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18-19th century letters (Peter Gabriëlse’s collection) by KotomiCreations

Although not technically an autumn themed blog, @teacoffeebooks​ is one of my favorite blogs and almost always gives me an autumn vibe. Day 25 of the September journaling challenge by @journaling-junkie

  • Pen: Sailor Pro Gear Slim, Extra Fine (cursive) and Tombow Dual Brush Pens (lettering)
  • Ink: Diamine Ancient Copper
  • Writing Music News Show: The Young Turks

My Grandma Said Hey From the Other Side Today

So I have been saving up some free magazines all year for their recipes, and today I finally cut them out and put them into a binder.

I thought my handy work was admirable, and now I have a full years worth of seasonal recipes. My mom and grandmothers loved to collect recipes and I was thinking of them while I was putting the cook book together.

I had a cook book that my mom made me and it had recipes handwritten by my aunts and grandmothers. Once my grandmothers died, the book became priceless to me. But when I lived with my in-laws, my grandmother-in-law with dementia had a vendetta against me and threw it out. I have always missed that book.

Then tonight, out of no where, my mom texted me pictures of my grandmother’s recipe box. All of them. My mom didn’t even know I was making a cook book today, and she lives 14 hours away from me.

It was as if my Grandma was saying, “I still want you to have my recipes, because they’re better…and I know how much my handwriting meant to you. So have it all.”

Thanks, Grandma! 💖 I’ll be getting your hot chocolate recipe tattooed on me in your handwriting.

Little Lilypads

Request List 80, #2. “More lesbian fluff, please.”

i haven’t submitted in forever but i will always be here for lesbian fluff…i added in my own specialties by making one of them a nixie, but i assure you it’s plenty fluffy! i hope you don’t mind!


For a while now you had been enamored with having kids. While you had never been one of those people who wanted kids since you were a child yourself, you found yourself longing to become a mother, now that you lived a comfortable and stable life. You had a great job, a house with enough room, and most importantly, a lovely wife who seemed just as eager as you to bring more into your life. You’d discussed with her in depth how much care a child would be, the expenses and possible hardships, but in the end you both found you weren’t scared away by these facts. You were perfectly content living with your wife, just the two of you, but a child would only make your tiny family better.

However, many hurdles stood in the way, one of the being that your wife was a nixie.

Magical creatures for partners were no longer that rare, now that much of their world had been exposed to the public, but much of society was not fond of humans bonding with magical non-humans, despite the fact that many were just as intelligent and complex as them. Nixies were one of the few creatures granted marriage rights, but that didn’t stop adoption agencies from denying you a child. Your wife, who was spiritually bound to the large lake she was born in, could not travel far or work for herself the way that humans could. This was grounds for rejection, even though she couldn’t help it.

Frustrated, you and your wife had decided to take a break from the process to look into alternative ideas. You could always go to a sperm donor or surrogate, but you weren’t sure you were comfortable with either of those options. Your wife offered herself up to bear a child for you, but you refused. You knew that deep down, she didn’t want to carry, and you had accepted that. Her offer was likely out of desperation, you assume, as a last ditch effort to make your dreams real, but her suffering wasn’t worth it. You loved your wife more than anything, you couldn’t do that to her.

So when the idea of meeting up with a witch came about, you were quick to accept. Your wife had heard about her through the means of a few water fairies who acted as her advertisement. With so little options, she was your last beacon of hope.

You had been waiting all morning for your wife to return with the witch by sitting on your deck’s loveseat, impatiently waiting for her to peek out of the lake nearby. Your house was practically on the water, close enough for your lover to come inside and stay with you without risking severing the spiritual bond she had with the lake. You even had a dock extension built just to the side of the house that reached a door for her to use exclusively.

Speaking off, your head whips around as you hear the padding of her webbed feet walk down the dock, talking to the witch as she went. The witch was talking far more than your wife was, but stops briefly when she catches sight of you. You notice that despite having to travel through the river, any water she soaked up rolls right off her clothes, leaving her as dry as land. Her clothes were well made but obviously hand tailored, and she couldn’t be any less than 70 years old from the look of it. She seemed grandmotherly, but creepy at the same time. You’d expect nothing else from a seasoned witch, however.

“Ah, so the lady you talked about is a human, eh?” She waves a teasing finger at your wife’s face. “Lucky duck, I don’t see nixies getting their hands on humans very often now a days since all these humans prefer city life and whatnot…”

“Hello, miss.” You greet, careful to be polite. Doing otherwise would invoke a curse from her, worst case scenario. “My name is Marina, and-”

She cust you off abruptly, taking a seat on the couch on your deck. “I already know who you are, dear, got to hear all about you on the way.” She laughs. “Ol’ Keeo here can’t her mouth shut about ya, she’s so lovesick.”

Nixies can’t blush, but you’re sure if she could, she would be. Fiddling with her hands, she sends you a sheepish look when you make eye contact, shrugging.

“Oh, w-well…that’s good, I suppose. Do you know about our situation, then?”

She smiles, “I do, and fortunate enough for you two, I know exactly how remedy it.”

You jump from your chair, “You do?!”

“I do, but calm down now, it’s a commitment to pull off.” She explains, wagging her finger, “Not only will I require supplies and payment, but you, young Marina, will have to be pregnant for a few months. Maybe not quite as long as a normal human pregnancy, but long enough for you to take off work, you understand?”

Nodding, you sit back down. It’s at this point Keeo decides sit by you, her cool amphibious skin a stark contrast to the warm sun beating down on the deck. She places a hand over yours, and even though she’s slightly damp, you don’t pull away.

“Good, as long as we’re both on the same page, let me get more detailed about what we’ll need.” The witch pulls out a heavy book out of a pocket much too small for it to logically fit in, and flips through the pages until she reaches the chapter she was looking for. “Hm…so, I’ll need some dried eel skin, and rabbit’s fur, a lot of watermelon, and…”

Muttering to herself, objects appear as she speaks them aloud, clunking onto the wood of the deck. You and Keeo share a look, but don’t say anything aloud. When about 14 different ingredients had finally appeared, a iron cauldron appears, it’s side engraved with gold antique lettering. Pleased, the witch turns to you both, hand out.

“I’m going to need a strand of that pretty blonde hair of yours now, dear.”

“Ah, of course, let me just-” You go to pluck a strand, but the witch stops you with a sharp command.

“No! Not by you!” She scolds, making you jump, “Froggy over here has to pick it. It’s only proper!”

Hesitant, Keeo’s webbed ears fold back as she pulls a hair from your head. Handing it over, the witch inspects it for a moment before tying it around her finger.

“Just for safekeeping, hair is easy to lose.” She comments, “Will one of you go fetch some water from the lake for me as I light a fire under this pot of mine? Can’t brew a good potion without some boiling water, yanno.”

Keeo is quick to get up and dive back into the lake, bringing back up a plastic bucket filled to the brim. Where she got the bucket from you don’t know, but the witch takes it before you can ask, dumping it in. The fire she lights is a hot bright blue, but doesn’t
spread despite the fact that your deck is wood. She seems to be absorbed into her own little world as she places ingredients inside, a spoon appearing out of thin air and into her hands and as she stirred and mashed the ingredients into a smooth, brown liquid. It almost looked like chocolate, but it smelled horrid.

“And for the last ingredient!” She unties the hair and drops it in, the brown changing to a clear blue in a matter of seconds. Turning off the heat, the spoon turns into a ladle and she pulls out a glass vial from her dress pocket, pouring some in.

“There, one nice helping of fertility syrup. All you have to do is pour this over Keeo’s nixie eggs and they’ll automatically be transferred into your womb. It might feel a little weird at first, but the magical side effects will subside. I can’t say the same about the pregnancy symptoms, though!” She winks, handing it over “Now, I need something in return. I can’t always do this for free.”

“Oh! Um. I found this when I was looking for my keys the other day, an imp took them and…” You pull a small gold egg, hard as a rock, from a bag you had already set aside when the subject of payment came up. The witch’s eyes light up, taking the egg and clutching it.

“Golden goose egg! Great for wealth potions or curses that involve greed. Consider your debt paid.” With a snap of her fingers the cauldron, egg, and book are gone. “Pleasure doing business. If anything goes wrong, get your girl over here to fetch one of my fairies on the far side of the lake and we’ll make it right again.”

You let a smile run across your face, “Thank you, we’ll let you know how it goes.”

“Ya better. I always like helping out folk like you two. Seeya later, dear.”

The witch wades back into the lake, casting a bubble charm around her head before submerging herself completely and disappearing for good. Holding the vial, you turn to your wife and hold it in front of her.

“One last step, and we’ll be parents.”


It takes about three month before you to finally get the opportunity to use the syrup, as nixies only spawn in the summer. It feels like the longest three months of your life, but when your wife brings in a small bowlful of gelatinous eggs to show you, your heart practically leaps from your chest. It’s a bit scary taking the vial out from it’s safe spot in your dresser drawer, knowing that as soon as you drizzled it on you’d have to spend the next few months dealing with pregnancy, but you wanted this so bad. You weren’t going to stop now.

When you open the vial, the cork cap transforms into a sheet of instructions, detailing the procedure, what to do if you spill the syrup on something else, and how long the pregnancy would last. For nixies, pregnancy is about 4 months until you have to respawn them out into a body of water to let them properly grow. While there were multiple eggs, only one would make it until the end, resulting in a hybrid human/nixie child. You had no idea what they’d look like or if they’d be bound to the lake like Keeo, but you’d love them regardless. They were going to be your kid, after all.

“Are you ready?” You whisper, holding your wife’s hand.

She nods, squeezing your hand back.

Taking a deep breath in, you let the syrup pour slowly over the eggs, making sure you spread it evenly. Slowly, it turns a bright golden color, and the eggs start to dematerialize into thin air. Before they all can disappear, however, you begin to feel faint, and collapse onto the floor, going unconscious just as the last egg fades from the bowl.


You wake up in your own bed, limbs heavy with exhaustion despite having just slept. You can tell from the window outside that it had been quite a while since you had last been conscious, the night sky’s stars clear and bright even from a distance. Sitting up, Keeo walks in at just the right moment and rushes to your aid, chirping like a frog would when panicked.

“Hey, hey, I’m ok. Just a little tired, that’s all.” You soothe, letting her fret over you for a few seconds. She didn’t speak english, but she could very well understand it. In return, you had come to learn what her individual chirps and croaks meant, as well as her odd hand motions she used to express more complex thoughts that chirps just couldn’t convey.

She seems unconvinced by your statement and lays a cool hand over your stomach, sending you a worried look.

“I…don’t really feel any different. Maybe a bit bloated, but I’ve felt worse.” You explain, look down at yourself. “I’m sorry for concerning you.”

Keeo waves her hand, telling you not to apologize, but instead hands you a plate of one of the few human foods she knew how to make- white rice and vegetables. You’re not that hungry, but begin to eat anyway. You’re about halfway through the plate when your stomach starts to protest, putting the plate down. Did the side effects really kick in this fast?

“Keeo. Grab the trash can please.”

Alarmed, she’s quick to pull it over and hand it to you. You clutch at it, eventually feeling your body run hot as you heave into the basket, unfortunately losing the good meal she had made you.

Breathing hard, you’re thankful for the fact that Keeo decided to hold back your hair despite the fact that she hated vomit. Rumbling in low tones, she’s trying to get you to let go of the trash can and lie back down. It doesn’t take much to convince you, and although you knew she wasn’t a fan of the unsanitary (being a magical creature and all) she took the bile away and brought back a cup of water, encouraging you to drink to wash away the acidic bite left behind.

You feel guilty, but it’s clear Keeo will have none of that. Pressing you back into the sheets, she tucks you in and smooths back your hair, looking at you with sympathy in her dark, horizontally slit eyes.

“I..I think that’s just side effect. It’ll pass.” You say, your voice hoarse. She hums in agreement, getting up to go refill your water glass, you grab her hand, stopping her in her tracks.

“Stay? You’re nice and cold and I’m too warm under all of this. Please?”

Letting out a chirrup, you let go knowing she promised come back. About 10 minutes pass before she reenters with multiple water bottles and a towel for herself. Naturally, she’s always a little moist, so to avoid getting your bed wet, she always liked putting a towel down as a barrier. Climbing in, Keeo envelops you loosely and places her chin right on top of your head. Cooling you down in no time, you find it all too easy to fall back asleep in her arms.


Since that day, you found yourself relying more and more on Keeo to get by. It was strange, since you were both fairly independent people, but she seemed to love to take care of you. The sickness eventually stopped, but then came all kinds of side effects, one being moodswings. You were usually in great control of your emotions, but pregnancy threw that all out of whack. You were thankful Keeo was flexible, but you hated how irrational you could become at times. It made you feel like a child yourself.

Sitting by the end of the dock, you spent a lot of time out here, since you had so much spare time off from work. Often enough, small water pixies or fairies would visit and hover in your general vicinity, protecting you from whatever magical dangers could occur in your time outside, such as imps or hexes. This was common for creatures to protect one another in times like there, according to Keeo, but the unique circumstances of your pregnancy made it even more important to the other inhabitants of the lake. If you stayed around long enough, animals with magical presences would appear as well, such as cats or snakes. Frogs also gathered, usually never out of the water, but one decided to hop up next to you, it’s eyes unblinking.

“Hello.” You spoke in quiet, soft tones, like you’d scare it if you spoke too loud. “Aren’t you cute?”

The frog, being an animal and all, didn’t respond, still staring.

“You’re very green and shiny, a wonderful look for a frog.”

Nothing. Why on earth were you talking to a frog, even?

Making a split second decision, you decide to go ahead and pick the frog up, but it hops away and off the deck. With a wet splash, it disappears completely back into the lake. Normally, you’d just be disappointed, but for whatever reason, your mind seemed to swell with dejection, causing tears to spill from your eyes without even thinking about it. Before long, you were struggling to keep yourself together, wiping at your eyes and sniffling. You don’t even notice a pixie rush off and into the water, obviously concerned.

Within five minutes, Keeo comes out from the water, the pixie nearby. Trilling anxiously, she hoists herself up on the dock, webbed ears folded back and hand on your leg.

“T…There was a frog…and I th-thought it was cute….a-a-and I wanted to pick it up so wh..when I tried it hopped away from me!”

Keeo, all too used to your emotional dips, nods in understanding and pulls you closer, not caring much that she was getting your clothes damp. Letting you cry on her a little, her ears suddenly perk up and she separates from you, promising she’ll be right back.

Slipping back into the water, you and the pixie are left confused by her sudden escape.  

It takes a little while, but she eventually comes back, in her hands the very same frog you had seen before. She chirps to it a few times before it finally croaks back and hops onto your lap, looking at you.

A small but happy smile plays at your lips, and you wipe away at your eyes. “Y-you didn’t have to.”

Keeo just shrugs, nudging the frog forward. Hesitantly, you cup it in your hands. It doesn’t hop away this time.

Letting out a small laugh, you pet it’s back. “…Kinda looks like you.”

The pixie laughs as Keeo hides her face in the water, just a tad bit embarrassed. You can hear her warble under the water that she is much better looking than the average amphibian. Releasing the frog, you motion for her to come back up on the dock. As soon as she’s up, you place a small kiss on her lips, your heart boiling over with fond appreciation.

“You’re right, you’re much, much cuter.”


By the end of the third month, you had grown quite a bit, your stomach not as large as a regular pregnant woman’s, but it was certainly out there. A pregnancy like this was bound to go faster than a regular human pregnancy, so you weren’t shocked by how much you had grown within such a short time, but you starting to get to the point where it was in the way. Walking in narrow spaces was tough, cuddling was harder, and you couldn’t help but tire easily carrying that much weight with you at all times. Keeo, knowing you were nearing the end of your pregnancy, had begun to build what you dubbed a “nixie nest” from wood, reeds, and other plants that would naturally clean the surrounding water and keep away pests after you respawned. She had also become hyper protective, watching you like a hawk, unless you insisted she leave you alone. Often enough, you had to push her back into the lake so she didn’t accidently dry up from prolonged exposure to dry air. She was too stubborn about caring for you, sometimes, but you couldn’t say you didn’t appreciate it.

Forcing her back into the lake provided you about 15 minutes of alone time while she soaked. It wasn’t that long, but it was enough for you to do what you wanted for a little without having to worry about Keeo’s chirping about how you need to rest. Getting up from the couch, you decided to make your way over to bathroom to change out of your pajamas and into a dress. You could no longer jeans and t-shirts, just a smidge too wide to button them, but as soon as you slipped the dress on, a harsh cramp shot through you, making you freeze. Time stood still until a second cramp rushed through, snapping you out of your stunned state and causing you to fall to the ground. It was at this moment you realized your water had broken.


She hadn’t returned yet.

Trying to calm yourself down, you take a deep breath and stand up, wincing as another pain ripped through you. Using the wall as a support, you made your way out of the bathroom and into the hallway, walking slowly and trying not to let anything slip out onto the floor.

At some point, you hear Keeo come back, her expression quickly changing from confusion to one of unfiltered fear and concern when she finds you in the hallway. Chirping anxiously, she lets you lean on her for a few seconds before deciding to pick you up completely and bring you outside.

The sun was just setting, and the lake’s waters were just beginning to go cold, making you whine when she dipped your feet in. She warbles an apology, but continues to slip you in until you were submerged up to your waist, rolling your dress up so it wouldn’t get wet. The nest was built in such a way that you could recline just slightly on the bank, but there wasn’t so much that you had to worry about the eggs getting beached somehow.

Coming into the water with you, she rubs your stomach gently before dipping under water and checking to make sure no other creatures were nearby. After waving some fish away, she gently moves your legs away from one another, eventually coming back to the surface and taking a hold of your hand.

The pain was getting pretty bad now, coming in waves. These eggs wanted out, but you didn’t know when to start. Eventually, you couldn’t stand to hold them in anymore, and let your body go.

The eggs came out in bunches, each push releasing more than you had imagined. While they were far larger now, they weren’t stretching you painfully. In fact, the sensation was…nice? The eggs provided a constant moving pressure against your g-spot, and had it not been for the painful cramps and contractions getting in the way, you might actually be enjoying this. Instead, your brain was just being overloaded with far too many different sensations to allow you any kind of thinking room for enjoyment or pleasure.

Keeo was trying her best to keep you calm, holding your hand and talking to you in deep, rumbling tones. You don’t have the focus to listen to what she’s saying, but you can feel her use her spare hand to move some eggs away to the side. You were laying so many, they were beginning to pile up.

The bunches were becoming smaller and smaller, and as they did, it became harder to push. You had to really force yourself to release the last few, groaning and struggling to keep quiet until finally, you let out the last bunch. Breathing heavy, your legs give out, and you hear Keeo chirp a praise as she sweeps away the remaining eggs. They adhere to the side of the nest, a good hundred some forming a pile. You notice a familiar small water pixie peek out of some nearby reeds, giving Keeo a thumbs up before helping arrange them so none would float away. Once she was reassured that the eggs would be ok in the pixie’s hands for a while, her attention turns to you, picking you up out of the water.

You were exhausted, letting yourself go limp in her arms, you only move to bury your face in the crook of her neck. She chirrs affectionate phrases to you, talking about how good you did and how strong the eggs looked, but all you can do is murmur a small thank you in response. She places you on your living room couch, grabbing a handtowel from nearby and wiping down your legs and waist so you weren’t sitting with lake water all over you. Nudging her forehead gently against your own, she gives you what you know is the nixie equivalent of a kiss, and leaves to finish up tending to the nest outside.

Once she’s done, she warbles all about the protections she’s put in place and how shocked she is to see you bear so many, though you aren’t listening much. Sitting down next to you, you let yourself lean on her and close your eyes. Getting the idea you might fall asleep, she asks if you’d prefer to go to bed, but you reply with a tired no. You didn’t feel like moving, still slightly achey from the ordeal. Thankfully, you always keep a blanket draped over the couch’s back, so Keeo throws it over the both of you, warming you up from the cold lake water quite. It isn’t long before you feel yourself drifting off. The sun practically gone from the sky now, you let yourself be lulled to sleep by the drone of the TV and the frogs croaking from the lake outside, finally content.


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