antique curiosities


Aging, winding hyperspace routes fell out of favour in a growing galaxy, leading to once-popular Jedha becoming an antiquated curiosity rather than a relevant destination. Those who now seek Jedha are looking to be lost, or to find a deeper purpose. Some insist that this ancient world of spirituality gave its name to the Jedi Order, though most scholars believe it to be the other way around. All agree that the history of the Jedi and Jedha are intertwined.

I get a lot of asks from people who want to follow more blogs like mine. I’m not entirely sure what “like mine” means, as I’m heavy on personal blogging and navel-gazing, and I hesitate to make blog recommendations because I follow a ton of great blogs and forget ¾ths of them when I try to compile a list.

Anyway, here is a small handful of blogs that post content that “fits my brand”, in no particular order:

@bogleech - Does bogleech need an introduction? Science, monsters, parasites, art… an all-round decent bloke who attracts anon discourse even weirder than my own.

@naturepunk - Taxidermist in Oregon who cares for wolf dogs and takes great nature photography. Vulture culture and kinda ecogoth.

@peashooter85 - They post a lot of antique firearms, but also curiosities and odd history.

@cipherface - Cryptography, stenography, cryptic history, art, symbols, and cybersecurity. Enigmatic and funny in a subtle way.

@obscuritiesoffbeat - Their blog is like my “weird shit” tag without all the junk. A healthy dose of skepticism, which is honestly a breath of fresh air when it comes to the, er, blog genre.

@mizar113 - Camping, bushwhacking, survivalism, outdoorsy aesthetic.

@midwesterngothic - Any of the ‘regional gothic’ blogs apply, really, but I’m partial to this one. Spooky, atmospheric, some poetry and monster aesthetic.

@strangebiology - All the appeal of sixpenceee without the obnoxious lowbrow hackneyed sensationalism. Original content, personable, exactly what it says on the tin.

@end0skeletal - Cool nature photography, lots of bugs.

@buggirl - I’m biased towards cute girls who love bugs, as you all know, and she does not disappoint. Her blog is pretty spider-heavy, so if you’re not into spiders, there are plenty of other entomology blogs.

@speciesofleastconcern - Personable, wildlife, aesthetic, personal blog with good taste.

@the-late-great-abigail-quinn - Another personal blog, does not disappoint. Broad variety of content, usually science-oriented, good taste, cool lady.


I tried to find some info about the Sugar Flat Road monster and found this super hokey old video about the head in the Cuz’s Antiques window. 

It brings back a lot of old memories! The store also sold a variety of skulls, coffins, antiques, and other curiosities. It was closed in 2013.

The fourth house

The sails to the 4th house psychologist take place under Cancer’s Full Moon and urge us to quieten the voices from the 3rd house and begin to recognise the voices within. In the fourth house we walk into a hall of mirrors reflecting ourselves and the faces of those who stood before us -grandparents, parents and the entrenched root of ancestors. In the fourth house we are seated in a delicate therapy chair and take the robe of our ego off, forced to fuse the conscious with the unconscious and realign ourselves with our true, divine identity. In the fourth house we may feel unsettled, and negotiate a sense wanderlust that seeks a sanctuary of comfort for its outlet. We feel the lifeblood of our family and loved ones course through us and relive the first memories of security with our mother. In the fourth house we begin drawing our family trees and nostalgically gazing at their antiqued out photographs in curiosity. 

When the flourish of the 11 other houses disseminate our spirit, we return to the psychologist’s chair in the 4th house for hospice. We rush back under our urgency to retreat back into the nest and let the comfort of our loved ones soothe us. We sit crossways from our therapist, reflecting the image of our own and begin to unravel the tangled veins and arteries that strangled our divine heart. Sometimes we are forced to confront repressed memories, arduous inner struggles or experience tormenting nightmares. The fourth house can create a black out experience, the sensation of being saturated in darkness, desperately alone and drowning under Cancer waters. Here, the psychologist hands us a paintbrush, and demands; create a new self portrait, draw from the golden light of your own centre, and make a home in yourself! 

Birthdays, christmas and traditional holidays call for a big celebration here. Lots of residents in the fourth house work as real estate agents and maintain quite private lifestyles. Most homes are adorned in antique furniture and hang the portraits of past and present loved ones. Many people come to the fourth house to retire, looking for a place of comfort they can share with their loved ones amidst their cozy clutter of collectables. The fourth house provides the maternity ward and a hub of new mothers with wise grandmothers to pass through their wisdom. There is the fresh buzz of blossoming newborns and the constant snap shots of cameras for family memories. The fourth house is a safety conscious environment and they are fiercely protective of their young. 

In the fourth house we swim the rivers of our own veins and detour into the treacherous wells of our psyche. The facets we culminate in the fourth house; the love, memories, the fragments and the spirit create the divine cluster that dances through the cosmos.