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Flashback Friday

Three years ago this week, Mom and I came across a super old telephone.  We were allowed to touch the ancient machine, so of course, I had to investigate how such a humongous contraption could possibly have been a telephone!

I tried to call Mango (@wafflesworld​), but the big old phone wasn’t actually connected.

Phones with touchscreens are much easier to use when you’re a tiny tortoise!

D Half Moon

OC x ChildhoodFriend!Jimin
Length: 2.8K of fluff
Recommended OST(s): (x) // (x) // (x)  
(a/n) a little something before I need to focus on my finals hehe ENJOY LOVES I have many more things to finish in my drafts… I think this is more like a drabble LOL 

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The sunrise paints itself over the glittering jewels of the ocean, illusions of light with corporeal beauty that leaves you to your thoughts and the rhythmic inhales and exhales of the boy next to you. You let the sea breeze soak into your skin, allowing the colors of the sunset to saturate into every wrinkle of your brain until the image is impressed upon your memories and safely stored away for those nights. To the right, the moon has already risen into the multicolored sky, her position just short of the loud colors because she always preferred the somber blues to the sultry violet reds.  

“Say Jimin,” you begin after a huff, “don’t you think the moon is sad every night?” The tuff of chocolate brown on your lap tilts upwards every so slowly until you’re granted the view of his smiling crescent eyes. It makes your pulse stutter and your heart ache because even the moon would be envious of such beauty too. Soft, melodic, albeit amused laughter floats to your ears as Jimin looks up to meet your eyes, his hand coming up to thread through your hair and your heartstrings. 

“Why is that?” he murmurs, the prompt enough to spill your thoughts into messy splatters. “Because, she’s always missing something. Even when she’s full and shining the brightest, she knows that it’ll only last for so long until her pieces are scattered once again. Never satisfied. Never whole. Eternally incomplete.” The sentence picks itself up and departs from your lips along with your train thought, leaving you to wonder if maybe the thought was too eccentric and after all when the only response you earned is an echoing silence, occasionally filled with the oscillating crash of the waves. 

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Commissioner Jim Gordon phone-sex ASMR role play
  • Jim Gordon, voice muffled as his lips inch way too close to his 20-year-old antique rotary phone: Wê see tha' thing about Gotham's a city ah nightmares and *distant mottled sounds of banging brooms against house roof* Well nows hold on I's got a göśhdamńéd batsgirl problem on my roof space again now SHOO, SHOO WHY DONT Y
Night at the museum - Part 1

Summary: Dean x Reader - A greek god of alcohol messes with the readers judgement during a hunt, causing both Dean and her to act like drunken fools.

Triggers: Drunken awkwardness, complete inebriation… Think that’s that

Word Count: 3862

Y/N = Your name 

Part 2

Just silliness for the sake of silliness XD Felt like writing something light hearted since I needed a break from the more serious piece I’m working on.

Things had taken a turn for the worse on your current case. As it turned out, you weren’t dealing with some petty witch or even a demon. Those would have been easy to handle. No, instead life had decided to throw you a curveball and put you face to face with a Greek God.

You’d hightailed it out of there of course, lucky to escape with your lives, and made it back safely to your motel room where case files on every weird death connected to him were strewn across the room. Cases you’d thought were hex bags, as people had done stupid things leading to their own deaths, or died of alcohol poisoning after years of apparent sobriety. The alcohol related cases hadn’t seemed too weird, until the autopsy reports had come back finding no actual alcohol content in their stomachs, just ridiculously high amounts in their blood stream.

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“What’s that?” Tony asked.
“Mh? I’m bored. I like playing with Photoshop when I’m bored,” Darcy answered distractedly.
Tony leaned closer to squint at the screen. “Look at those two. Where does that come from?”
Resting her chin on her hand, Darcy played with the coloring as she replied: “Camping trip in Ireland, a few months after London. It was cold, wet but super fun. After a few mornings waking up to these cuties snuggling, I managed to get a pic. Too bad it’s blurry.”
“Send it to me.”
“Why? If you’re thinking about embarrassing them, I feel obliged to tell you that Thor will just be delighted to see it and Jane will roll her eyes at you…”
“No, that’s not it. Just send it, trust me.”
“Uhuh,” Darcy hummed, suspicious. She stared at him until the realization came. She grinned from ear to ear. “You totally forgot Thor’s birthday, you don’t have a gift, and you’re going to pull something off your hat last minute, am I right?”
“Shut up, minion,” he grumbled before walking away quickly.
Darcy laughed brightly. “You owe me Stark!”

Thor loved his personalized phone. Before that he had a tendency to forget it everywhere, frustrated by such an antiquity. His new phone case was too precious to be forgotten.

The Beatles and Brian Epstein - and the antique phone he received as a birthday present from them, 19 September 1964

Photo: Curt Gunther

“Brian put in a lot of time getting us off the ground. He believed in us from the start.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology

“[After being turned down by Decca Records] We didn’t think we were going to make it at all. It was only Brian telling us we were going to make it, and George. Brian Epstein and George Harrison.” - John Lennon, The Beatles Anthology