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“Frostbite” (Mark Smut)

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Title: Frostbite

Featuring: Mark (GOT7) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17. Oral, dirty talk, all that good stuff.

Word count: 2,009

Summary: Mark rents the two of you a cabin for the weekend, and has a unique way of staving off frostbite.

Requested by anon! If you’d like a winter/Christmas scenario, go here!

The door to the cabin blew open, snow covering the entryway as the two of you came in, forcing the door shut against the wind behind you.

“Jesus” Mark breathed through chattering teeth, pulling off all his excess winter clothing as you did the same. You left the wet jackets, boots, gloves and hats by the door and took in the place.

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Pisces Woman in Love and Sex

Pisces has a subtle, electric intensity, like the glow of a low-watt bulb in an antique light fixture. Only connoisseurs detect her underlying, volatile, mysterious sexuality. She is a sexual artist whose love can fashion unsurpassable works. As she gains confidence, she creates chefs d'oeuvre, adds to her experiences, follows her intuition. She loves many men on her path to a harmonious life.

Pisces learns quickly. She gives with pleasure and accedes to her lover’s demands. The more outrageous he is, the more she likes it. She needs a sexually expert lover who helps release her own inhibitions; the other option is a lover whose passion and love incite her own. She loves best the man who freely expresses his needs and fantasies.

Her demure appearance belies an incessant fantasy life in which she is pleasured by strongly dominant males. Pisces uses the idea of forced seduction for erotic appeal. She enjoys being possessed, yet she secretly aims to be mistress of the situation. She wants Prince Charming to woo her in the gentlest troubadour tradition, but she also wants a Jack the Ripper who forces her to open up and yield in agonized, ecstatic surrender. She lets a man dominate her but in turn takes possession of him by becoming his indispensable slave and ally, much like wily Scheherezade in A Thousand and One Nights.

She likes to cater to her lovers’ fantasies, if only on the chance of seeing them lose control. She wins her lover’s heart by making him feel special, by having him believe she is on earth expressly for his pleasure. However, she can intuitively assess the amount of power this gives her—and she fully enjoys it. She plays these love games to avoid being hurt. Her sexual education is colored by her fear of not measuring up. She needs a very special type of man who recognizes this. one who sees and loves the scared little girl inside…

In addition to her sexual drive, it is her gift for survival that compels her to search. She wonders how she will find unity within and with another. What the Pisces Woman seeks in the unification of love and sex, in her union with another, is purity and harmony. Her biggest task is to turn her fear of confinement and rejection into love of life and love, and guilt-free sex.

-Judith Bennett, Sex Signs