Straight woman: have the whole responsability of taking pills using contraceptive injections or any other contraceptive methods and suffer all the side effects, if that doesn’t work they have to go through abortion (if they can), she is at risk of unwanted pregnancy, pregnancy as a result of rape (even as a child), her body have to go through actual pregnancy and suffer all the normal yet unpleasent and potentially dangerous symptoms, she is at risk of having serious health issues and complications during pregnancy, she is at risk of having chronic health issues associated with pregnancy, she is at risk of dying during pregnancy or birth, she have to go through the incredibly painful and complicated labor of vaginal birth or have a C section with all it’s consequences, her body suffer permanent changes, she have to breastfeed,  her emotional and mental healths are compromised, her career, plans and future are seriously affected by pregnancy and many, many more issues…

straight men: I don’t want you to have affordable healthcare or birth control, if you have it, all the responsibility is yours because I dont want to wear a condom, they are very uncomfortable, also, if you happen to get pregnant and I am the father, I have the option to run away and not pay a dime while you take care of the kid on your own or even pay the child support and keep going with my life as normal, almost unaffected. Did I mention that condoms are so fucking uncomfortable????

Okay so not to tell you what to do with your life, but I just wanna throw an idea out there for any environmentalists: not having children is literally probably the best thing you can do for the planet. A single human consumes so much in their lifetime, and population growth is going to keep making it worse.

Want to help the environment, but still want kids? Awesome. Adopt. So many children out there already need parents, so it makes much more sense to give them a home than make more kids. Be the best parent ever for someone who needs it most.

It’s possible to argue that depressive realists are cursed with the kind of consciousness that isn’t automatically guarded against the horrors of life - that their consciousness sees a meaningless universe for what it is and apprehends the struggle of daily life with the jaws of death in the end. In other words, depressive realists may not be eccentrics or party-poopers but people who are born without the common anti-horror filter, who discern hopelessness -  with all manner of denials produced against it - as our unavoidable lot. Their perception may not be due to clinical depression projected outward, but to an all-too-naked perception and understanding of what life holds.
—  Colin Feltham, Keeping Ourselves in the Dark, P. 74
Never trust a man who doesn't accept that you don't want to have children

“oh you’re just too young to know”
“you’ll change your mind”
“everyone wants kids”
“that’s just selfish”

Sure, because women can never know what they want amirite

“People can’t seem to get it through their heads that there is never any healing or closure. Ever. There is only a short pause before the next “horrifying” event. People forget there is such a thing as memory, and that when a wound “heals” it leaves a permanent scar that never goes away, but merely fades a little. What really ought to be said after one of these so-called tragedies is, “Let the scarring begin.”
—  George Carlin