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Two women pose next to tipi by simpleinsomnia

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anonymous asked:

Antique post card, dusty country music CD, cowboy hat, leather jacket, and a $50 amazon gift card. Are you summoned??

‘fraid not pal, but you’re pretty close 👍👍

“I’ve always liked to do nice things for strangers. I worked in the mail room at my college dorm, and whenever I emailed a package notification, I’d always add a little something extra. Like an awesome shark pic. Or a link to Japanese jazz. Lately I’ve been doing this thing where I buy really weird antique post cards, write poems on them, and mail them to random people I find in the white pages. The first time I sent one, I added a full-page disclaimer because I was worried some old person would think it was from ISIS and call the cops. I basically wrote: ‘Don’t worry. It’s art. Everything’s cool. You won’t be hearing from me again.’”