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Medicine chest by KotomiCreations

This was supposed to be a fun and challenging exercise, but now I’m questioning everything about myself and my life.
—  Welcome to Night Vale, episode 59 - Antiques

E. J. Woolsey - Specimens of Fancy Turning (Geometric, Oval, Eccentric Chucks and Elliptical Cutting Frames), c. 1869.

I have always been drawn to the culture and history of Ancient Egypt so it is quite an honor to have real Egyptian artifacts on display at the Prehistoria Natural History Centre in Toronto. This is my favorite of our specimens - the Amulet of Sekhmet! Daughter of the sun god Ra, Sekhmet was originally the warrior goddess and (in Upper Egypt) a goddess of healing. Her name is derived from the word “sekhem” which means “power” or “might” and she was often referred to by titles such as “Mistress of Dread” and “Lady of Slaughter”. Sekhmet is depicted as a lion (or with the head of a lioness), the fiercest predator known to their civilization, and lent her protection to the Pharaohs - even leading them in battle. The belief of Sekhmet was so strong that rituals had to be performed daily at different statues of the goddess, just to placate her wrath. It was even said that her breath formed the great desert!