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You Absolute Dip -- Steve Harrington

Written by @rune-of-a-writer

Request: “can you do an imagine where steve has liked reader for a while but hasnt told her so, then when in his fight with billy she jumps on billys back to get him to stop hitting steve. then when they all go in the tunnels to burn it he confesses to her”

Warnings: Violence. Cussing.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: Steve had liked you for a while, but there had never been a good chance to tell you. But now, seeing you on top of Billy Hargrove’s back like some kind of bull rider, now seems like his only chance.

Words: 2,225

Listen To: Nervous (Acoustic Version) by Gavin James

Gif Creds: @stevrogers

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't necessarily ship Dragon Queen, although I can see the appeal and the dynamic behind it, and was wondering if you could explain how you got into the ship?

This is a nice question. Thanks!

I love Kristin Bauer van Straten. i was so excited when she was Maleficent for all of a scene or two in season one, I wanted her back FOREVER. Then she was back (yay!) running around with Cruella and Ursula (double yay) and really gorgeous and all mysterious and…

deeply tragic. Maleficent’s big secret is that Snow and Charming stole her baby? SO SAD. 

Babyfic is catnip for me and here it is, this glorious excuse for all the babyfic. (also Kristin is so pretty when she cries, it’s not real).

Originally posted by worthyheroes

I love Kristin, I love Maleficent (always have), I love dragons, I love tragic semi-evil women who might be good someday. 

And then Maleficent gets a whole episode to run around with Regina and they have a history and little baby adorable as fuck Regina convinced her to be a dragon again and find revenge (Regina gives a hope speech about revenge, it is the cutest, evil thing).

Originally posted by naomigokce

Lana and Kristn have this amazing chemistry and I firmly believe that Enter the Dragon is just the most glorious episode. They’re wonderful together in the past, and running around ‘being evil’ in the present.

Kristin also looks like this in a suit.

Originally posted by onceuponatime-fairytales

So shipper brain now has the option of the tragic dragon who just wants ot find her baby, who knew Regina in the past, was Regina’s only friend, was trapped underground for the entire curse by Regina (I think you only forgive that if you love someone) and killed (and doesn’t care about that, she just wants her baby).

In their timeline together, somewhere after Regina’s revenge hope speech and before Snow’s wedding, Mal had to get pregnant, and here she is wilth the Evil Queen at the height of her evil and REGINA LOOKS AT HER LIKE THIS.

Originally posted by my-beautiful-wickedness

Mal doesn’t want Regina to cast the curse because it’ll hurt Regina, not the Enchanted Forest, not that it’ll hurt Mal, but that it’ll make a hole Regina will never be able to fill. 

Because Mal had her revenge, she knows how empty it was. She didn’t really know what she wanted until Regina barged into her life.  

They’re a thing. They had a relationship. Mal hasn’t been mentioned being with anyone else, so the tragic missing dragon baby is obviously Regina’s. 

Originally posted by after-world-chronicles

Domestic power couple women with their adorable children is my most favorite type of ship, and that’s them. They wear pantsuits and cufflinks and classy shirts. They’d go to the opera (if they could) drink wine and go antiquing while the kids played with their aunt Emma. 

Originally posted by lucyllawless

Regina trusts her, believes in her. (she’s so happy when the dragon is off her leash). Mal trusts Regina, forgives her, believes in her, trusts Emma, the daughter of her enemies (I find this so precious of her.)

They just click for me. Mal is so many things Regina is not. Mal’s patient, forgiving, slow to act, quiet, almost too passive sometimes. Thoughtful and lonely. In so many ways, Regina has more fire. They’ve been through all this tragecy and viciousness, and hurt people and learned what pain was and found their way to being kind and wanting a family.

Regina’s heart is Henry. Mal’s heart is Lily. They’d be the cutest moms together, and gods to I love a domestic badass moms ship. 

snakeoilandrcses-deactivated201  asked:

This is no doubt a strange question but what kind of wedding rings - if any - do you think the Cullens have? I know Edward has some of his mother's jewelry (how he managed to go back and get it is something I'll never quite understand) that Bella now has (and seemingly heaps of it, if I remember correctly). So do you think anyone else has any "family jewels"? Or maybe just pieces they've picked up over the years that they've grown particularly found of? Thanks!

Movie!verse-wise, Carlisle’s Cullen crest ring is supposed to double as a wedding wing. The cast talked a little about getting to pick what kind of jewelry they thought their character would wear their crest on, and Peter picked a ring for that reason. I think it’s fitting–Cullen might be his name, but they didn’t really become a family until he married Esme. Men wearing wedding rings wasn’t that common until the last few decades (and even then not everyone does–my father and mother had been married forever and he’s never worn a ring. My brother got married a few years ago and he does). But given the “movie star” doctor thing, I imagine he’s got to have a pretty obvious ring on that finger if only to try and keep admirers away. Probably has to take it off for various procedures and gossip starts “He wasn’t wearing his ring!” “Isn’t he getting ready to perform blah blah blah?” “Don’t ruin my fun.” 

I think Esme almost certainly wears a wedding ring of some kind. The trend of diamond engagement rings really took off after the Great Depression, but it existed in some form before then, so I imagine Carlisle gave her some sort of bauble when they got engaged too, although maybe not a solitary diamond. I had a headcanon that he’s picked up random things over the years because he has an eye for beauty and he had this lady’s ring he bought centuries ago that ended up being perfect for Esme. (She likes antiques! ;) 

The kids don’t/can’t pose as married couples in public–except when Rosalie and Emmett live separately–so I kind of imagine they’re sneakier about it. Maybe they wear rings on a chain around their necks, or do matching necklaces or something to symbolize their married-ness without giving it away in front of hte high school kids? Rosalie’s got a whole collection of engagement and wedding rings to choose from–she gets a new one every time, of course, to match the different styles of her wedding dresses. Alice probably just has the original ring(s) Jasper gave her.  Emmett and Jasper may or may not ever choose to wear rings, or maybe they wear them on different fingers, or the style is not obviously a wedding band, etc.  Alice’s terrible father was a jeweler, right? Not that she remembers it. But maybe there’s some subconscious memory there somewhere that informs her tastes. 

Edward is going to wear his ring NO MATTER WHAT. I feel like people are going to be like “you’re pretending to be 15, you can’t wear a wedding ring″ and he’s just like THE VERY MOST I WILL DO IS MOVE IT TO THE OTHER HAND, THAT IS ALL.  And Bella’s just like whatevs and moves her wedding ring and engagement ring to a chain around her neck. 


Bonus photo!

“Eddie Pollock”
Photo by G.H. Wood & Co.
Towanda, PA

Edward W. Pollock was Agnes Pollock’s cousin. He was born some time in 1865, in Pennsylvania, to Robert and Marry Pollock. He had one brother, Archibald (Archie), who was older by two years.
Alas, there is very little info on Eddie. According to his obit, he died of typhoid fever at the age of 25, and never married or had kids. 

0 Kara no Tabidachi (Departing From 0)

0 Kara no Tabidachi (Departing From 0)

Alicein Mikuni (CV. Kakihara Tetsuya)

琥珀色の空に 渦巻く記憶


世界は広い 壮絶な過去も

そう、取り戻す 秘めた約束を
旅の終わりは あの庭に…

居場所はない でも自由を手にした

オレはいいさ 耐え難い真実と

覚えて 披露しようか?




そう、離れても いつも見つめてる
秘めた約束 はなむけに

Kohaku iro no sora ni uzumaku kioku
Masshou shita hazu sa
Kage kara mamoru no wa
Kottouhin no neuchi ga aru desho?

Nante ne demo hontou wa tsutaetai yo
Tamaranai kimochi
Taisetsu ni naruhodo
Kono kakugo makenai tsumorida

Sekai wa hiroi souzetsuna kako mo
Chippoke datte omoi tai

Kimetan da
Zero kara no asu wo kiri hirakou
Sui mo amai mo kurai tsukuso
Itsuka kono samana yurushi aerunara
Ima wa nikumareyakude ii
Sou torimodosu himeta yakusoku wo
Ore jishin e no hana muke ni
Tabi no owari wa ano niwa ni…

Ibasho wanai demo jiyuu wo te ni shita
Natsukashii shashin
Mujakina egao mite
Sabishisa to ketsui ga koboreru

Ore wa ii sa taegatai shinjitsu to
Mukiatta toki ni
Nani ga dekiru ka dake
Mitome au hi wo sasae ni shite

Sekai wo meguru kazu mono no mikata
Oboete hirou shiyou ka?

Zero kara no deai tsumiagete
Kitto hokoreru hi ga kuru sa
Sugita hi no nagasa wakachi aerunara
Donna ni kirawa rete mo ii ka
Sou naku senai basho ya aisu mono
Sore ga yuuki wo umu (chikara)
Tabi no owari wa mada…

Nande ai ga higeki wo umun da?
Mabuta ukabu shigusa
Kanpeki mono mane ga dekiru kurai ni
Yakitsui teru yo
Hora waratte yo、、

Kimetan da
Zero kara no asu wo kiri hirakou
Sui mo amai mo kurai tsukuso
Itsuka kono samana yurushi aerunara
Ima wa nikuma reta mama demo

Aa zero kara no tsuki mo hitorikiri
Sora wo nobotte kagayaku yo
Itsuka machinozomu asa ga kuru nonara
Donna kiraware yaku mo yarou
Sou hanarete mo itsumo mitsume teru
Himeta yakusoku hana muke ni
Tabi no owari wa ano niwa ni…

Under the amber sky, The memories I have deleted
Spinning around
Protecting from shadow
Those are worth antiques, right?

Just kidding, but I really want to tell you
My unbearable feelings
The things that I want to protect
This resolution, will never be lost

The world is wide, those tragic past
I want to think that it just small part of life

I decided
To start the future (Tomorrow) from 0
It seems I can bear all the sadness and happiness in life
If someday, both of us can forgive this fate
It’s okay for you to hate me now
Yes, I will regain our happiness back
Then, i will take that secret promises as my own farewell gift
The end of my trip is that garden…

Even though I did not have a place to go, at last I got freedom
… In the nostalgic photographs
Looking at your innocent smile
Make my loneliness and determination become overflowing

I’m fine, with those unbearable truth
When we meet each others
What I can do was supporting you,
Until you accept the truth

Everyone has their way of seeing things
Shall I show you how to remember it?

I will not hesitate
To start new memories from 0
The day I will be proud of must be come someday
If someday, both of us can share the story of past
I guess, It’s okay for you to hate me now
Yes, the place and the people I love are
The weapon (Power) that give me courage
The end of my trip is still…

Why does that love become a tragedy?
I remember it well
I can even imitate it perfectly
the countenance and actions
Hey… please keep smiling,,

I decided
To start the future (Tomorrow) from 0
It seems I can bear all the sadness and happiness in life
If someday, both of us can forgive this fate
Even if it’s mean being hated by you for now

Aa, That lonely moon too start from 0
It will rise and shine brilliant in the sky
If someday, the day I’m longing for will come
I guess, I will play the hate role for you
Yes, even I was away, I always looking after you
It was a secret promises that I keep for myself
The end of my trip is that garden…


Small alpacas for sale! (Update on shipping!)

Hey guys, so I’m selling some alpacas that range from 16 cm to 8 cm.

The prices below are just base prices, so feel free to offer whatever you’d like.

You can ask for more photos and additional info via tumblr messaging.

If you are interested,  please message me on here or email me at .

I’ll be making additional posts on other items as well. (:

U.S shipping $3 $8 (I’m sorry! After sending out a few packages, I realized shipping became so much more expensive!) , international shipping will be calculated.

*all have tags except the 12 cm pirate

Shoot me offers on any of these!


- White Lets part girl

- Pink festival bunny mask

- Beige sailor boy

- Purple Antique

- Funwaka

- Blue Girly kids

- Llama velvet ribbon

- Orange MokoMoko Ribbon

- Custom Roseysgarden Easter edition (rainbow series)


- Pirate

- Purple macaron (scallop tag)

- Italy olympics

- White kuri kuri girl


These are $2 each