Benjamin Hallet A Child not five years old who under the Tuition of Mr Oswald, Performed on the Flute at Drurry Lane Theatre Ano. 1748, for 50 Nights with extraordinary Skill & Applause, and in the following Year was able to Play his part in any Concert on the Violincello", 

 "Thos. Jenkins pinxt. / Js. McArdell Fecit"

Mezzotint portrait as a child standing whole-length to right playing cello, looking to left at music on stand, dressed as a girl, his hair curled. 1748

Please Destroy Me

I’m no masochist
But it’d save us all a lot of time

I’m tired
Sleeplessly sleeping on a antique floral print sofa
Walking in worn down canvas shoes
Worn down everything
Across uneven sidewalks

Everyone I know’s angry
Everyone saying
‘I’m not angry’
‘I’m not angry’
Sound waves shoot through my veins
Into my gut
If you want to hear me say I’m defeated
I’m defeated

I have nothing
No sad songs
No four chord progression
Just call my dad
And tell him I might need a ride home later

I’ve been hacked
Torn to bits
Pulverized into a protein supplement
I want to say bad things
Scream back at those who scream at me
But I have no voice
I walk ahead
With my head pointed at my feet
My eyes watering
My spine crooked
Hands shaking

100 people scream at me in unison
And I melt away

Cooper M1863 2nd Model revolver

Manufactured in Philadelphia c.1864-69 - serial number 1135.
.31 cap and ball 5-shot rebated cylinder, double action, creeping loading lever, generally an upgraded Colt M1849 Pocket design.

I can’t wait for affordable 3D printed antique gun replicas to be a thing.


An optical illusion - a picture of an open hand with elongated printed text IF I OFFER IT on the palm and at right angles WILL YOU ACCEPT
the printed text appears much more clearly when viewed at an angle which appears to shorten the letters

19th century? the reverse is blank - measures 84mm x 54mm

The Streets of Edinburgh

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Pack Your Bags

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

Let me know what you think.

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I’ll make these dendritic agates into rings later. 

Dreaming of diving in a kelp forest while looking at my antique algae print.

Moon & Serpent

Instagram: moonandserpent

Top 10 Mtg Cards

So I wanted to try a hard exercice of listing my top 10 favourite mtg cards. I also invite all of you to do the same thing and share what you favourite magic cards are! Let’s get started!

#11-15 & Honorable Mention

My honorable mention is Lord of the Pit; that card was my favourite when I was a kid & I played it in all the decks I ever made. Was it good? Hell no! Was it fun? Hell yeah! This card still has a special place in my hearth and even though the Beta version I had when I was young got stolen, I still love the Unlimited altered that I got to replace it. Some of the cards that didn’t quite made the top 10, but are easily some of my favourite cards ever printed. Pack Rat is just such an amazing card that let’s you turn any dead draw into bigger rats! Also, Cabal Therapy & Thoughtseize are 2 discard spells that I LOOOOVE since they’re really really efficient. For some reason I also have a big thing for Surgical Extraction, which in my eyes is one of the best magic card ever printed, but that’s just the opinion of a black-lover. Also a very big shoutout to my favourite land card ever printed, Mishra’s Factory (I have a huge soft spot for the Seasons printings in Antiquities).

#10 - Unmask

Looking at your opponent’s hand and making them discard a non land card? Yes please! I’ve always thought this card was insane and I sooooooooo regret not getting some while they were sitting at 5$…I thought I had all the time in the world to buy them but now the price skyrocketed and I can’t do anything about it. This is still a card that I love SO SO much!

#9 - Mind Twist

There is something about paying XB to make an opponent discard X cards at random that just feels so good. I remember playing this when I was a kid and just loving the expression of my brother’s face each time. 

#8 - The Rack

I love this card so much because it just goes so well with my favourite strategy: discard. I remember when I was younger and playing a bunch of discard spells and I saw this card at the LGS and I was like “how can a card be so good??!” I instantly put it in my deck and it stayed in it for almost 20 years.

#7 - Death Cloud

This card but be higher on the list but I didn’t get to play it as often as I’d want. Still Death Cloud is just amazing and perfect in my eyes. I don’t think there’s a better feeling than resolving a big Death Cloud.

#6 - Hypnotic Specter

This is another one of those cards that has been in my deck for a very long time. This was my big threat when I was younger (besides Lord of the Pit). It used to give my brother nightmares (not literally, but he hated this card so much), this evasive repeatable discard (at random nonetheless) is such a beast.

#5 - Hymn to Tourach

Speaking of random discard! Hymn to Tourach is just so busted! 2cmc to make an opponent discard 2 cards at random??? TWO CARDS AT RANDOM!! You can easily fuck up your opponent’s plan for just 2cmc! This card is just….wow!

#4 - Duress

A classic, but a goodie. This card has seen so many printings that people now take it for granted, but this card just gets the job done. You get so much information and you get to deal with cards that you don’t have removal for, like enchantments & artifacts, something that black has a hard to to deal with when they resolve. Or just draw out their counterspell before making a big play; they either have to counter Duress or you take counter out of their hand anyways, so unless they’re sitting on double Force of Will usually a Duress makes the coast clear for any plans you got. I’m just so happy when I see this card getting reprints, every single time.

#3 - Smallpox

When I first saw this card getting printed I was just so happy. I was literally ecstatic. I can’t stress on how much I LOOOOOOOOVE Smallpox! It does everything you would ever want! You make your opponent lose life, discard a card (this is the best part), sacrifice a creature AND sacrifice a land!! (okay you have to as well, but that’s not important). There are only 2 things in this world that feels better than casting Smallpox; resolving a big Death Cloud and:

#2 - Pox

OH YEAH! This is the only better thing than Smallpox! This is the real deal, the original, the classic, the magnificent & sublime Pox! Everything about this card is perfect. I just UGHHHHHH. Losing 1/3 of their life, 1/3 of their hand, 1/3 of their creatures & 1/3 of their lands (ROUNDED UPPPPPP). You want to ever see an opponent die a little inside? Turn 1 Dark Ritual into Pox. Just watch their face as they see the spell resolve. Just watch them reluctantly toss all those cards into the graveyard and the way they look at you with hatred in their eyes.

Now under the cut I’ll show my #1 favourite card; but before that, I invite again all of you to do this as well, please I want to know:

What is Your Top 10 Mtg Cards?

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Vanitas Still Life with a Statuette of an Antique Athlete and a Print of Michelangelo (1675). Edwaert Collier (Dutch, c.1640-c.1707). Oil on panel. Dyrham Park.

Among the objects on the table are musical instruments, a celestial globe, a watch and a sword. A statuette stands near the back and a print with a portrait of Michelangelo hangs down from the table. The book, open on a page describing the Dutch town of Haarlem, is propped up on a skull, which, together with the hourglass in the background, is a reminder of mortality.