antique replica

Cooper M1863 2nd Model revolver

Manufactured in Philadelphia c.1864-69 - serial number 1135.
.31 cap and ball 5-shot rebated cylinder, double action, creeping loading lever, generally an upgraded Colt M1849 Pocket design.

I can’t wait for affordable 3D printed antique gun replicas to be a thing.

little gotham dceu things from time out shortlist: gotham
  • gotham is a seafood destination
  • one of the most vital seaports in dceu
  • main tourist food is orange pheasant (night) egg white quiche (day)
  • people in gotham buy jitters coffee more than any other national chain. jitters cups are pm a staple if you see someone commuting to work (get rekt starbucks) and they’re on pretty much every corner
  • bruce never rebuilt wayne tower in metropolis
  • ‘gotham city is vintage to it’s core. no other city seems to revel so much in it’s history and heritage’ 
  • there’s a shop called alice antiques that sells replica 19th century alice in wonderland goods 
  • a shop called 10/6 that survives on sales from a few customers buying top hats and 19th century fashion (lmao was this row of shops built for the mad hatter or…)
  • theres a street in old gotham that has no signs above doors, is super hard to find, and is usually harder to locate when you try and find it again - leading to urban legends about mystical vanishing shops. if you do find them, expect to encounter ‘freak show oddities preserved in formaldehyde bottles, mothers and beetles pinned inside painted gift boxes and masks molded from real life casts of convicted criminals’
  • sales in gotham start just after christmas and last until mid jan, second sale season is june which carries through until the 4th of july
  • live music is a staple of gotham. nearly every genre of music has a venue dedicated to it, or at least a theme night.
  • the most popular underground rave is krankzz, built in an empty chemical tank
  • sionis below is a nightclub that changes it venue frequently to avoid the gcpd
  • gotham city pride is held the last week in june
  • blackgate used to offer tours to the public, which were closed after frequent breakouts. locals know spots to sell to tourists for the best place to spot the batplane
  • arkham is closed to the public, but the gates are an official #selfie spot
  • ‘it’s virtually impossible to spend the afternoon in gotham and not see the wayne logo in your dreams as you fall asleep’ 
  • wayne enterprises is also a #selfie spot
  • big belly burger started in coast city, but gotham citizens has claimed it lmao. they’re the most loyal fans
  • gotham big belly burgers menu items include: the double dent and the wayne steakburger (omg poor harvey)
  • ‘classic look doesn’t required an outdated attitude’ many businessmen show off tattoos with their suits and it’s perfectly acceptable
  • ‘gotham city is impossible to ignore the parade of odd, quirky or downright inexplicable stores that seem to only exist there. don’t worry how these curiosities stay in business, just walk through the door and soak up the strangeness’
  • zatara’s magic shop, 3508 earl street. attention ghost hunters, many unexplained happenings and supernatural energies have been linked to this address
  • the story of gotham city is the story of wayne enterprises’
  • gotham’s hotel tax is 13%
  • ‘feel free to flag down a gotham cab. but gcpd recommends ignoring any vehicle with a suspicious look: such as clown colours or a top hatted theme’
  • parking in gotham is incredibly difficult
  • gotham was founded by mercenaries and assassins lmao

Recently I’ve been looking into buying one of these, the Rossi Circuit Judge. Most of my interests having been in antiques, replicas of antiques, and muzzleloaders. However, it would be nice to have one modern firearm and I have been looking into this as a nifty all purpose firearm as an alternative to muzzleloaders, like in instances where muzzleloaders wouldn’t work like poor weather or really rough terrain where I wouldn’t want to lug a 60 inch musket. Plus it would be fun for plinking. 

The Taurus Rossi Circuit Judge is a five shot revolving long arm chambered for .45 colt/.410 shotshells. I say it is an all purpose firearm because it being able to fire regular cartridges and shotshells. In .45 colt it would be a good short to mid range deer rifle, in .410 shotshell good for small game.  It is light and versatile, plus the idea of a revolving rifle appeals to me, a concept going back to the mid 19th century that never really caught on.  I’m going to buy one.