antique masks

Ok, so, the gang’s enjoying Chinese New Year, and checking out a curio shop.

The owner presents them with “a golden mask,” 

asking if anyone wants it. There’s no mention of price.

Fred makes a weird comment about “clown faces being more his vein,” but Daphne says she’ll take it.

Again, absolutely no asking about the cost.

The gang immediately starts talking about how they should get something to eat, and… leaves without another word? And no transaction seems to take place?

…hold up, and no one’s holding the mask when they walk out! 

Did Daphne think again, and decide not to purchase the random trinket of unknown value, age, and price–

…but she has it in the next scene, all wrapped up in brown paper and string? She’s a sorcerer!

Maybe we don’t want to know how the gang had it hidden while exiting the shop.

So I see people assuming Stanley took the mask and the fez with him when he ran away. But what if it was Stanford? 

Like I could understand his dad would give him the fez as some kind of gift but what if he also took Stanley’s mask to remember him by, because deep down, he really does miss his brobro.. 

modern day filipino deities

bathala // god of creation, ruler of the pantheon

works as a carpenter. makes intricate furniture and statues out of wood, and sells them at a roadside shop. each figure he makes is completely unique. sometimes he breathes life into them, but just temporarily. misses the advent of humanity and wants to recreate the experience. really hands-on when it comes to building things.

mayari, tala and hanan // goddesses of the moon, stars and dawn

regulars at coffee shops and indie band concerts. all about poetry and music, but don’t have time for petty things like heartbreak. stay up all night into the wee hours of the morning. they crave the silence right before the world rearranges itself into a new symphony.

diyan masalanta // goddess of love and childbirth

the campus love doctor, takes care of everyone and their fragile hearts. is just at the age when you first fall in love. she may seem young, but her words carry weight and are universal. is always there for you, whether you’re pining or heartbroken. volunteers at a lying-in clinic for expectant mothers, ready to give a hand.

anitan tabu // goddess of wind and rain

is there one moment and gone the next. almost never inside, and never stationary. the sidewalks and alleyways are her home. the leaves and other debri pick up just a little when she walks by. smells like the air right before it drizzles.

apolaki // god of the sun and war

always glaring. only comes out when everyone else is inside because of the sweltering heat. collects old war relics and frequents the small, out-of-the-way museums in the province. visits the graves of soldiers who have no one to remember them. can repair your gun for a small fee. doesn’t seem to run out of war stories, be it from the spanish times to the japanese colonization.

dumakulem // god of the mountains

volunteers as a guide for mountain bikers. knows obscure paths like the back of his hands, and can never get lost. speaks to animals in hushed tones, telling them where to pass and get food. not really for much conversation with mortals.

anagolay // goddess of lost things

her pawn shop-slash-restaurant is full of odd artifacts, from old masks to antique jewelry. helps people with important things they’ve lost. gives students the missing hard drives, employees their car keys, and children their toys. keeps the things that don’t belong to anyone, and writes down their stories.

idiyanale // goddess of labor and good deeds

works as a public school teacher. recognizes hard work, even the one most difficult to see, and rewards it justly. all students become silent once she opens her mouth. her word is absolute but kind. underpaid employees mysteriously receive bonuses when she’s around, and the overpaid ones somehow lose their salary, just like that.

mapulon // god of the seasons

somehow manages to dress just right - not too warm, not to cold. his little shop is stocked with whatever you need, right when you need it. raincoats for when you go back to school, jackets for when it starts to get cold, swimwear when summer starts. the fruits he sells are always ripe, since he knows exactly which ones are in season. his very appearance and mood seems to change just as the climate does, but just slightly.

amanikable // god of the sea and storms

stays by the coast. has a wild beard, and looks like he hasn’t bathed in weeks. the smell of day-old saltwater clings to his body. mumbles incomprehensibly about natural disasters. the locals, especially the fishermen, usually steer clear of him, except when his whispers involve typhoons or tsunamis, in which case they head for higher ground.

lakapati // goddess of fertility and agriculture

the rice paddies are her domain during june and july, the planting season. seedlings sprout on the ground she walks on. none of the seeds the farmers plant seem to go to waste. sometimes works as a family consultant for couples who are struggling to have children.

dimangan // god of good harvest

shows his head in the fields only when harvest time comes. gives farmers who harvest by hand that extra needed energy. tends to stick around longer than lakapati does, because the harvest involves so much more than uprooting the crops - there’s also cleaning and storing and selling. makes sure farmers have just the right amount to sell to make money but not so much that the crops go to waste.