antimony sulfide

STIBNITE (Antimony Sulfide) from Herja Mine, Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania. Prismatic crystals of metallic stibnite, measuring only millimeters in length, have been grown over by brass-coloured marcasite.


Tarot Avenières – the Bateleur

First Tarot card, The Bateleur is the image of each of us, by our actions responding to various situations. The necklace shows the pentagram, five-pointed star. She is the sign of man in creation, the artist of the theater world, soul journeying in his incarnation.

On the table where the juggler in question are posed four elements of the world, earth, water, air and fire, represented by money, cut, stick and sword. The Bateleur is a juggler, as indicated how the stick is held ready to be launched into the air. By his art juggler puts elements symphony, knowing how to play the gravity and its obstacles.

The “eight” represents, say, infinity. In fact the radiant golden sign below in the shape. It recalls the wide-brimmed hat shaped eight that covers the head of the Bateleur in the Tarot Oswald Wirth. The golden color evokes the sun and eight include the footprint it leaves as it passes overhead, cumulated over all days of the year.

The necklace is made of beads Millefiori workshops mosaic and glass from Murano, Venice. We shall find the neck of the other characters in these blades tarot.

Metallic money is represented by this beautiful seal of Solomon to white water triangle and triangle red light. The red dot indicates their central fixation.

At the foot of Bateleur pushes Rose. Between his feet flows the source that leaves a hollow rock behind him. He established his altar astride the passage thereof. His handling of the cup, the sword, the stick and seal of Solomon denier or they come from the source, enabling the growth of the Rose?

What is this curious red diamond dark blue border? Some blades have in their lower middle symbol is not enclosed amid golden mosaic, like this. For alchemists, the diamond may indicate in their graphical notation, cinnabar, red-brown sulfide of mercury, the same color as the diamond or stibnite, antimony sulfide, dark gray.

All these figures, component XXII tarot cards, perhaps a message or a grid of clean Dina, designer of this game tarot reading is revisited. The solution of the éngime, understanding this set is now lost.

Below, by reference, the blade of the Marseille tarot redesigned and painted by Oswald Wirth (1860-1943) in 1889 for his master Stanislas de Guaita (1861-1897).