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nothing in space as promising as the view from a ferris wheel

“I can’t believe your mom signed us up for this, Clarke." 

Clarke made a face at Wells from the passenger seat as they drove to the carnival. "It’s not like I want to do this any more than you do,” she protested.

Wells was drumming his fingers on the steering wheel as they pulled in to the parking lot. He turned into the first available spot and sighed, “Here we are." 

There was a large Ferris Wheel towering over them and the paths were lined with colorful booths– children darting through the crowd covered in sticky pink cotton candy and carrying balloon animals.

Wells and Clarke were set to take the next shift of kissers at the Griffin & Griffin Family Practice Kissing Booth.

"Aren’t kissing booths an antiquated practice long since abandoned?”

Wells frowned, “Apparently not to your parents– this was their idea." 

With heavy deflation, Clarke shoved open the door and dropped to the ground– Wells trailing after her as the weaved their way through the labyrinth of overly-cheery music and bright colors.

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My booth, WW Vintage, at In Retrospect - from January through May.

It was such a busy semester that I haven’t been blogging as much as I intended to. Between acting and crewing in shows, math, language and scenic shop classes, and trying to have a social life outside of that, I haven’t spent as much time talking about antiquing as much as I spend DOING the antiquing. So, hello!

I hope to post with more regularity now that I only have summer classes.

Thanks for all of the new followers. Happy hunting!