antique bookshop

Kirk and Spock both teach at Starfleet academy in their old married ‘retirement’, while running an antique bookshop that the bought together on the side 

every year they take off time during study break to travel back to their home on Vulcan where they spend a few months every year. 

for christmas the entire senior crew of the enterprise meet up for dinner and drinks - taking it in turns to host everyone at a different house each year

everyone lives happily ever after THE END 


Christina Rossetti
London Macmillan and Co 1896 New and Enlarged Edition
[First Complete Edition printed 1890 this being the 7th reprint]

Several illustrations by Dante Gabriel Rossetti who also designed the distinctive gilt blocking to the binding


One afternoon, after roaming around the feb fair grounds, Sofia and I decided to go to this antique shop near UPLB. It is an old house and the second floor was full of old books and magazines. I remembered when I was in high school, I used to go here. (Photos taken by us)

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Libreria Pontremoli por Carolina

samstevebucky week day one - tropes - fake dating 

sam and bucky are on an undercover mission with natasha, steve back home because he’s just not meant for undercover work. at all. natasha is playing the owner of a new antiques bookshop, located right across from her mark’s little card shop, and sam’s her cashier. the two of the keep note of who comes in and who comes out. bucky is…sam can guess what he’s doing to scope out the mark, but isn’t positive; bucky’s “official” job at the bookstore is the delivery guy. 

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