Statement by Tao’s Lawyer Summary:

  • Tao’s lawyers have contacted the Korean lawyers to prepare to make an appeal against the South Korea case. (Tao won the case held in China. You can read more of that here).
  • Tao’s lawyers will not accept such a verdict as the injuries suffered by Tao as a result of SM and being repeatedly told to work despite being injured, not given proper treatment or time to recuperate are unacceptable (violation of his human rights) and the poor management of his career.
  • No official documents pertaining to the above case have even been released and the Korean media have already declared it a loss.
  • “Since SM lost the case in Beijing in November 2016, there started to be irregularities in the court scheduling arrangements by the Korean courts.” The court shouldn’t have reached a decision this quickly based on prior similar cases.
  • Tao’s lawyer then noted something “very thought provoking” in relation to the final argument submitted by SM which in summary state they (SM) believe that the ban on Korean artists etc in China will provoke even more Chinese artists who are based in South Korea to leave as well and this “adverse impact on the accused (SM)’s business in China and Hallyu will be irrevocable”. (This may be more about protecting SM’s business interests than anything else).
  • In no way will the decision in South Korea’s courts affect Tao’s activities.

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You’ve been challenged by Archeologist Aradia!!!

A little something I’ve been wanting to draw for awhile. I think Aradia would love to be a Pokemon trainer; particularly that of ghost and fairy types!!!

And hey!!! If you’re interested of an art piece similar to this one (a trainer and six Pokemon of your choice), then I’m commissioning them for $50! My email is if you’re interested, and my inbox and chatbox is always open!!

9gag006  asked:

Hello! Do you know what type of phones, mx uses now?

They all use iPhones!
Shownu: iPhone 6/6s Space Grey
Wonho: iPhone 7 Matte Black
Minhyuk: iPhone 7 Jet Black/Matte Black
Kihyun: iPhone 7 Jet Black/Matte Black
Hyungwon: iPhone 6/6s Gold
Jooheon: iPhone 7 Jet Black/Matte Black
I.M: iPhone 7 Jet Black/Matte Black