Meroe trip at White River: beyond Fazoql in the south of the Kingdom of Sennar, has Syouah and five other oases, made in the years 1819, 1820, 1821 and 1822: accompanied by geographical maps, boards representing the monuments of these regions.

By Cailliaud, Frédéric, 1787-1869 Jomard, EDME-Francois, 1777-1862,ht

Publication info [Paris]: he Imprimerie Royale ,1826-1827.

Contributing Library: Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter H. Raven Library

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maidenoftheworld  asked:

Hello hello~ might I ask, Lavender, Klosh and Poetry of the Lovely Asks?


Lavender: Something that relaxes me… Music! Specially Ost’s and music I can sing along to. 

Klosh: I’d love to visit the Antiquety (Greece and Roman Empires) times, The Roaring Twenties and the 80′s. I feel the first is an important base in our culture and well, their culture and way of life is very interesting. And their architecture and cooking!! I just love the Roaring Twenties: the music, fashion and arts, the start of modern life but also because it looks like optimisim was the general feeling. From the 80′s I take the aesthetic and music tbh… It feels like it’s near but I didn’t got to live it so I’m curious. 

Poetry: La Canción del Pirata de José de Espronceda is my fave poem. I had to make a commentary on it back in highschool and I grew tired of it but I don’t really have another poem. 

Thaank you very much!