hello friends who get their T or E through shots

if you get an itchy swelling at your injection site it could be an allergic reaction! not to your hormones, just the needle! trauma to the skin, like needles, can cause your body to release histamine, causing an allergic-type reaction. I used to get the itchy bump after every single shot, so I started taking antihistamines (like bendaryl) 30 minutes or an hour before I did my shot and it stopped happening. it might be worth trying if it’s a problem you have!

if you get the itchy bump where you do your shot it’s most likely nothing to worry about. if it gets darker, bigger/more spread out, starts streaking, or gets very warm to the touch, call your doctor for advice. but that’s pretty unusual!

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katie klanced i trained my dog to give me affection whenever i say allura's name and now whenever i watch voltron around her she showers me with love. this is a win-win situation

slav was right. this truly is the universe where everything works out.

Hurricane Preparedness -- What To Take When You Evacuate

There are tons of informational lists out there for hurricane prep.  But if you’re getting hit by anything a category 3 or up, I personally recommend just evacuating.  This is my personal recommended list for what to take when you evacuate:

Flashlights (I recommend the little headlamps with adjustable elastic bands.  They use cheap but bright LED lights, cost as little as $1, and leave your hands free.  Don’t use candles – even if you manage to keep your matches dry, open flame presents a fire hazard and kids are likely to burn themselves.)

Water (1 gallon per person for each day – don’t forget some for pets).

Toilet paper, pads, & tampons

Trashbags in multiple sizes

Non-perishable food (Lipton cup soup, ramen, tuna, jerky, pretzels, etc)

Important documents (birth/marriage certificates, licenses/ID, professional certifications, wills, etc – a cheap and easy way to store these is in gallon Ziploc bags)

Pet food (non-perishable), leash/harness, comfort toy or bed

Diapers and wipes (even if you have a potty-trained toddler, grab a couple days’ worth becuse kids tend to regress in stressful situations)

Chargers (have an alternative on hand, like extra batteries or solar/car chargers)

Phone numbers and contact info (write it down, your phone may not be accessible)

Spare tire, jack, motor oil, antifreeze, radiator stop leak, portable battery charger

2-3 changes of clothes for you and your kids 

First aid kit and comfort medicines (Tylenol, antihistamines, etc)

Prescription medicines and a list of dosages

Medical information kit for everyone and any pets (blood types, allergies, etc – write it down)

Identifying information and a current photo for everyone with you (including pets)

Comfort items (blankets, pillows, pictures of loved ones, a favorite book, toys for kids and pets)

Remember, if the professionals say you should evacuate, then fucking evacuate.  Your house and your stuff is replaceable, you aren’t.  If you do stay behind, remember:

  • Keep a life vest or flotation device on hand if you get caught in a flash flood.
  • Don’t drive through moving water.  If you do feel your car starting to get swept away, immediately roll down the windows and undo your seat belts so you can get out in a hurry.
  • Don’t go into an attic, climb onto the roof.
  • Stay away from windows or make sure they’re boarded up securely (100+ mph winds can turn any projectile deadly).

If you are undocumented, write down contact information for immigration lawyers ahead of time.

If you have special needs, leave early.

Better safe than sorry.

Remember: Hurricanes happen every year.  Yes, they can be devastating, but they aren’t the end of the world.  We can and do survive and rebuild.  Don’t panic and don’t make yourself sick with worry.  Preparedness is for peace of mind.

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Allergy Season Explained

Happy First Day of Spring, Tumblr! 

What better way to celebrate than to **ACHOO!!**….wait, what were we saying?

Ah, spring! Grass growing, flowers blooming, trees growing new leaves, but if you get allergies, this explosion of new life probably inspires more dread than joy.  

Step outside, and within minutes, you’re sneezing and congested. Your nose is running, your eyes are swollen and watery, your throat is itchy. For you and millions of others, it’s seasonal allergy time. So what’s behind this onslaught of mucus?

The answer lies within you. It’s your immune system. Seasonal allergies, also called hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, are a hypersensitive immune response to something that’s not actually harmful. Pollen from trees and grass, and mold spores from tiny fungi find their way into your mucous membranes and your body attacks these innocuous travelers the same way it would infectious bacteria. 

The immune system has a memory. When a foreign substance gets tagged as threatening, white blood cells produce customized antibodies that will recognize the offender the next time around. They then promptly recruit the body’s defense team. But sometimes, the immune system accidentally discriminates against harmless substances, like pollen. When it wafts in again, antibodies on the surface of white blood cells recognize it and latch on.

This triggers the cell to release inflammatory chemicals, like histamine, which stimulate nerve cells, and cause blood vessels in the mucous membranes to swell and leak fluid. In other words, itchiness, sneezing, congestion, and a runny nose. 

Allergies usually, but not always, show up for the first time during childhood. But why do some people get allergies and others don’t? Allergies tend to run in families, so genetics may be one culprit. In fact, errors in a gene that helps regulate the immune system are associated with higher rates of allergies. The environment you grow up in matters, too. Being exposed to an allergen as a baby makes you less likely to actually develop an allergy to it. People who grow up on farms, in big families, and in the developing world also tend to have fewer allergies, although there are plenty of exceptions, partly thanks to genetics. One theory is that as children, they encounter more of the microbes and parasites that co-evolved with traditional hunter-gatherer societies.

Called the hygiene hypothesis, the idea is that when the immune system isn’t exposed to the familiar cast of microbes, it’ll keep itself busy mounting defenses against harmless substances, like pollen. Another theory is that an immune system toughened up by a barrage of pathogens is less likely to overreact to allergens. Pollen is a common offender, just because we encounter so much of it, but there’s a long list of substances: dust, animal dander, insect venom, medications, certain foods, that can send your immune system into overdrive. Some of these reactions can be scary. An allergy can develop into full-blown anaphylaxis, which typically brings on severe swelling, shortness of breath, and very low blood pressure. It can be deadly.

But as we who suffer from seasonal allergies know, even non-life threatening allergy symptoms can make you miserable. So what can you do about it? Medications can help reduce the symptoms. The most common ones keep histamines from binding to your cells. These antihistamines stop the inflammation response. Steroids can help dial down the immune system. Another more permanent option is immunotherapy. Deliberate, controlled exposure to gradually increasing amounts of an allergen can teach the immune system that it isn’t dangerous after all. 

Of course, you can always just wait your seasonal allergies out. The spring pollen onslaught dwindles by mid-summer…just in time for ragweed season!

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why do people have seasonal allergies? - Eleanor Nelsen 

Animation by TED-Ed

But those images in the bug have given me so many feelings!

Cn you imagine their daily patrols though? So fucking cute and domestic and normal??

just casually discussing mundane things as they drive around???

“Oh! Remind me that we need to put eggs on the shopping list.”

“I thought we picked those up last time?”

“Yeah but Henry had the last three this morning.”

“I don’t know where that lad puts it.”

“He’s a growing boy.”

“Aye. Growing a tapeworm by the sounds of it.”

“Did you give the hedge trimmer back to my dad?”

“Ah. I might have forgot.”

“”He’s going to need it back before Saturday.”

“Noted, love. Speaking of Saturday, has the lad spoken to you about that camping trip he was oh so determined to go on?”

“The school one? Yeah, I said he could go.”

“Splendid. i didn’t want to lend him my spyglass if he hadn’t cleared it with you first.”

“Look at you being all mister responsible.”

“We could go floor to ceiling with natural stone tile?”

“Sounds fancy.”

“I just really hate those steel taps we have.”

“Aye. That bath in there is rather garish. I put a vote in for that shower thing you showed me.”

“Which one?”

“The one on that pamphlet, with the water coming out of all corners?”

“You know we could probably fit a hot tub in…”

“Oh? I like where this is headed. Tell me more, love.”

“Swan! Pass me the siren!”

“What? why?!”

“I want to frighten Granny.”

“Are you insane?! She’ll kill you. Then me.”

“…… fair point.”

“You’d think he’d take an antihistamine or something.”



“He’s faking it. The sneezing.”

“What do you mean?”

“I replaced the chocolate powder on his foamy coffee with pepper once. The git didn’t sneeze once. It’s all an act.”

“Oh my god- Killian you didn’t!”

“I bloody did. He was getting on my nerves. How am i supposed to enjoy my lunch with that spewing up beside me?”

“You can’t do things like that.”

“Try saying that again once you’re not laughing your head off.”

“You’re impossible.”

“And you love me for it.”

“Killian! Siren!”

“What? You said-”

“It’s Leroy! Payback’s a bitch!”

“Now there’s the woman I love. Tell me when.”

One day Yurio comes home to find Otabek sitting in the living room, wearing his glasses (he normally wears contacts, but he takes them out when his allergies are really bad), his eyes red and watery. Upon stepping closer, Yurio sees that he has Potya on his lap.

“Should you really be holding her right now?”

Otabek looks at him bashfully. “She looked so sad, and she kept meowing at me. I couldn’t just leave her there.”

Yurio sighs, exasperated, before fetching his boyfriend some antihistamines.

Herbs good for seasonal Allergies

Here is a list of herbs I like to make into a tea. If you can find local raw honey, that also can help the body fight allergies as well.

  • Calendula, red clover, and fennel keep mucous membranes hydrated to help ward off infection.
  • Nettle is a natural antihistamine.
  • Spearmint and peppermint help open up airways.
  • Lavender has antiseptic properties in case infection creeps in (calendula is great for this too).
  • Eyebright is helpful for a whole slew of sinus issues and especially good for hay fever.
  • Yerba santa acts as an expectorant, reducing mucous and phlegm.
  • Lemongrass and a pinch of stevia are there to help make the tea tasty.
  • ButterburI the herb appears to work as a leukotriene inhibitor, which blocks some chemicals that trigger swelling in the nasal passages.

ETD and I went for a walk in a local park today, which was super nice till some sort of pollen (I am guessing tree, cause we were walking near a copse) just straight up made my throat close mid sentence. 

Like, I’m on meds that are supposed to stop this shit. My allergies are supposedly under control. And I didn’t think to bring my epi-pen or extra benadryl with me because hey, I didn’t plan to eat anything and the only times my throat has done that has been through food allergies.

Thankfully it subsided once we got out of the park, but it was just, fucking weird. I had no other symptoms, no burning eyes, no wheezing, no hives. I just suddenly couldn’t breathe.

And I fucking, hate, all of this because I used to be such an outdoors person. Not necessarily athletic or whatever but I used to go walking through woods all the time back home in Scotland and just wander for hours. Since moving here I can’t even enjoy my own garden or go for a walk in the park without needing a vogmask and two different antihistamines. And my throat still closed.

Gladio sneezed, scaring you half to death. You jumped in your lawn chair, clutching your racing heart.

“Why do you even bother with camping when you’re allergic to everything?” you winced as he reeled back for another sneeze. 

He sniffled and shook the stuffiness from his head. “My allergies aren’t that bad.”

You stared at him, unblinking. “Babe, if you sneezed any more, you might actually lift off and fly away.”

Prompto snickered from the other side of the campfire. “Got you there, Big Guy.”

Gladio glowered at Prompto and you sighed, shuffling through your backpack to find what you were looking for. You pulled out a small bottle of antihistamines and scooted next to where Gladio was seated on the ground.

“Here,” you offered him two. “They’ll help. I know you’re too proud to take them, but please do anyway. For me?”

Gladio smiled weakly, and finally took the pills from your outstretched hand. “Thanks, babe.” He leaned forward to kiss you on the forehead. “Will these make me drowsy?”

“A bit,” you nodded. “But that’s okay. We might still be able to get a few rounds in before they fully kick in.”

Prompto made a disgusted face and covered his eyes with his hands. “Gross! We all have to sleep in that tent, you know!”

Gladio downed the pills with a gulp of water and stood, hauling you up with him. “Sleep outside, then,” he declared as he moved towards it, with you giddily following close behind. 

As the two of you zipped up the entrance to the tent, Ignis called from where he was writing in his journal, “Please at least be courteous enough to clean up afterwards.”

(un)Necessary Confrontations

Not About Angels part 4

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Summary: Loving him feels like the most exquisite way of self-destruction. Too close, and you’re radioactive. Too far, and your heart shatters, and the city cracks in two while debris scatters in the space between your ribs. Pining over a brooding, unstable Bucky Barnes isn’t exactly your brightest idea, especially when you’re just as damaged as he is, and he doesn’t seem to love you half as much as you love him.

Warnings: Swearing, hospitals & needles, angst

Word count: 2597

“Where the fuck were you?”

As soon as he steps through the compound doors—half of his armor still attached to his body—Tony is greeted by a fuming Bucky Barnes. Granted, it’s not the first time he sees the supersoldier in angry state of mind, but there is a certain urgency to his tone that has Stark on edge the minute he lays his eyes on the man currently pacing around the room, clad in only a pair of sweatpants, and it has everything to do with the fact that he received an urgent message from Natasha asking him and Bruce to come back.

“What happened?” Asks Tony as the remaining pieces of armour fly off his body, his tone more concerned than usual.

“What happened… Are you serious Stark?” Bucky clenches his fists, pulling to a stop in front of Tony and making full use of his towering height to look as intimidating as possible. “S.H.I.E.L.D.S’ little paranoia-sponsored experiment and your blatant negligence almost got someone killed. That’s what happened.”

“What do you-”

“Tony!” Nat’s voice is a little out of breath as she rushes towards both men “We need you on the med bay. Banner is already there but you have to go now. it’s Y/N.she says, her agitated tone prompting both tony and Bucky to rush to the medical bay of the compound. The sight is enough to kick the air out of Tony’s lugs.

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floppin hell its 4am and I’m wide awake, lying on the floor, covered in hives, playing mystic messenger. .. whyyyy

Of Flora, Fauna, and Fondness

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Summary: AU in which you work at a botanical garden and when I go, I get stung by a bee and have an allergic reaction and you accompany me to the hospital

Read on {AO3}

How the hell did I draw the short straw on this one? Dean questions as he bats the length of a giant leaf away from his face. It’s probably the tenth one he’s run into in this exhibit alone , the Mediterranean section of the botanical gardens. It was the 75th anniversary of the gardens, and somehow, Dean was the reporter that got stuck with writing the article for the paper.

Adding to the fact that Dean doesn’t know a single damn thing about plants, the gardens are currently packed to capacity with over eager tourists and their giant cameras taking photos of every freakin’ flower in the building. He has to push his way around exhausted parents with screaming kids to make it to the front desk to pick up some information for his article. The building is hot, humid, and smelly; he’s about to sweat through his jacket.

Notepad and pen in hand, Dean decides that it’s time for a break. He searches the maze of green for a bench, a chair - anything. He finally spots one across from a section of multicolored flowers when he feels a sharp sting in his arm.


He knows he shouldn’t have taken his jacket off, but it was just so damn hot in the building. He quickly glances at the area and he knows he’s been stung.

By a bee.

Which he is very allergic to.

It’s only a matter of seconds before he feels his chest tightening. He struggles to breathe and is overcome by dizziness. He makes a few staggering steps to the bench and falls into it, gripping his affected arm. He barely manages to shout a weak help due to his swollen tongue, and he knows this reaction is worse than the last time he was stung.

Dean feels a man sit down next to him, the words fading in and out.

“I’ve called…. 911…. help…coming…”

And then everything goes black.


Dean awakes later to a blindingly white hospital room. His throat feels like he’s swallowed a desert, and his arm still hurts like hell. He’s about to push the call button on his bed - if he can even find the damn thing - when a voice interrupts him.

“You’re awake.”

Dean jumps from the sudden sound. “Jesus man, no need to scare a guy like that. Almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Well,” the man counters, “if you did have one, at least you’re already in a hospital.”

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For anyone wondering, these are what the shadow men look like. That’s the peripheral view out of my left eye when I’m on the couch, and I can only kind of see them if I’m looking at something else. This happens to me pretty much anytime I have to take antihistamines or any pain meds stronger than ibuprofen.

They’re not scary at all, they mostly seem curious or confused, like those weird cats that want to be in the room with you but only if they can hide behind a potted plant or something.

Doctor isn’t sure what causes me to hallucinate, but a probable cause is a heavy concussion I got when I was nine, and taking anti inflammation meds might cause the injury to act up. As long as they don’t bother me, there’s nothing to worry about though.

Molecule of the Day: Diphenhydramine

Diphenhydramine (C17H21NO), commonly marketed as Benadryl, is a white powder that is slightly soluble in water. It is an antihistamine commonly used to alleviate allergic symptoms, locally relieve pain, and induce sleep.

Diphenhydramine binds to the histamine H1 receptor, and acts as an inverse agonist of the receptor. This produces a lower-than-steady-state cellular response, which can be viewed as a reversal of histamine’s effects on the body. 

It also blocks sodium ion channels, which causes it to have anaesthetic properties when applied locally. Consequently, it is also used in topical creams for pain relief. Furthermore, it has sedative properties when consumed, and driving after consumption is not recommended as it produces a driving impairment greater than that of the blood alcohol limit of most laws.

Diphenhydramine is produced industrially from diphenylbromomethane and 2-(N,N-dimethylamino)ethanol in the presence of a base.

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Getting a dog w/ Shawn?? Bulletpoint..

  • Ok so we know he’s allergic to dogs so you two getting a dog together would be his desperate attempt to grow out of it
  • But because he’s still actually allergic the pup would have to stay at your place
  • You two would go to a shelter so you could adopt (always adopt - never buy ok guys)
  • And he would instantly fall in love with a tiny baby husky and you’d take that lil nugget home
  • So, having the dog is a different thing
  • At first, you’d both be extremely obsessed with it
  • Shawn would be pumped full of antihistamines at all times so as to not die
  • Side effects of some antihistamines include drowsiness so Shawn would be sleepy and giggly all the time
  • And he would try to name it something from Harry Potter I bet ya that boy is such a nerd
  • Something badass, like Fawkes or Hedwig
  • He would try to teach the pup tricks from day one because he’s always wanted a puppy to be his best friend 
  • You two would watch tv with your new baby between you two, always dozing off
  • And that’s cool at first, you guys can cuddle in bed
  • Until the lil fucker won’t leave the bedroom during sexy time, the cockblock he is
  • But when he grows a little older, he starts to get it and you guys can finally enjoy some time to yourselves without a barking ball of fluff showing up between the sheets
  • And hopefully, Shawn becomes desensitised to the pup and he can actually move in because he practically lives there anyway

Who wants me to write this

Mast cell tumours (grade III mastocytoma, confirmed by fine needle aspiration cytology) in a 6 years old male Jack Russell Terrier. Mastocytoma is a common skin tumour in dogs, and the lumps can have a variable appearance, some may even resemble a lipoma. Their size can quickly change from large to smaller; mast cells release biologically active compunds such as histamine that cause signs of systemic illnes. Agressive surgical excision is the treatment of choice, followed by chemotherapy( lomustine, or, in our case, vinblastin) or radiotherapy. Before and after the surgery, to minimize the risk of a systemic reaction due to histamine release, the patient has to receive antihistamines (hydroxyzine - Atarax and famotidine, a histamine H2 receptor antagonist). Grade III mastocytoma has a guarded prognosis and local recurrence is likely in most dogs. The cause of mastocytoma is unknown.