Lesser Fears of The Fear Mythos

Ureyne- An enormous eye that appears on walls that are currently being urinated on. It cries a gushing stream of urine that gets all over the urinator, and continues for several hours even after the urinator leaves, after which it closes and disappears. Represents the fear of being caught peeing in public.

Damdlights- Floating lights that flash between yellow and red and come in swarms. Follows around the anxious and swarms in front of them, especially when they are driving. Momentarily lets out loud sirens at the worst possible time. Represents the fear that you crossed that light at the wrong time.

Skin’d Head- A mass of red tendrils dripping white slime wearing a human skin; usually of a person you’d consider a close friend or inspiration. Of course, that person is usually still alive, so where in god’s name the thing got it is unknown.

It doesn’t really do anything deadly, but it does mooch off of you for food and shelter; invite total strangers to party in your apartment at two in the morning, make racist/sexist/LGBT-phobic jokes all the goddamn time, and generally act like a tooooootal douche. Based on the fear that somebody you know and like turns out to be a total asshole.

DELPHREND - A cartoonish pink dolphin that works something like Bonzi Buddy, providing “free download links” (All of the programs/downloads evil in the sorts of ways you’d expect from a Creepypasta) and various functions (All of which have a “monkey’s paw” effect).

It screams in a hideously screechy electronic synthesized voice and knows distressing amounts of details about your life, which it will use when it starts trying to convinve you to commit suicide after its various “functions” have ruined your life. Based on the fear that you have downloaded yet another malware program by mistake

Serpenachae- A series of worms; as varied in form as the stars in the sky, that snake their way outside of one’s open fly in seemingly endless lengths and start attacking anyone near them. They will never stop coming out until the pants are destroyed, and sometimes not even after that. Based on the fear that one’s fly is open.

Sloondermeng- He looks like Slender Man in Groucho Glasses and an obnoxious tie with ever-shifting patterns. He appears whenever a person unauthorizedly uses Slenderman in a work without permission, and sends them to an insane court that looks like a mix between the aesthetics of Forbidden Zone and that one court from the end of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, with himself as the prosecutor.

Based on the fear of Victor Surges’ option holders cease-and-desist-ing you for use of Slenderman in a way that grossly violates the spirit of the character and which I have very complex feelings about.

Gestankenfleich- A stinking mass of flaps of rotten meat and rot-sline, this creature crawls onto public transportation and generally stinks and slimes up the place. Sometimes there is more than one of them. They leave stains that never disappear however much they are scrubbed and a stench that never goes away no matter how much the area is washed. Sometimes they mumble vaguely ominous threats; lewd murmurings and annoying songs. Based on the fear of having to sit next to a total grossoid on public transporation.

Taskman- A force that possesses both hands of a person and causes them to fly off and do a task on which said person was procrastinating. They end up doing it wrong of course, but the kind of wrong that is so wrong that it breaks reality.

Think “Bloody Stupid Johnson” from Discworld and you’ll get the idea.

It can be defeated by finishing the task yourself, but good luck doing that with no hands. Based on the fear of having to do a task that you’ve been putting of for a while

Coffeespill- Coffee-like living liquid that spills from every tap/cooking appliance in your house, spilling gross grains and stains everywhere, able to slither at something like the rate of a slug and cause small fires with flames of dark brown. Only appears when the owner of the house isn’t there; only staying for a little while when the owner walks in to look in horror at the mess.

Sometimes there is still a little left, moving around the house waiting to pop up when you least expect it, and which is a helluva thing to make leave. Based on the fear of leaving the coffee on.

Hell Depot- An endless mazelike warehouse/big-box store with the worst; tackiest; most obnoxious stuff possible on sale. One can leave if they find one specific object, but it is inevitably the least interesting object in the least interesting section to the Wanderer.

Sometimes other Fears show up there to shop, and sometimes encounters with other Fears can lead one into the place. Based on the fear of being dragged shopping in a store you hate.

XTLXS SXRUGGED- A huge pyrite statue of Atlas with Ayn Rand’s face that replaces a load-bearing wall in a dwelling. It broadcasts Objectivist propaganda; speeches by Ayn Rand and radioplays/audiobooks of the collected works of Ayn Rand out of every speaker in the house, which cannot be stopped no matter what, continuing even if the devices are disassembled or unplugged. Based on the fear of having to deal with obnoxious Objectivists.

Die Antipede- A group of shadowy; squishy humanoids fused together like a grotesque chorus line, that takes up space, whether it be standing in the last open parking space; or blocking you while walking down the sidewalk or driving down the street, or take up that booth in the restaurant you were going to sit in. They don’t really do anything, and any implement used to attempt to remove them will inevitably break horribly. Based on the fear of some asshole taking your spot/blocking your way.

The Interloper- A thing of wet clay and whistling wind that worms its way through an unlocked door, at first a tendril, and then more of its body. Whenever you think it has pushed its full body through the doorway, it will always turn out that said body is just an appendage of its true form.

It will continue “entering” like this until the sun rises. Represents the fear that you left the door unlocked at your home.

-All creatures in this post put out under the same license as the original Fears, because OPEN SOURCE 4 EVA WOO!-