antique pearl earrings

Byzantine Gold, Amethyst and Pearl Earrings, 6th-8th Century AD

Byzantine jewellery was a full continuation of the Roman traditions which were kept alive at the new capital, Constantinople, as well as other centers of artistic tradition, such as Antioch. In the Byzantine Empire jewellery played an important role. It acted as a way to express one’s status and as a diplomatic tool. In 529 AD Emperor Justinian took up laws regulating the wearing and usage of jewellery in a new set of laws, later to be called the Justinian Code. He explicitly writes that sapphires, emeralds and pearls are reserved for the emperor’s use but every free man is entitled to wear a gold ring. Pearls were prized in the previous Hellenistic and Roman periods, but seem even more so in the Byzantine empire The mosaics of San Vitale at Ravenna, Italy, depict Justinian and his wife, the empress Theodora, sumptuously bedecked in pearl encrusted diadems, necklaces and brooches.

12. bang [M]

Genre: WildWest!AU Smut | Angst.

Content: Jung Hoseok (+ Park Jimin). An unsuccessful heist marking the beginning of all boorish misfortune. 

Request: Bonnie & Clyde in the Old West and a fizzling relationship.

Word Count: 4,149

“If you ever leave me girl, I don’t know what I’ll do. Imma get this money, babe, with or without you.”

Jung Hoseok loomed over you, completely bone-weary.

The tattered stitching of his muck-strewn waistcoat seemed to sag around his wilting frame as he struggled to stand upright. His bloated under eye bags threatened to burst with every slow, delayed blink, reflecting the recent anxiety building upon his shoulders as more of the public eye longed to see a bullet pierce through his head.

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