antique curiosities


🍃 There were great adventures had this past weekend!

… … . . .

This past weekend my bf and I had the opportunity to visit The Wild Collection in Houston! It’s a vast hoard of fabulous taxidermy, gothic inspired decor, and Macabre objects for the spooks in all of us! 🕸🕷

The top left photo is their taxidermy unicorn, hehe. Although I think it more resembles a unifawn. 🦌

I loved every nook, cranny and setup in this little Magic store and it is a must for people who live in Houston and people simply visiting! They won’t disappoint!

We also had a chance to visit some antique shops here n there. The photo on the top right is from one. It’s a mantle with all kinds of goodies sitting atop it, from a set of antlers to a nice painting. 🏵

: : : : : :

My outfit this weekend was inspired by a boggy swamp somewhere in another world. Where moss treks up the pathways of corroded trunks, and mushrooms peek up to the canopy from the rich soils at your feet. 🐌✨


Aging, winding hyperspace routes fell out of favour in a growing galaxy, leading to once-popular Jedha becoming an antiquated curiosity rather than a relevant destination. Those who now seek Jedha are looking to be lost, or to find a deeper purpose. Some insist that this ancient world of spirituality gave its name to the Jedi Order, though most scholars believe it to be the other way around. All agree that the history of the Jedi and Jedha are intertwined.


Hey friends!

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