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A true antique industrial medical display cabinet , late 19th century.  Made all in cast iron with beveled glass sides and front door.  It looks almost as a safe , and that might have been the intention, pieces like this were often in hospitals and mental institutions and were used to store drugs under lock. As shown this cabinet has a key-less lock mechanism, very much like a safe kind, the lock is stamped and was patented in 1886 by The Keyless Lock Co, out of Indianapolis.  The mechanism is not working but it could be restored by a professional locksmith, the door does open and close and can be locked in place with the lower latch. Adjustable glass shelves and original steel casters.  This is the first time I have a piece like this one, so it’s a rare one for sure. 

Item No. E4389

Dimensions: 56″ high x 18″ deep x 27″ wide 

List Price: $ 4800

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SMALLEY’s Best Friend” -  a beautiful young Victorian girl in a heavily pleated velvet and taffeta dress. She knows how to accessorize, and is showing off with a ribbon in her hair, multiple rings on her fingers, several brooches and a large “belt buckle”. She is identified in writing on the front as, “Edith Dendel Pease- Her father was John Dendel, niece of Will Dendel”. She is also identified on the back as, “Edith Seabright- Smalley’s Best Friend”. The portrait was taken by photographer Porter of Allengan, Michigan.


If you’ve never seen one of these antique French boudoir cabinet dolls, prepare yourself!

This is a very rare 1900’s Sofa or Boudoir Doll, it’s a standing Doll and she has a secret cabinet hidden under her skirt, the cabinet is situated on the back, if you lift the skirt the cabinet with doors pops up, quite special, I have seen my share of Sofa-Dolls but not like this one. The Height of the doll is about 46 inches, the pannier/crinoline’s circumference is 62 inch. The hair is made out of beautiful silk, the stunning dress out of velvet and golden brocade, the head is covered with a silk fabric, the head itself is made out of a hard material, probably wood.



A stunning early 1900′s dental / medical cabinet made all in steel metal and glass with cabriole legs on casters and lower shelf. . Adjustable glass shelves. A fantastic way to display your collection or single art piece. A very rare and hard to come by model. 

Item No. E4459

Dimensions: 61″ tall x 25″ wide x 21″ deep


Please contact LBNO for further information or trade consideration.

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