antique masks


Egyptian Gild Cartonnage Mummy Mask and Trappings, Ptolemaic Period, 305-30 BC

The gilt face with blue brows and cosmetic lines framing the large up-tilted eyes, wearing a tripartite blue wig, the beaded collar visible between the lappets with a central winged scarab at the base; the broad collar section with finely painted rosette and other beads with falcon head terminals; an openwork frontal section, painted at the top with a vignette of the mummy of the deceased on a lion-form couch with its canopic jars below, bewailed by Isis at the foot and Nephthys at the head, both named, a central column of text down the front reads ‘A gift which the king gives Osiris foremost of the West, Great God of Abydos, the Osiris, Khes-net-keb(?), son of Padiamun, born to the lady of the House Tab(?)’, the remainder of the text, unintelligible: an elongated rectangular strip in two parts with text reading: ‘A gift that the king gives to Osiris, Foremost of the West, Great God, lord of Abydos, for the Osiris lord of Busiris, Wennefer, the Great God forever…of Isis Ta-di-ihet’; a segmented fragment painted with the goddess Nut, kneeling with outstretched wings; four panels depicting the Sons of Horus, Imsety, Duamutef, Qebehsenuef and Hapy: and two square panels with lamenting Isis and Nephthys, both named, on a red ground; the hollow foot section painted at the top with a band of djed pillars and Isis knots, the small feet in beaded sandals.

So I see people assuming Stanley took the mask and the fez with him when he ran away. But what if it was Stanford? 

Like I could understand his dad would give him the fez as some kind of gift but what if he also took Stanley’s mask to remember him by, because deep down, he really does miss his brobro.. 

Illyrian Type Bronze Helmets with Gold Funerary Masks

These were discovered at the cemetery site of Archontiko in Pella, Greece. Pella was the ancient capital of Macedonia. The helmets and masks date to after 530 BC. These were probably only used as grave goods for a warrior’s burial and not for protection during battle.


Sorry I’ve been away for a while. Just got back home from Europe after being there for a month. Part vacation, part business but wandered through a few countries.

Got a lot of mostly positive reactions whenever someone asked what I do for work. Only a couple people were a bit surprised and hesitant learning that I handle, instruct with and sell firearms.

Didn’t see too many guns; mostly police sporting H&K USP’s in Spain/Germany and the CZ-75′s in Prague. Saw a few MP5′s, G36′s and probably the most interesting was a CETME LC.

I did go to some surplus shops and antique markets. Helmets, gas masks, ammo cans, medals, bayonets; but all European stuff that you probably wouldn’t find too easily stateside. One particular shop in Spain had a magazine carrier with 4 mags covered in grease. Shop owner said it was for a LMG and he said CETME but I thought it was possibly an FN Model D. Turns out later after I got back to the hotel with wifi, they were ZB30 mags. Not super rare but was the oddest thing I saw for sale.

I think the hardest part about the trip was transitioning to an almost “naked” feeling of vulnerability. I couldn’t bring any of my regular EDC stuff I have and depending on your world view, you either see Europe as a hot zone for possible terror attacks or just an all encompassing and welcoming travel destination. I was supposed to be in London visiting the Westminster Bridge during the day of the attack but we changed plans the night before.

Overall I felt safe in Europe, the uneasy feeling took a backseat after maybe a week but its not to say I didn’t keep an eye out for things. Would I go back to Europe? In a heartbeat, but depends where.