Antimatter measured for the first time!!!

Scientists have managed to trap and measure antimatter for the first time. Physicists at CERN successfully managed to create and maintain antihydrogen for 15 minutes by combining positrons and antiprotons in a vacuum tube using extremely strong magnetic fields to prevent the antimatter from colliding with the regular matter of the container and annihilating. Positrons occupy different energy levels just like electrons in regular atoms. A laser was used to excite the antihydrogen causing the positrons to move to a higher energy level. Just like in regular atoms, when the positrons are shifting back to their original energy levels electromagnetic radiation in the form of light is given off. The results of the experiment show that antihydrogen absorbs and then reflects the same wavelengths of light as regular Hydrogen as predicted by the standard model. They are hoping to run more precise experiments but so far it looks like we won’t have to change our understanding of physics yet.

Top left image is antihydrogen atoms coming into consideration contact with the sides of the container, annihilating and giving of energy in the form of light.

Here is a link to the pdf of the experiment.



If MatPat and Nathan Sharp were in a Five Nights at Freddy’s movie.

Inspired by Saw VII & the FNAF series


Scientists were able to measure the emission lines of antimatter!

antimatter is the noise of the cars in the distance when your room is silent, the cold and flurry of a blizzard and at the same time the night of a snowfall, quiet and calm and peaceful. he is the bitter, plain coffee you drink late at night to help keep you awake when your room is lit by a single, dim lamp and there’s papers scattered across your desk. he is space, cold, distant, with brilliant specks of light that are so close yet so far away.

natemare is the crackling heat of a forest fire, out of control and destroying everything in its path. he is also the shadows that you see that warp and move in the hallway at night, and sometimes he is the deep, deep ocean, dark and quiet and calm. his eyes are like black holes, trapping you forever. he is the earth, always there and always ready to snap and take everything away in just a second.