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If you’ve never seen one of these antique French boudoir cabinet dolls, prepare yourself!

This is a very rare 1900’s Sofa or Boudoir Doll, it’s a standing Doll and she has a secret cabinet hidden under her skirt, the cabinet is situated on the back, if you lift the skirt the cabinet with doors pops up, quite special, I have seen my share of Sofa-Dolls but not like this one. The Height of the doll is about 46 inches, the pannier/crinoline’s circumference is 62 inch. The hair is made out of beautiful silk, the stunning dress out of velvet and golden brocade, the head is covered with a silk fabric, the head itself is made out of a hard material, probably wood.

Troy and I stopped by the thrift store quickly, I found two of these perfect little wall cabinets as well as a large wooden jewel box and such 💞🐌🌿🙌🔮🐚✨


PRETTY MISS KITTY” - a beautiful young Victorian woman in a well-bustled fine silk dress. The portrait was taken by photographer S. W. Bedell of Alma, Nebraska. She is identified on the back as, “Kitty Towel”. A list of family Birthdays and Deaths is written on the back:

Will Basquin Mch. 25, 1867.
Gertie Basquin Jan. 15, 1870
Delila Basquin Dec. 4, 1873
Delia Gammer Apr. 28, 1895
Willie Gammer Jan. 9, 1897
Ruby and Reba Gammer June 25, 1902

Mamma died Dec. 22, 1901. Mamma and Papa married Mch 1st, 1866- Thompson, O.
Peter B. born Oct. 25, 1839
Fidelia B. born Jun. 5, 1847
Peter B. Died April 12, 1888”



A stunning early American medical cabinet, circa 1900′s . All cast and metal enameled. Two door cabinet with 3 glass shelves and a lower metal shelf. Curved cabriole legs on casters. This cabinet has a secret spot / compartment where doctors used to hide important documents and cash !! Great display piece.

Item No. E4390

Dimensions: 49.5″ tall x 32″ wide x 18″ deep ( width and depth at the base) actual cabinet is 30″ wide x 15″ deep.

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A chatelaine is a decorative belt hook or clasp worn at the waist with a series of chains suspended from it. Each chain is mounted with a useful household appendage such as scissors, thimble, watch, key, vinaigrette, household seal, etc. They were very popular from the 1860’s until the end of the century.

The top photo is a cabinet card circa 1880 that shows a well-dressed woman wearing a needlework chatelaine, a rarity in posed photographs.

The bottom photo is a A sterling silver chatelaine complete with a whistle, folding buttonhook, coin purse, vinaigrette, and thimble bucket.