In the spring, I met a boy
Who kissed like a prince,
But laughed like a villain.
He deprived me of oxygen
And happiness.
He tried to change me
Like the seasons,
And when I found out,
He ripped my heart out,
And walked away.

In the summer, I met a boy
Who smiled like the sun,
But cried like rainfall.
He hugged me and picked up
My broken pieces.
He told me he loved me,
But couldn’t do anything about it.
My heart, bandaged and bruised,
Couldn’t handle that.
So he walked away.

In the autumn, I met a boy
Who listened to my music,
But didn’t listen to me.
He laughed and loved,
Just never upon me.
He claims it was all out of pity,
And that he felt bad for me.
My adoration turned to apathy,
So I said I’d never love again,
After he walked away.

But in the winter, I met a boy.
Oh, God, he cared more than anyone.
He came in by total chance,
And stayed by total love.
His blushes warm my cold heart,
Which is his, over hundreds
Of vast miles and miles.
He loves every part of me,
But the best part is,
He hasn’t walked away.

—  Jayce Rose.
When you kissed me
And told me you loved me,
Flowers grew in every crevice of my cold body.
You smiled and told me how pretty they were
And that they were for me.
I blushed and thanked you.
But then, when you got bored of me,
You tore the flowers from their roots,
So they were dripping with my blood,
And you gave them to her,
Saying you grew them yourself.
—  You fucking left me alone, bleeding, and cold again.