken or damaged dolls, they tear them up or splash them with red paint for art projects or Halloween decorations instead of trying to restore them

so those writers and directors can go fuck themselves. forget dolls killing people; the dolls and the history they embody are the real victims here