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Bonus photo!

“Eddie Pollock”
Photo by G.H. Wood & Co.
Towanda, PA

Edward W. Pollock was Agnes Pollock’s cousin. He was born some time in 1865, in Pennsylvania, to Robert and Marry Pollock. He had one brother, Archibald (Archie), who was older by two years.
Alas, there is very little info on Eddie. According to his obit, he died of typhoid fever at the age of 25, and never married or had kids. 


Small alpacas for sale! (Update on shipping!)

Hey guys, so I’m selling some alpacas that range from 16 cm to 8 cm.

The prices below are just base prices, so feel free to offer whatever you’d like.

You can ask for more photos and additional info via tumblr messaging.

If you are interested,  please message me on here or email me at .

I’ll be making additional posts on other items as well. (:

U.S shipping $3 $8 (I’m sorry! After sending out a few packages, I realized shipping became so much more expensive!) , international shipping will be calculated.

*all have tags except the 12 cm pirate

Shoot me offers on any of these!


- White Lets part girl

- Pink festival bunny mask

- Beige sailor boy

- Purple Antique

- Funwaka

- Blue Girly kids

- Llama velvet ribbon

- Orange MokoMoko Ribbon

- Custom Roseysgarden Easter edition (rainbow series)


- Pirate

- Purple macaron (scallop tag)

- Italy olympics

- White kuri kuri girl


These are $2 each


Little boy holding a violin by simpleinsomnia

So because my Toystuck designs got more notice than I anticipated and because I noticed a few people said they wanted to see Alpha kids as antique toys too, I decided to draw both Puppet Striders ;9
Both of their color schemes are based off their god tiers, and I was loosely inspired by their alternate selves and Cal for the designs (ie Dirk’s shirt is a more casual design than Dave’s, just as Bro has a more casual design, while Dave’s is more intricate, just as Alpha Dave dresses more formal.)
I hope to draw more of the Alphas soon!
Also don’t ask why they have freckles shhhh just go with it

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