antiques row


Words: 10,495
Cas x Reader
Warnings: insinuations of sexy time, but nothing else really! Tiny bit of angst & grief.
Requested by anonymous aaaand anonymous!!
A/N: Such fluff. SUCH FLUFF. FLUFFFFFF and a little bit of angst, but then more FLUFFF!

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“What about that one?” Sam asked pointing through the glass. He leaned down to examine it through the front of the case. “It looks nice,” he said, turning to examine Cas’ reaction.

The furrowed brow and quizzical expression was unchanged.

Cas tightened his lips into a frown. “No. That’s not it,” he said.

There was a groan from somewhere behind him and Dean suddenly leaned dramatically down onto the nearest jewelry case and rubbed a hand over his face. “Cas. You’re killing me. We’ve looked at about a hundred different rings, at literally 10 different stores. Do you even know what you’re looking for?”

Cas straightened up and turned towards him. “Yes. I’m looking for the perfect one,” he said plainly, as if that explained everything.

Dean scoffed and rolled his eyes a little. “Oh, right. Of course. That really narrows it down…” he said sarcastically. He caught Sam’s eye and refused to wilt under the disapproving stare.

”Cas, maybe if you could narrow it down to a certain cut you think Y/N would like, or the type of band, or a specific artist?” Sam offered hopefully.

Cas shook his head. “No. When I find the right one, I’ll just know.”

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Who’s That Vans Girl: @double3xposure

Meet Reese– a 19-year-old hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. She documents her outfit every day on her Instagram, which shows her unique combinations between vintage finds and contemporary pieces. With a pair of classic Old Skools often thrown into the mix, we became obsessed with her play on trends and needed to learn more. We chatted with Reese to find out the best spots in her hometown, her shopping process, and how to create a wardrobe on a budget.

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Little Robin

We all know how I feel about high school AUs, so I went with normal teens. 

They came twice every year. Once in April and once in October, right when the leaves were starting to turn and the chill of the night air seeped into the brightly colored tent, glittering with lights and ripe with the smell of dirt, sweat, and fair food. Raven had been entranced with the circus since she was little, and she found herself whisked away to a fantasy land where people performed death-defying acts, and fire was a form of magic.

As she grew older, she found herself practically enamored with the sight of a lithe form leaping from one act to another, his body bathed in bright yellows and reds, like a little robin as if flew across the sky. He was always smiling, always laughing, always performing each trick without so much as a hair out of place. Sometimes he would make silly jokes from his perch, and even Raven found herself laughing at his antics.

He was this little star of light in a very dreary world of hers, and for two times a year, she forgot about the darkness she lived in.

And then tragedy.

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signs top places to hook up
  • aries: during a natural disaster
  • taurus: basement filled with antiques
  • gemini: back row of a kids movie
  • cancer: houseboat on a river
  • leo: skyscraper in broad daylight
  • virgo: ritzy las vegas hotel
  • libra: friendly furnished treehouse
  • scorpio: mid-1920s small town brothel
  • sagittarius: abandoned airplane carcass
  • capricorn: pile of mattresses in a guarded safe
  • aquarius: local town's history museum
  • pisces: on the beach in wintertime