antique radios

this or that meme
  1. encyclopedias or collection of poetry gay?
  2. sketching in a museum or journaling in a café gay?
  3. love letter or serenade gay?
  4. paris honeymoon or vegas honeymoon gay?
  5. typewriter or quill and ink gay?
  6. quiet art gallery or history museum gay?
  7. brunch on the porch or supper at a classy restaurant gay?
  8. diamond chandelier or romantic candlelight gay?
  9. elegant cruise ship or smoky jazz club gay?
  10. reading under a tree or reading on a bench swing gay?
  11. carnival under the stars or morning fair gay?
  12. flowery perfume or musky cologne gay?
  13. silky beige bathrobe or monogrammed cotton robe gay?
  14. old library or vintage operahouse gay?
  15. summer in italy or summer in morocco gay?
  16. bedroom eyes or messy hair gay?
  17. ladurée macarons or chocolate soufflé gay?
  18. bowl of peaches or bowl of grapefruit gay?
  19. plush white hotel bedding or soft pink lace bedding gay?
  20. rose garden wedding or old church wedding gay?
  21. go to see a ballet or go to see a musical gay?
  22. wine in an expensive parlor or wine by an expensive pool gay?
  23. the ritz paris or chateau marmont gay?
  24. live in a historical drama or live in a noir spy film gay?
  25. balcony over the sea or balcony over the city gay?
  26. elegantly crying in a tub or elegantly crying by a lake gay?
  27. classic black heels or faux fur heels gay?
  28. old newspapers or antique radio gay?
  29. bouquet of roses or edible arrangements gay?
  30. records by 1950′s singers or classical piano music gay?
  31. world war ii films or romantic period films gay?
  32. carriage of a train on the countryside or car ride in malibu gay?
  33. receive a grammy or receive an oscar gay?
  34. elegant sail boat or luxury limousine gay?
  35. famous news journalist or famous fashion editor gay?
  36. picnic in a lush field or champagne under the moon gay?
  37. lost in a forest or lost in a museum gay?
  38. long talks or long letters gay?

I just read that thing about tinitus and the Mandela effect and I’ve never told this to anyone cause I really didn’t even know how to explain it, but I guess it’s relevant. Idk if someone sees this and can tell me what the hell happened to me that would be much appreciated.

So I was sitting on my bed in the middle of the day on like a Wednesday or something. Because I went to a private school at the time, sometimes I would get off when no one else did. So no one was home in my house or in any of my neighbor’s houses, and I was just sitting alone enjoying the privacy.

Suddenly I start to hear this ringing in my ears, which isn’t unusual because I do have mild tinnitus probably brought on by listening to loud music too often, so I didn’t really think anything of it until it got louder. It got so loud and painful that by reflex I tightly covered my ears with my hands, even though that did nothing to stop it. I went to reach for my phone to call my mom or an ambulance when suddenly the ringing subsided and in its place I started to hear radio static. There was a voice speaking through the static, a mans voice. He sounded a little bit like he was speaking with a transatlantic accent, but I had a hard time coming up with the exact words that he was saying. At worst he sounded angry, at best he sounded very serious. This went on for about three minutes before completely fading away.

I sharply turned to look at the antique radio I keep in my room, to see if it somehow could have turned on on accident, it wasn’t even plugged in. It’s never plugged in. It’s a decoration. I was too scared to move for a little bit. I knew for a fact that the sensation that came from hearing the radio signal was not the sensation that one would feel where you can hear the direction from which the sound is originating, the sensation was that of experiencing tinnitus: it felt as if the static was coming from inside of me.

I wasn’t sick with fever, and before that moment I had never done psychedelic drugs before. I know what an auditory hallucination sounds like and that was not it.

I never brought this up to anyone because I really didn’t know what to say about it. I’ve never had this experience again to this day. I’m hoping someone here can tell me what happened thanks.

Also idk if @sixpenceee is still collecting glitch in the matrix stories or whatever but it would be really cool if enough people could see this so that I got answers.


Well… I haven’t had a lot of time to be out in the shop recently, so in lieu of a real project, here’s a few pictures of a cool Philco portable radio!

I don’t remember the specific model number on this, but I think it’s from somewhere in the 30′s or 40′s and was designed to be taken out on picnics or to the beach, anywhere fun was to be had. :)

More real projects soon…

Stay tuned!

my dad discovered youtube a few years ago and all he’s done since then is watch videos of people looking for ore in caves, old cars/trucks being worked on, antique radios, and russian dash cam compilations

what surprises me is the sheer amount of all of those things on youtube tbh