antique bed frames

Dating Harry Hart as a younger woman would include…

Requested by @aprettysupernaturalwolf

  • Fellow recruits your age were relentless when it came to flirting with you. Being top of the class as a strong and independent woman left quite an impression on most, including Agent Galahad. 
  • Harry was kind to you, as kind as he was to any other potential recruits during training. It wasn’t until you were instated as Agent Gareth that he began showing you any preferential treatment.
  • His version of ‘flirting’ was much different than the short hand and vulgar advances you’d had from men your age in the past. Harry started by bringing you coffee each morning, customized exactly the way you liked it from a cafe that you later learned to be in the complete opposite direction of his home. He didn’t mind, though. The smile you shot him after taking the first sip was completely worth it.
  • Merlin would often catch you and Agent Galahad sharing long and meaningful looks during debriefing. The way he made eye contact with you was much more intimate than with anyone else, he was cherishing you the best way he could without stepping over a line.
  • Your first “date” was actually your idea. After a particularly exhausting day, you’d opted for going for a long walk instead of headed home once work was over. Harry, being the gentleman he is, refused to let you walk alone at night. Even though you were more than capable of taking care of yourself, the two of you wandered arm-in-arm for almost two hours before he walked you home. “We should do this again sometime,” was all it took for Harry to ask you to dinner the next day.
  • It took three dinner dates for Harry to lean in and kiss you goodnight after walking you to your door. He meant for the kiss to be short and sweet, but after so many lingering touches and sweet smiles you couldn’t stand for a small peck. You ended up making out for twenty minutes against your front door until he’d reluctantly pulled away.
  • Harry wasn’t crazy about PDA. You wouldn’t hold hands while walking down the street, but a warm hand at the small of your back was all you needed to feel secure and loved.
  • The first time he ever made love to you was after nearly a month and a half of dating. You had gone through more AAA batteries in the last month and a half than you had in your entire adult life. Once you had finally given into temptation, he’d murmured to you that he was worried about not being enough for you. Turns out - he’d teach you a thing or two. 
  • And on the topic of making love? He outright refused to ever refer to lovemaking as sex. “One does not use a vulgar reference to the act of intimacy with one’s lover, Y/N.”
  • Let me tell you… some of your “love making” is anything from the slow and passionate type pictured. The two of you absolutely destroyed his antique mahogany bed frame and had a wonderful time doing it.
  • You are 100% responsible for introducing him to Netflix. One of your favorite ways of unwinding with him was snuggling together on the sofa and binging a tv show or movie marathon. No one questioned how or why he had become familiar with the term “Netflix and chill” before everyone else.

Because of mobility issues from the stroke I haven’t been able to get back into my house since I left in January. My mother offered to go clean for me the other day. She mentioned, when she came back to the apartment, that she had gotten rid of my chaise lounge, my bed, and my coffee table. My mattress was old, but the rest was perfectly fine. When I went over today, everything below had been thrown away, as had 90% of my clothes.

Queen sized bed
Antique metal frame Twin bed
Chaise lounge
Two side chairs
Upholstered X bench
Desk chair (wood)
Vintage steelcase upholstered stool
Orange lamp
Silvered glass lamp
Round maple table
Walnut coffee table
Large wood framed mirror
Rolling shelf
Vintage wood screen panels (2)
Red folding stool
Queen sized quilt (2)
Queen sized bedspread
Large metal shelving unit
Flower chandelier
Bar stool
Rolling metal cart

She also threw away my 2016 MacBook because to her “it looked old”–at least that I was able to recover.

Climbing through the attic of the long-abandoned Hotel Empire in Sharon Springs, NY, I was surprised to come across this room built out of one of the turrets - the only finished room in the attic, and containing this antique bedframe with a pile of mattresses placed on top of it.  Water damage has caused them to bow in the middle, but this still leaves the question of why they were all piled on a single bedframe to begin with…