antique shops in new york city

What Each Sign Reminds Me Of

ARIES: bloody knuckles, smiles that melt your heart, laughing until your stomach hurts, forearm tattoos, driving fast, guilty pleasures

TAURUS: natural beauty, happy tears, the warmth of a hug, clean laundry, going to the store at 1 am and buying junk food 

GEMINI: summer afternoons, long drives with all of the windows down, the 1975, the sun, Troye Sivan

CANCER: New York City, the faint buzz of a neon sign, writing until 3 am, unsweetened green tea, the stars, black lights

LEO: hands covered in paint, giggles, hugs from behind, blowing bubbles, fresh cut grass, soft blankets

VIRGO: antique shops, chai tea, vanilla candles, sketch books, sweaters, art museums

LIBRA: fairy lights, gold jewelry, dream catchers, sage incense, Lana del Rey, ukulele music, being gay as fuck

SCORPIO: black and white photos, space, making out, the smell of fresh coffee, Joji Miller, menthol cigarettes

SAGITTARIUS: Emily Dickinson, the view out of the window of a plane, the moon, sneaking out, lilacs, piano

CAPRICORN: unconditional love, late nights, lingerie, soft hair, Hozier, the smell of a bookstore

AQUARIUS: the sky, waves on the shore, sweet peaches, long phone calls, polaroids 

PISCES: quiet acoustic guitar, rain, watching movies in the dark, cedar, the library

spaceshipkat  asked:

y'know i might have been able to forgive sjm for the whole apartment thing, since apartments have essentially existed since antiquity. the Ancient Romans had apartments called insulae, where sometimes entire floors were dedicated to one family (usually above a street shop or "fast food" restaurant) if amren's fucking apartment didn't sound so upper class New York City flat i'd sooner find in an episode of Real Housewives than in fantasy to be taken seriously


It’s not the fact that it’s an apartment, it’s the fuck that it’s a fucking Pinterest penthouse.



Antique Roadshow

It’s been a busy past few days with New York Fashion Week and now the PROJECT tradeshow in Vegas but I managed to find time to do some exploring in my neighborhood last weekend. I came across this super kewl antique/vintage shop in the East Village that made the perfect photo op. Stocked with tons of cool furniture and vintage trinkets, it was a welcome break to look at something other than clothes and a reminder to finally finish decorating my studio apartment that I moved into over the summer. Let’s just say I’ve been a little distracted from all the fun the city has to offer but I hope to finish that project soon and show you before & after pics of my new place! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see some of my Vegas adventures from PROJECT SHOW.


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