Kent State students led a march and an anti-protest tonight in support of equality and LGBTQ rights. (February 19, Risman Plaza) Originally, the anti-protest was supposed to be against the protest of the Westboro Baptist Church, who, via twitter, threatened to show up on campus that night as well but then failed to make an appearance. 

Anyone who can make it out to the #Orlando area on July 15th in support of the #antiprotest against #WestboroBaptistChurch ’s protest on #UCF campus. We will be dancing in support of not allowing our spirits to be brought down by harsh, cruel protesters yelling at students. Adding fuel to the fire is never the answer, however leaving the students walking out of class into an environment where they are verbally victimized and told they are going to hell unrepresented is not fair, and they need support out here in their defense, demonstrating that they can’t bring us down, and that “Haters keep on hating, but we’ll just keep on dancing.” There will be a DJ with dance music to drown out their protests, and promote positive energy.

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