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Kiss Of Life - Chapter 1

{So this is a vampire au iv started, I’m also using it as a base for an original story. I’m nervous about my writing, especially after getting hate for one of my stories, so please if you don’t like it just ignore it.}

“Thank you, have a nice day!” The cheerful girl behind the counter called, sending the customer out with a smile. Dark blue hair hugged her face in a short bob, and wide brown eyes looked tracked nimble fingers as they counted out money, before closing the register. “Wendy.” A gruff voice said behind her, causing the girl to jump with a squeak. “Gajeel!” She called, spinning on her bare heel to face the tall man. Black hair stretched down to his waist, red eyes studied the girl with an amused look and piercings glittered in his tan skin. Two hoops on his right eyebrow, one on his lip, and several in both ears. Three studs lined each arm, which were crossed in front of his broad chest as he leaned against the doorway behind the counter. A tattoo of a black phoenix circled his left arm, while his right sported a number of pale scars. “Didn’t we tell you not to man the counter without one of us out here?” He questioned, pushing off of the doorway.

Wendy fidgeted with her fingers, “But you and mom were busy, and he just wanted that little gold clock.” Gajeel smiled lightly as she mumbled, head bowed to look at her twitchy fingers. He stepped towards her, patting her hair softly, “It’s alright Wen. We just don’t want anything to happen to you.” Wendy nodded as she peeked up at the man, “But it’s day time…” She whispered. “Now Wendy, you know that doesn’t matter.” A gentle voice said from behind Gajeel, and they both turned to see a woman, slightly shorter than Gajeel, walk through the back doorway. Her long deep blue hair was twisted in an elegant braid over her shoulder, and her bright brown eyes landed on Wendy.

“Vampires are not the only dangers sweetheart, humans can be just as bad if not worse.” She said with a smile. “Yes mom,” Wendy answered quietly. “And Gajeel,” she turned to the tall man. “I know you worry about Wendy, but she’s a big girl. Any vampire that wished harm would be foolish to come in here. Relax,” she said with a laugh. “Yes Aunt Grandine,” Gajeel said with a sigh before she pat his cheek and returned to the back room of the shop.

The old antique shop was cluttered in what most would call junk, but the three of them saw treasures. From racks of old clothes that were from another era, to civil war weapons and even old appliances. Marvell Antiques was home to all sorts of knicka-bracks and abandoned goods, so Grandine would say. In more recent years, the small shop became home to more than just things that people would find in their attic. Redfox Defense was something relatively new, though highly sought amongst the people of Magnolia. Ever since vampires began invading the sleepy city, people feared stepping out of their homes, even in broad daylight. That was, until Gajeel got his hands on one of the piles of scrap in his Aunts shop.

In a day, Gajeel had created a small armada of anti-vampire weaponry, and people came flocking in. It had been nearly ten years since Gajeel started his little side buisness, and he hardly charged a dime for his pieces. He believed everyone should be protected, and if someone couldn’t afford it, he would give it to them anyway. He made sure that everyone close to him had personalized weapons, suited just for them. The weapons were usually disguised as every day accessories, wooden hair sticks that were strengthened with metal, watches that let out ultra sonic sound, belt buckles that flashed with the same intensity of the sun. His Aunt often bragged about how gifted he was.

While he spent plenty of time making his pieces, another good part of his time was taking care of the shop and Wendy. Today was no different, “Alright Gajeel.” Grandine said as she emerged once more from the back room, purse slung over her shoulder. “I’ll be back in a little bit. Would you mind making room for the pieces in the basement? There are a few boxes of trinkets that need to be set out.” Gajeel nodded as he leaned against the counter. “Don’t worry Aunt G, I got this,” he said with a playful smirk, making Wendy giggle. Grandine smiled and pat his cheek, “Oh I know.” Wendy giggled, “At least he won’t wreck the place like Natsu.” A look of remember horror crossed her face, making both Gajeel and Wendy burst into laughter.

“Never again… That poor old dresser still smells like smoke!” She shook her head in exasperation, braid swaying gently. “I’m so glad I can count on you,” she said with a sigh as she headed for for the door. “Oh!” She paused in the doorway, turning towards the pair. “Lily will be stopping by later. He called me about an hour ago,” Gajeel nodded and waved his Aunt off. Once she was gone, he made his way to the shelves his Aunt had asked him to clear, making quick work of the section. Wendy, of course, was attached to his side, helping in whatever way she could. While Gajeel finished rearranging the items in the new homes, Wendy dusted the old wood so that it was ready.

When Gajeel looked up at the clock, he was surprised to see they had spent an hour cleaning and arranging. “Alright Wen, I’m going to go get that stuff from downstairs. Think you’ll be ok?” The bluenette nodded, bob bouncing around her ears. He smiled, ruffling her hair before making his way down the creaky steps, making a mental note to replace them soon. The basement was rather large for such a small shop, but it was no wonder since the four of them, his other cousin Natsu included, lived in the apartment above the shop. A lot of the things stored away were personal items that they just didn’t have room for, and it created shat his Aunt claimed was organized chaos.

Gajeel began sifting through boxes, occasionally stopping to laugh at some some of the old photos he found. He was about to grab a large box, so helpfully labeled trinkets, when there was a rather loud thud from deeper inside. Some poorly stacked boxes swayed threateningly, but didn’t topple over. Normally, he would ignore it and go about his task, but something felt strange. It felt wrong. Gajeel made quick work of the surrounding boxes and furniture, moving them aside to create an easy pathway towards the back of the basement, until he found the source of the sound.

His Aunt collected some strange things, but nothing like what greeted him. A coffin, it’s wood light in color and dulled only by dust stood, propped against a table in which it must have slipped off of. It was adorned with gold filigree that wrapped it’s sides, and accented lightly with a few glittering gems. It was a beautiful piece, he had to admit, but he didn’t understand why it was there. Against his better judgment, as every nerve in his body screamed to leave, he decided to check inside to make sure whatever contents it may have had didn’t get damaged in the fall.

He should have kept it locked.

Gajeel stumbled back, his breath catching in his throat at what lay inside. A girl, a halo of sky blue locks resting on her pillow. She appeared as if she were sleeping, face serene and body relaxed and she wore vintage clothing. As if she had come from another decade, she had on a long polka dot skirt and a button up white blouse. Her delicate hands held a cream colored parasol against her stomach, and a bright yellow ribbon adorned her hair.

Gajeel didn’t know who or what she was, maybe she was a figurine or a wax doll. From where she sat in her casket, he could tell she was rather short, barely taller than Wendy. He decided he would return her to the table, maybe ask Grandine when he returned upstairs, as he had heard her enter while he was clearing a path. That would not be the case however, as he reached to close the casket lid, the figurine moved.

Opening bright red eyes.