By request for pesquetet who wanted images of medieval animals (particularly ones that do not reflect reality).  

Our medieval manuscripts do not have as many figures so I am going to present you with our giant, wonderful, and odd manuscript Antiphonal from 1720 which is our best source of strange and wonderful creatures not reflecting reality.  And sometimes smoking pipes.

Antiphonarium. Vel. (1720), 55 ff. (63 x 46 cm.). Written for a Spanish convent. Modern vellum binding (De Ricci 10)


Leaves from a 14th century Italian antiphonarium. 

Notes: 47:12 from Matins for the first Sunday in Advent; 47:13 from Matins for the feast of St. Andrew; 47:14 response for the first nocturn of Matins for Quinquagesima Sunday; 47:15 from Matins for the Second Sunday in Lent 

Source: Philadelphia, Free Library of Philadelphia, Rare Book Department,  Lewis E M 047:12-15