antique scrapbook

Amongst our collection of early 20th century theater scrapbooks, there is a commencement book put together by Allegheny High School student Kathleen Kelly in 1917. In addition to listing her “aliases” in the front of the book, she also wrote a list of all of her teachers’ favorite sayings, which include many notable quotables such as “Where are you supposed to be?” and “Get off the stage if you’re eating.”

There are several pressed flowers with little inscriptions about their significance, and scraps of dresses with a short memory written beside them as well. Kathleen added a few of her own sketches and small paintings, like a sketch of a neighboring student in her math class and a pair of eyes drawn above a clipping of a poem written by her father. 

There are a couple of sketches from another student, Rody Patterson, which depict some interesting murder scenarios which were (hopefully) an inside joke between friends. While these sorts of things feel very modern, we’re reminded of the period by the appearance of Rody’s name on another page, this time a list of boys that had gone overseas to fight in World War I. 

At the end of the book there are pages of personal photos, signatures, notes, and poems written by her fellow classmates. While most of the poetry is a little forced, a few of these Victorian teenagers truly had a way with words, such as this unnamed young man who wrote, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if Latin don’t kill us, civics must.”

-Emily Morris, student employee


So digging thru an antique store bin today I found an old scrap book that belonged to a high school girl from Fall River, MA around 1929-1931

She filled it with almost 150 pages of photos of her favorite movie stars, cut from papers and magazines. Here are just a few pages, she really loved Joan Crawford and James Cagney.

This really shows me that fans still have an amazing connection to one and other ever after 80+ years. Just now they hit reblog and use photo shop which isn’t that different.

I mean, God help whoever finds the moody emotastic day planner I had in 80 years but I still really love this.