Accelerated Reading ..... a wonderful program!

I teach in a school district using Accelerated Reader. It’s wonderful! I’ll explain a bit about how we use at our school, and other forms that can be used. Accelerated Reader is an excellent program that helps raise the reading levels of students over a year. In this program, students must read assigned amount of time each day. Before students begin the program must be tested to determine their reading levels. This program is called STAR. Each student will be assigned a target level of about nine weeks (or at any interval set by the school district) that he or she should be able to achieve. One of the book also level objectives should be set according to the average student’s reading range.During AR, students choose and read books that are reading level. After a student has finished reading a book, he or she will have an AR test on the computer, it will ask comprehension about the book. Each book has a point value. After taking an exam, students will receive points that correspond to the percentage of correct answers on the test. For example, if a student answers correctly 80% of the comprehension questions in a book that is worth four points, the student will receive 3.2 points. Then at the end of the qualifying period, all points are compiled.There three components that can be used to determine the final AR grade each nine weeks. This grade may have many different ways. The breakdown is as follows: • Percentage of points scored Meta • Percent Average Received on comprehension tests Reserve • Percent Level Goal AchievedThis program can also be used simply as an incentive for prizes or other rewards. Within the program in several different ways and prints to explain how to use effectively to meet the needs of students within a school. AR is a great reading program! Children can read at their own level, and may select books of interest to them. Parents should not be forced to buy these books. Students should be allowed to use the library to borrow books, as needed, and the library should have many of these books in hand. Parents should encourage their children to read during the scheduled time AR and in his spare time to well.In to operate this program, schools must purchase proof to go along with the books. These tests are downloaded to a computer server or equipment to be used within the school. Each student has a username and password for the program. This helps to reduce fraud in the program itself. Students Believe it or not, I have been cheating on this program before. If each student has a different password, the only way another student can be tested with a different name is to have the specific password. It has all the responsibility. For more information on this program, you can visit Many comments on the program have been made. You can visit for more information on program benefits. There are other items offered by this same company. Http:// visit to learn more!

Dirty Secrets of Co-Registration Email Lists

In this sense, first of all two-part article, you will learn from the discussion of the types of mailing lists, and two of the best places to buy the lists. In the second part you learn the other 9 places to buy a mailing list. There are two types of direct mail lists, determined by their origin: compiled direct mail lists and mailing lists of response. Direct Mailing Lists compiled Compiled mailing lists are a common source of records of names and addresses that have been collected, compiled, and entered into a database. The names may have been acquired through public records such as vehicle ownership records, court transcripts, or private sources, such as warranty cards or shoppers in a store. Most mailing lists are compiled based on categories generated in telephone directories across the U.S. Examples some of the available lists compiled from telephone directories would list all the photo studios, or a list of all distributors of luggage in the United States. Or a mailing list of all plumbing dealers, Chevrolet or Ford or agencies. Most industries have trade directories are usually compiled industry data from various sources, most are verified by phone and direct mail lists do pretty good. A directory of pet product manufacturers, or heating and cooling contractors would be good examples of an industry’s mailing lists compiled. Note that the information gathered - fish like - aging faster and does not age particularly well. mailing lists fall into the top of that category - the coolest of names, the better. The age of the names, less precise - and returns it to its highest. Direct Response Lists Mailing Lists Direct response mail can be databases of consumers who have asked or bought from a direct response commercial, direct mail catalog, from a range of direct mail, advertising sales Direct TV, newspaper direct response or other offer direct response. lists the most common response is direct mail catalog merchants. Before considering the purchase of any direct mail list, analyze the database of their own customers. Ask yourself exactly what they have in common, then look for these features in a new database mailing list. Start searching for a new mailing list based on your target audience perfect. Find a list that best suits the characteristics identified for their own customers. If accurate this mailing list is not available, see how close you can get them to buy business mail list of more perfect - and test mail and in smaller numbers. Measuring and monitoring the response. Direct mail today can be very precise objectives due to the precision of the mailing list data available. While you can specify a mailing list, you can probably find a list perfectly tailored to your specifications. The more you qualify the names on your mailing list, which identifies the tight perfect segments mailing list, the response, and lower advertising spending will be wasted in your direct mail campaign. The higher your response, the better your chances of success and profit. Your selection of a direct mailing list has more to do with its success or failure of any single item in the mail. Before any mail, calculate what percentage of response is necessary to break even, and see if it is realistic. If it’s more than 2%, better rethink mail. The accuracy of the target for direct advertising makes the most efficient, cost-efficient ways in the market, if your audience is defined up front and match the list of direct mail audience. The delivery of direct mail depends on accurate and recent experience of the list. Improved quality of the lists, latest e-mail have a much better delivery rates. A list of the poor can mean up to 20% or 30% of standard mail (bulk rate) will not be delivered. 10% will be delivered, but do not know who. Of that 20% to 30%, some of their direct mail pieces will be returned to you, beaten beyond recognition by the postal service, and certainly has no value. Some parts reach their destination, but to the wrong address. Other pieces of mail only lose, and nobody really knows where they went. Instead, when you buy a list of recent, accurate, direct mail, the delivery can be as high as a whopping 95% - 97%! Some of the best percentages of direct delivery of e-mail lists is in the list of magazine publisher subscribers of its magazine. Review mailing lists have some of the highest rates available delivery. For good reason: subscriber lists are, of course, very targeted to their readers of the annual review qualified. Publishers pay for returns: that their mailing lists have high rates of delivery capacity as publishers are very direct with your name and address corrections. Most journal editors to rent its mailing list of offers that do not compete (as more than similar journals). If you see a magazine that looks set to be a good target for your direct mail campaign, call the publisher of magazines and ask if your subscriber mailing list is for rent. Most of the larger publications will offer its list through a broker of mailing list, so it refers to that firm. 1. Journal editors Mailing Lists More than 10,000 magazines published in the U.S.. It is very likely that you can get a subscription to the mailing list of subscribers goes directly to buyers perfectly targeted. If you’re not sure what the magazines have the best mail list to reach your target market, there are some user-friendly magazine found in the reference section of most libraries. (They are online, too - but they are by subscription only and pretty face!) You can read the profile of the magazine and see if your audience would be a good email list so that you offer for their products. Top Directories Directory of Bacon magazines Magazines and newspaper standard Oxbridge Communications Directory. If you can not find the exact magazine subscriber target full willing to buy-your-product you’re looking at one of these directories, the publication does not exist. You can find every industry and every single magazine that is sent to the industry - in less than 10 minutes in these powerful directories. As a seller on exercise, which practically live in these directories. 2. Traders Catalog Direct Marketing Mailing List Catalog houses earn a good portion of their income from the sale of your list. Call the catalog home phone number and ask for its corporate business office, then ask your sales deals mailing list. Almost all homes sell catalog mailing lists - is a great benefit center which can represent up to 20% of their income. Catalogs can be found in the directory of mail order catalogs Editorial Grey ( This guide is an impressive publication and the best resource in the catalog industry. In the description of each catalog and write, given the number of catalogs mailed and the name of the agent in charge of sales of the list. This is the first of two articles on mailing lists. In the second part of this article, we will discuss the next 9 places to buy direct mail list.

In which I rant about how much I hate the male doctors who have treated me in the past

I hate going to male doctors.  They never listen to me.

Me: -at ENT- I have a lot of trouble breathing out of my nose.  I know I have a deviated septum but I was told it’s not that bad.  Could it be something else?
ENT: It’s not deviated enough to cause issues!  Not sure why you’re having a hard time breathing.  It’s all in your head!  Here are some antihistamines.
Me: -reads about nasal turbinate hypertrophy- … -does my own examination- …son of a…

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But seriously, the cat had been gnawing the fur off his stomach for the past seven years because of these mystery allergies.  I’ve had bloodwork done and sent to labs, I’ve changed his litter brand, and I’ve tried every limited ingredient grain-free natural organic cat food there is … Nothing helped.  With this new antihistamine, the fur is finally growing back on kitty’s stomach. 

Bless my new vet for finding something that worked, and also being affordable and doing house calls.

I still sound awful, but feeling a bit better. I called out again yesterday, and didn’t take any decongestants all day to try to let the symptoms fight the infection like they want to. I took it very easy, and was able to get a bit more sleep last night, although I had crazy vivid and disturbing dreams, brought on by a combination of a fever, the antihistamine in Clearquil and zoloft-brain. I really don’t like dreaming, I used to never remember my dreams and I preferred that, to be honest. I also bought a humidifier at Bed Bath & Beyond on Monday night, after ordering one online that afternoon because I realized I needed it to sleep that night. It seems to be working well, I will keep whichever one I hate less, I guess.

I had also stopped by Ugg to get new insoles for my boots, only to see that the (way too expensive) boots I had tried on on a whim in December were on sale for way cheaper, so I ended up buying them today. This means (if I decide to keep them) I HAVE HAVE HAVE to sell / donate at least one pair of my current boots, if not two. HAVE HAVE HAVE TO, KATHRYN.

Otherwise I am doing pretty well. I have been sick for most of the month with different things, which is v annoying, but also v January. February is historically a Very Bad Month for me, so I gotta make sure I’ve got lots on my plate to focus on–like my ten-year NewYorkiversary, for one!

I came into the office this morning because I had left my computer here on Monday, and hadn’t wanted to carry it around on the awful slippery, puddley, icy streets while also carrying a new humidifier. I was going to head home at lunch but now I’m not sure. I might try to push through since working at home is definitely lonelier.

Okay, that’s enough of a ramble-y ass post for now.

Wally West Head canons

These are for the redheaded funny speedster from Young Justice, but you may also apply them to your own favored versions of him as well

He’s the biggest defender of Robin you’ve ever seen…anyone talking shit on Boy Wonder gets an earful from Wally

He has to have touch screen keypads because he literally burns through normal keyboards

He texts Dick frantically anytime his tech isn’t working

He’s won the science fair every year since he was five

He’s allergic to sunflowers and antihistamines

He and Dick once calculated how much food he’d consume in his lifetime. Wally is incredibly thankful the League helps to pay for groceries, because a speedster eats the same amount in a week as an entire COUNTRY does in months

He’s usually up all night- fighting crime 30% of the time , and texting a certain sleepless Boy Wonder the other 70%

“Bro u up? Gotta tell u the funniest thing about Riddler ”

“The dude is allergic to smoke pellets and got all puffy in the face. Threatened to sue us. He was robbing a LAW FIRM”

He buys all the Robin merch he can find

He’s actually great at art and often hands out drawings to sad looking kids on his patrols , all signed “ Kid Flash wants you to smile because you’re awesome”

The drawings are of various cool places he’s visited

He runs a charity called “Haven for Kids” and its whole purpose is to give kids a positive place to go when they don’t want to go home . They’re encouraged to explore their passions and the headquarters is a remodeled old hotel so that kids with no place to go can stay the night . He visits every week and tells the kids stories

He keeps every gift a fan gives him - his favorite was a box of cookies with a note that read “ I admire you , so PLEASE don’t die fighting the mean people. I hope I meet you one day, whenever you’re not being cool and saving the day. Your fan, Aiden Greenberg ”
He was so touched that he went to visit Aiden and thank him. Aiden was ten. He’s now decided that his goal in life is to make sure Kid Flash is appreciated and has become the biggest fan of the speedster.

He likes pandas and visits every zoo that has them and has seen them in the wild

He’d like a pet but he’s just too busy to keep one alive. Superboy gave him a pet rock for a joke.
Wally has named it Slate. Slate is doing well. He has a home on Wally’s desk

He has a Robin plushie that he sleeps with sometimes

Dusky is fine, she had an allergic reaction to something she found outside (most likely some kind of biteybug). She was very good for her antihistamine shot and is looking a lot better. :)

I got the implant today. The dr also gave me antihistamines and stuff for my skin. And a Mims journal when I mentioned I was a student nurse. What a Wee Angel. I definitely prefer lady GP’s 😂👌🏻

[Question] Am I allergic to the Paleo diet? (Just kidding..ish).


I have tried the Paleo diet several times now, but I can never seem to get past the first week. I get the typical “carb flu” symptoms (headache, muscle soreness, low energy, muscle twitching– even though I’m not trying to eat low carb), but the most bothersome side effect is that I tend to get itchy. My skin feels sensitive, a little red and burny like sunburn, and itches all over my body. No actual hives present. Taking antihistamines does very little. I will add that I have had these flare-ups at other times. Once was during the Spring and a doctor told me “oral allergy syndrome” because my mouth itched on the inside. It went away on it’s own. Another time after taking birth control pills, and a doctor told me “dermographism” and it went away as soon as I stopped taking the pills.

You Are Not Failing Your Diet, Your Diet

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