antique store findings

Troy and I stopped by the thrift store quickly, I found two of these perfect little wall cabinets as well as a large wooden jewel box and such 💞🐌🌿🙌🔮🐚✨

Vintage floral phone for $12.99 at Value Village. Amazon is selling these for $60! Shoutout to bae for spotting this one.

kay but Tennessee Gothic tho

  • there are vintage stores, antique stores, thrift stores. you find a quaint back street entirely lined with old houses that now house old treasures. when you open the door, a bell rings and the owner greets you. when you enter the next store, a bell rings and owner greets you. when you go to sleep that night, a bell rings and someone whispers welcome
  • when you drive into downtown Nashville, your friends point out the AT&T tower. “it’s the Batman building!” they shriek as they point, eyes stretched wide and reflective. cubes of light shine out of the office windows. the spires of the building are lit with a color you cannot name. when the light of the spires change to black, you turn the car around and flee. your friends are still pointing and shrieking.
  • the trees turn bare and skeletal in the fall. they look like black veins, or grasping fingers. you wake one day and the flowering trees are bursting full of pink and white blossoms. the winds will blow all the petals off by the end of the week. they fall like snow. your car is buried beneath the petals. you cannot open your front door against their pink and white weight. you’re running out of food, and you don’t want to consider what will happen once you do.
  • an ad for a lawyer plays on the television. “you deserve to be paid for what you’ve gone through”, it sings. “we all deserve to be paid for what has happened” it whispers. “someone must pay” it hisses. the ad flashes to a phone number superimposed on a picture of downtown Nashville. in it, the AT&T building is lit with a color you cannot name. you turn off the television. 

I always thought it was really stupid whenever a teen creature feature or something uses the trope where this bratty suburban kid goes into this creepy antique/book/oddities store & finds this creepy-ass supernatural summoning book & tHE SHOPKEEPER ACTUALLY SELLS IT TO THEM??? Like ou’re going to sell this book that summons this ancient evil to a kid with no familiarity or understanding of the supernatural or severity of the supernatural??? It’s borderline neglectful on behalf of the vendor & I sincerely doubt anyone who actually understood the nature of such a book would jeopardize the entire planet for a couple hundred bucks.

That’s the second antique earring I’ve lost this week.

white woman, in Boulder, at REI

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