antique lettering


18-19th century letters (Peter Gabriëlse’s collection) by KotomiCreations

All These Old Men And Women

All these young punks
With desk drawers full of something cool they made once
With scrapbooks memorializing dried blood
With social media websites cradling proof they were once creative

All these assholes
All these wallflowers
With antique love letters marinating in some forgotten cardboard box
With lost external hard-drives hiding unfinished manuscripts
With all of the potential and none of the time

All these sketchbooks collecting dust in the back of closets
All these trinkets and mementos weeping under beds
Silently haunting
The great works we’ve bled over
They’ve been rolled into a cardboard tube and put away into a storage locker

These moments
Sour and infinite
Tough and tender

What you’ve created
What you’ve become
A long pause