No just no, husband and wife IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY BETTER than boyfriend and girlfriend

You don’t love your partner more than I love mine just because you are married. Marriage means nothing. 

Friend of mine met this guy, 3 weeks later he bought her an engagement ring. 3 months later they got married. 4 months later he got drunk and had a threesome with another COUPLE. Now they are filing for divorce.

So no, stop. You aren’t automatically “more in love” just because you are married. Marriage doesn’t measure love. It’s just a tradition. Yeah, it’s got some rad financial benifits but that’s it. You can be completely totally in love with someone and not ever marry them. It’s possible.  You may feel it’s nessisary to stand up in front of everyone in an expensive dress and repeat some vows in front of all your family and freinds. But me, I look at my boyfriend and say: “I love you more then anything and I always will.” and he takes my word for it.

That’s all that matters

Michelle Duggar Launches Counter-Petition: SAVE 19 Kids & Counting From Anti-Marriage Foes!!

Michelle Duggar Launches Counter-Petition: SAVE 19 Kids & Counting From Anti-Marriage Foes!!

With critics calling for TLC to cancel her reality show, Michelle Duggar has launched a counter-petition to save 19 Kids and Counting from cancelation.

A Change (dot) org petition to cancel 19 Kids and Counting was actually started earlier this year, after Michelle made controversial headlines politically.

She allegedly recorded a robo-call allegedly asking Fayetteville, Ark. residents to…

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Much Ado About Nothing pt.1

A part of a promotion campaign for my interpretation of Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing. The assignment was to pick our local theatre and a new audience, for me it was the Unicorn theatre and as my audience I picked 21-30 year old women.

Really though?

Why can’t couples just live together and split the bills? Have a back up plan if they break up that doesn’t involve court?  Be faithful to each other without having to be reminded by rings? Feel happy about their love with each other without an expensive ceremony that draws attention to themselves? Isn’t that just self centered? If your love means so much, why does everyone need to know?

I get the financial benefits. I get the document that you sign years down the relationship because it helps you two out when the situation appears. But the “love” part. Why? Why do SO many people feel that the proposal of marriage is the ultimate sign of love?

If you are in love, great, it is awesome but why must it be brought to this step? And if it isn’t it’s a shame?