antique tank


Karabin przeciwpancerny wzór 35 or kb ppanc wz. 35, codename Urugay

4-rounds fixed box magazine, 7,92x102mm DS
1m76 in length, weighs 10kg loaded
designed by Józef Maroszek

developed and stored in great secrecy before WW2, this antitank rifle was widely used by Polish forces during the German invasion and proved effective against all tanks of the time at 100m and against all light armored vehicle of the time at 400m.
Hidden in crates marked “Surveillance Equipment” and manned by a two-men team (one gunner and one cover) sworn to secrecy, this anti tank rifle had some very interesting features. Its muzzle brake absorbed a significant amount of recoil, giving it the recoil of a military Mauser rifle for nearly twice the muzzle velocity. Its ammunition, declined in many variations, distinguished itself from other anti-material round by its lack of tungsten/cobalt core in the bullet, using instead lead with a steel jacket. The bullet didn’t pierce armor but in fact mushroomed in a 20mm-wide lump on impact, at which point the high velocity (itself due to the long barrel) would allow enough kinetic energy to be transferred to the tank to knock away a piece of steel which would ricochet inside (instead of the bullet).