Strip photos of a man and son playing by simpleinsomnia on Flickr.

From the flickr pool “The Victorian Father.” Look at these lovely pictures which are so different from the common image of a stern and distant paterfamilias.

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My booth, WW Vintage, at In Retrospect - from January through May.

It was such a busy semester that I haven’t been blogging as much as I intended to. Between acting and crewing in shows, math, language and scenic shop classes, and trying to have a social life outside of that, I haven’t spent as much time talking about antiquing as much as I spend DOING the antiquing. So, hello!

I hope to post with more regularity now that I only have summer classes.

Thanks for all of the new followers. Happy hunting!

Tarot Related Dreams?

11/27/16: I had a strangely vivid dream this morning, it was the one I woke up from in fact. I was at a small antique booth/stall in the middle of a large department store. They had an old, rare, Tarot deck sitting in the display case. It was some gold-gilded Medieval style mouse deck? I asked the shop keeper about it and he said it was 110$ and handed me the tattered pages of the booklet. There were only about three or four pages left but the images on the cards were stunning. 

Just then a lady came up behind me and asked if I read Tarot. I said of course and she seemed so relieved. She then began to tell me about her problems and how she needed a reading done. I was being rather rude (mostly because I was just thinking about that deck,) but I was trying to write down my email and shop link for her so she could contact me later. When I told her I mostly did email readings she seemed rather put off, but acknowledged the benefits of email readings (being able to look back and the information and pictures etc,) after I had explained to her why I prefer that method. 

At that point I had asked the shop keeper if I could see the deck, that I was interested in purchasing it if he’d give me a small discount because of the damage. He seemed weary to give it up, and when I opened the box I knew why. The cards were in a very, very, old, most of the print had worn off. They didn’t even look like cards, just old book pages with writing on them. It was pretty disappointing but before I could go any further, the sound of my one year old stirring woke me up.

This is a weird dream to me because, well, it wasn’t weird, it almost felt normal! And I rarely ever have ‘normal’ dreams. My question for the community is this:

Do you ever have Tarot related dreams? What kind? Do tell!

Check out this amazing lucite fishbowl necklace and other items on my new Etsy store! I started it in 2009, oddly enough, but just got it going this weekend.

I’ll be adding some amazing stuff soon, including two crazy steampunk/Victorian necklaces, more cufflinks and tie tacs, and more.

While we’re at it - browse my Instagram to see the variety of items I carry, online and in the store.

And if you’re in Arkansas, be sure to browse my booth at brick-and-mortar store, In Retrospect.


In Retrospect opened yesterday and I’ve sold some things already!

To celebrate, I.. bought more stuff.

Thrift store haul of the day:

  •  A vintage (1980s) issue of Architectural Digest, which I will use in a display, and a framed print of a New Yorker cover with a slinky martini-sippin’ lady.
  •  A rotating necklace display that - have to brag - I got for $1. I didn’t have such a thing yet so, amusingly, this is the premium find of today’s thrift lot. :)
  • A framed copy of a poem called “The Fretter” by Richard M. “Pek” Gunn. This kind of Americana doesn’t usually interest me because we’re drowning in it here in Arkansas. However, I really like the crosshatch-y line drawing of an old man looking out into the wilderness that is behind the text of the poem. Rather morbid for a happy ol’ southerner poem
  • Two mid-century anniversary trays that I had been eyeing for a while. They’re long and skinny and would be good for laying necklaces out on, or little candies, or just to sit on a vanity.
  • Couldn’t resist - another compote dish by Jeanette. This one is in “Amberina” (amber-colored, obviously) and not in as pristine shape as the clear one I already have at the store. Regardless, pedestal dishes like this can be used for all sorts of things.